Are Sports Games Too Hard? Are They Not Realistic Enough? Is There an Answer? (Roundtable)

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Old 07-30-2018, 08:39 PM   #9
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I think where I see the biggest issue, as Im a offline players only,* I have no desire to play online, and no matter what the sport, the franchise mode is the only thing Im interested in. I quit buying Madden several yrs ago, and did not buy MLBTS this yr as I went with OOTP baseball. So NBA2k18 is all I got to go buy this yr, but what seems to happen is they give unfair boost in certain attributes for the CPU that gives a unfair advantage to the CPU, so you then spend all your time trying to find the right slider balance, and buy the time you do, they devs have put out a pacth or updated something, to where your back at square one trying to find the right slider balance.
IMO on the higher difficulties, the CPU players and coach should be smarter, and thats the only thing that should be changed. Instead it seems they give unfair attributes, such as speed for 1 example. CPU players should have the same attributes, whether your on rookie, or HOF difficulty. What should change is the IQ of players and coach.
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Old 07-30-2018, 09:13 PM   #10
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Madden has gotten ridiculous when it comes to playing the CPU. I mostly play franchise and there are times ive* had a 21-0 lead then the CPU offense becomes unstoppable and the defense turns into the 85 bears. Then you are in a dogfight. Another thing that irks me is when im purposely running clock down at end of game injury bug goes around and stops clock.*
Last but not least if im playing against a stagnant offense and they get the ball at end of half or game the no huddle offense makes you look like a 5 year old just playing the game.
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Old 07-31-2018, 02:00 PM   #11
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I think they have come a long way over the years, but too easy or too difficult depends on your own personal settings.* If out of the box settings are too hard or too easy, you have to move to sliders to make it tough.* For example, Madden on All-Pro is too easy for me, but All-Madden is too difficult.* I need a happy middleground, which is achieved with sliders.* Luckily, on OS, we get a TON of good slider sets from people who test them out a lot.

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Old 07-31-2018, 08:27 PM   #12
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I think the better questions are: Are sports game fair? Is the learning curve too steep?

I agree, there are settings that make games easier and simpler, but that comes at the expense of limiting what skill moves are available to you vs those using the standard controls.* I'm probably average at games, but having a job and family these days, it's difficult to perfect the increasingly complicated controls to play games online or on higher difficulties.

That leads me to, are they fair?* I think most people hit on this.* Many games, especially those made by EA, manage difficulty by nerfing human abilities or making the CPU super human.* My favorite game is PES. I rarely feel cheated when I lose on that game because I can't point to my impatience on defense or the other team was better that match.* I lost a game of Madden last night because I fumbled 3 plays in a row (all returned for touchdowns).* Frustrating because it seemed unfair and programmed to happen.

Online, it's a glitch and programming exploit fest once you sniff the top tier divisions.* If you can't practice enough to get really good, and/or not willing to glitch, the experience gets frustrating super quickly.
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Old 07-31-2018, 11:22 PM   #13
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Re: Are Sports Games Too Hard? Are They Not Realistic Enough? Is There an Answer? (Ro

It helps to define exactly what we're talking about, but I think the answer is "both".

Sports games are too hard in the sense that, while I know what I want to do and I generally know how a play is supposed to look when run correctly (in a football game, for example), I don't have all the nuances of the button combinations and inputs memorized and at-the-ready in order to get the game to do what I want it to. I often find myself fighting/fumbling the controller in order to get the on-screen team members to do what I know I want them to do (e.g. press cover the corner on the "X" receiver, bias the LB's to cover the center of field, leave the safeties in deeper coverage). Never mind my Sisyphean odyssey of trying to create-a-play in College Hoops 2K to get my guys to execute a relatively straightforward pin down screen play...

However, sports games (some, anyway) aren't realistic enough in the sense that the way the players interact with each other on the field is still not where I would have imagined they would be at this point. I mean, there are a million videos on the tubes of you that show how wacky and incongruous Madden can be with regard to real football, and that's not to mention how poorly the game is animated (in comparison to what a real football player running looks like, for example). Not to pick on Madden, I mean the game is virtually indistinguishable from a real football broadcast...until you see it in motion.

I realize there will always be a gap between what competitive players want and what regular people want (and what enthusiasts of the sport want), but to me, it's not asking too much for the games to be relatively straightforward from an input point of view (not over-simplified as in 1-button, but not "hit LB then "B" then select a guy then "X", etc. etc. etc.) but play out realistically on the field once the game is in motion.
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Re: Are Sports Games Too Hard? Are They Not Realistic Enough? Is There an Answer? (Ro

I feel like the issue is many options of old have disappeared. Madden used to have a dynamic difficulty for vs cpu games... Now that's been removed... Many options in CFM of old have also been removed... We keep hearing about limitation of resources yet seeing more and more HD cutscenes added over Gameplay mechanics that worked in the past like assistant coaches. Not sure that the focus for gaming companies is anything but profit, but I think many miss the boat on how users really enjoy their games.
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This game is to hard eye contact coordination and foot work is more importsnt
if you want to same website you can also check out :most forgiving irons reviews*
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Old 08-01-2018, 12:21 PM   #16
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I agree CaselH.

I pretty much only play offline Franchise modes and have not been impressed with most of them lately besides MyLeague in NBA 2K.
And why on harder levels does it feel like you are being cheated. I don't mind losing, but I hate where it is cheating to beat me. Have them play smarter, not become super human, be able to go thru you unrealistically to get the ball, or make my players idiots and forget to guard anyone.*

They need more tutorials in games to help with controls to become better. I don't get the games every year and a lot of times it is hard to figure out how to do half the stuff that is possible.
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