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Just like Day One and Day Two, NBA players are currently posting their NBA 2K16 player ratings, along with in-game screenshots of themselves in action. Below are the players that have either posted on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram today.

(Click the name(s) below, to see the screenshot. Once we get higher resolution screenshots, we will post them.)Previously confirmed player ratings: (Click the name(s) below, to see the screenshot)

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# 1 cthurt @ 08/26/15 12:50 PM
at wait till the update, looks good though.
# 2 2_headedmonster @ 08/26/15 01:03 PM
THE most inconclusive angle ever Lmao
# 3 Sinner @ 08/26/15 01:03 PM
Really looks good, loving the graphics and face/body scans ...just changed from hard copy to digital today. Digital for me has been for games that I'm going to play for awhile and 2k16 seems to be at that level right now. Played 2k15 longer than I have previous versions so can't wait for this one. Love what's been shown and announced so far.....keep it up 2k.
# 4 Yuss @ 08/26/15 01:12 PM
Here is the picture straight from the instagram

# 5 MontanaMan @ 08/26/15 01:13 PM
I knew Steve was real, he follows Tsunami Surf.
# 6 malekem @ 08/26/15 01:41 PM
# 7 J_Posse @ 08/26/15 01:45 PM
Originally Posted by malekem
Nice, C.J. Miles got scanned this year. Happy to see him finally looking good.

from Spurs Nation/Bills Backer HQ
# 8 cthurt @ 08/26/15 01:52 PM
Originally Posted by malekem

I am loving how the sweating is looking this year, seems to be more pronounced then last year.
# 9 Eman5805 @ 08/26/15 01:52 PM
Now that is a real picture. Dude looks incredible.

C'mon, there's gotta be at least one Pel scan coming up. Love to see Eric Gordon or Jrue Holiday.
# 10 The Umman @ 08/26/15 02:01 PM
Really digging the lighting improvements we've seen since the KD picture was released.
# 11 The 24th Letter @ 08/26/15 02:04 PM
The non scanned dudes are going to look really out of place this year..
# 12 eko718 @ 08/26/15 02:13 PM
Nice. Sorely needed for Miles.
# 13 woshihuxingtan @ 08/26/15 02:25 PM
Am I the only one here waiting for BluFu's comparison pics?
# 14 HakeemOlajuwon @ 08/26/15 02:27 PM
# 15 woshihuxingtan @ 08/26/15 02:27 PM
Quincy Acy post his screenshot
# 16 b1baller @ 08/26/15 02:29 PM

Lol jk

(but seriously tho...)
# 17 jayman504 @ 08/26/15 02:35 PM
Quincy Acy
# 18 2_headedmonster @ 08/26/15 02:47 PM
Looking really good. Jerseys looking too tight tho. They fitting like sleeved alternates.
# 19 lakers24 @ 08/26/15 02:48 PM
Quincy Acy doesn't know wth aspect ratio is apparently

Glad CJ Miles was finally scanned, seems like 2k has scanned most of the guys they missed the previous 2 years. Crawford, D-Will, CJ, Bradley, Hayward, DeAndre(?). I'm still waiting on Matt Barnes, Stuckey, and a few other guys though.
# 20 malekem @ 08/26/15 02:53 PM

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