Can we make our own game?

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Re: Can we make our own game?

Originally Posted by mestevo
Where did I say I wanted anything for free?
Your tongue-in-cheek complaint about a measely $25K as if he was asking for millions of dollars. That's how this community thinks, that's why they've gotten behind nothing but still cry about the problem. You all think you're owed something.

Originally Posted by mestevo
The sums and timeframes are from his kickstarter page, not my imagination.
Nope. Your imagination. Like I said before, it was clearly stated what he was doing and it wasn't how you're framing it all. I'm not sure what part of "preliminary version" and the escalating build concept displayed you didn't understand, but clearly you misunderstood. Your misunderstanding is your own fault, but it's born from a desire to be negative more than likely. It's what you all do.

Originally Posted by mestevo
The biggest difference between you and I is context. You actually got to see and use what he claims was being made. We didnt.
Complete nonsense. There were videos, screenshots, docs, and videos of other people using the protoypes on other sites. If you didn't see that, it's your own fault for not paying attention, but why try to be a conspiracy theorist when your claims are not well supported? Oh, of course, that's what conspiracy theorists do. My bad. I forgot.

Originally Posted by mestevo
We watched an active member of this community become an indie developer, have a long active thread about his product, then disappear. He temporarily resurfaced with a story about how life had gotten hard, only to disappear until showing up to make a single post with hat in hand asking the community to fund something completely different.
For starters, you didn't watch him "become an indie developer". If you ever bothered to read, you would've known that he already was that long before showing up here (he built Neo-Racer for Wild Planet), it was a while back but he still did it and that's more than any of the many so-called developers around here can say.

The "hat in had" part is awfully melodramatic (and ridiculous) since it was far from that. Listen to how the hatred just seeps from you? I read that stuff, and all I saw was a person who was trying to work with a "community" of people who do nothing but talk junk and don't help out, like you did there and are doing now. So what he changed projects? Big deal, does he need your permission for that, too? Gimmie a break, dude. You're on one tall horse.

The other thing is, you act as if he's not human and isn't allowed to take care of a personal situation. Right, who does he think he is to go through something in life? Only YOU deserve to have tough times in life, right? Yeah, he shoulda stuck around and kept working with a bunch of venom spewers instead. Man, you sound so selfish, as if he owed you something. Get over yourself dude. He didn't owe you squat. You spent no money and gave no help, so he owed you zero. He's a grown man, he can come and go as he pleases, he doesn't have to answer to you or anybody else. I mean, dude, are you serious?

Originally Posted by mestevo
I would have even become a backer if there was anything of substance - but there wasn't,
More nonsense. I guess the vids, screenshots, and the people who were posting prototype videos, that was all an illuuuuuuuuuuusion? Yeah man. And he was hiding aliens in his cooler too man! Hahahahaha!

Originally Posted by mestevo
he didnt even stick around to answer questions.
I seen those threads. The activity was low so what was the point? You're acting like there was a barrage of questions, but there weren't. By the time anything was coming here the project was far past the point of its possibility of being funded. The support wasn't there. I don't blame him.

Originally Posted by mestevo
His behavior here in addition to the relative dearth of content to go with the promises led to the failure of his kickstarter, not this community. He failed on his own and this thread moved on. Appears he did too.
Garbage. His behavior here was impeccable, especially when you consider how juvenile most of you were towards him. I never would've been as nice to a bunch of smart mouthing jackasses for as long as he was with the people here. All the man did was try to get something going, and venom spitters like yourself turned a negative eye like you always do. Just like they did with APF, BB, Blitz, Maximum Football, Quickhit, Tecmo Bowl Throwback, and everything else.

Nope, the community failed, again, like it always does. But blame someone else for your own inaction, I mean that's what the football gaming "community" has been about for 9 years anyway, with its wild conspiracies of everybody trying to get them, and nothing is real, and blahbiddy blah. Blame EA, blame 2K, blame the NFL. No. It's the so-called "community" not getting behind a damn thing, that's the problem. All we needed to do is get behind one thing and things would be different. But the community failed over and over again, and that's why you're getting nothing but Madden forever, and that's not a conspiracy that's a harsh reality.

I know I shouldn't get so worked up about this, but I hate seeing people getting dragged through the mud when 1. the people don't know what the hell they're talking about and 2. When a person was just trying to doing something good. This world is so screwed up. Damn.
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Re: Can we make our own game?

Closing this thread because it is quickly degenerating following this latest bump and I want to cut it off at the head.
Christopher Hooe
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