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Posted on September 27, 2010 at 05:14 PM.
In a Nutshell

I think speaks volumes to the pride and dedication each member has towards delivering the most authentic simulation basketball experience possible. The goal for our team is very simple, deliver the absolute best game of basketball to our fans.

So we needed to try something different. Something innovative. Something to bring back fans who'd left, and appeal to basketball fans who don't play video games.

That is where the emphasis on control and a dynamic, unpredictable gameplay experience came from.

Focus on fun and control, to draw in the people who play drop in at the Y and dream about competing in the NBA, but don't play basketball games.

Before you ask, yes both are partial quotes but definitely in the mix of what the feelings of basketball fans are and why they're responding the way they are.

# 1 kennyacid @ Sep 27
Those two quotes right there shows that both companies was going in different directions. Hopefully the path EA wants to go pays off for them in the long run.
# 2 Blak_Baki_Hanma @ Sep 27
EA is clearly operating without the community's input.
No one knows what they're trying to accomplish aside from drawing in younger/casual gamers with nba jams. That being said, sim nation pretty much wishes they would take their fantasy games, unpredictable gameplay and "magic moments" and go away.
Bottom line: if you don't care what we (the base) wants BEFORE you produce your product, then don't show up after the fact with a dumbfounded attitude in regards to why we flame your nonsensical product(s).

I bought Live 09. (I bit at the DNA bait... game was no good)
I bought Live 10. (Mike Wang ALMOST made this a really good game... one more year and MAYBE...)
I will not buy NBA Delete 11... "Hockey on the Hardwood" doesn't appeal to me... fail.

On the 2k side...
I can definitely appreciate their philosophy and approach to recreating the sim experience.
2k has had its share of issues carrying out their plan in practical application but at least I can clearly see the vision and direction.
The 2k11 demo solidified my decision for hoops game of choice this year (and beyond).

I bought 2k8 (the traps were a gamebreaker)
I bought 2k9 (you lost me on the unnatural momentum)
I bought 2k10 (we all missed Mike Wang... clearly)
I can't wait to buy 2k11... very much improved in virtually all areas (thanks for listening to us)

Pretty simple concept... deliver the goods and we'll pay you for it.

Novel idea, huh?
# 3 scatman @ Sep 27
Blak_Baki_Hanma dude, you took the words right out my mouth and this blog sums up a lot of what I've been feeling personally. NBA Live 08 was the last EA baskeball game I got...I got suckered into Madden 10, point being EA has not been able to demonstrate the realism I want to see in my sports video games. EA since probably 2006 has been way behind in terms of what sports should look like and play like. I really don't see them making any kind of turnaround unless everyone in upper management is replaced and a new business and game making philosophy is enacted.
# 4 statum71 @ Sep 27
I'm not an EA *****. But as far as basketball.....I'm sooooo glad I'm 2K.
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