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Tuesday, May 22, 2018
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Wednesday, May 16, 2018
09:33 AM - May 16, 2018. Written by monkz69
Finally the APPW universe has started and here is the highlights of the first PPV - APPW HARDCORE


We have been spending alot of time on Fire Pro Wrestling World and hope to finish the first set of movesets and get that universe up and running soon !

Monday, May 14, 2018
08:49 PM - May 14, 2018. Written by TheBPL
Team Scrafe at Team Spank May 14, 2018123456789RHETeam Scrafe (2-4)63330111721Team Spank (4-2)20232031221Scoring SummarySCORING DETAILSTeam Scrafe HITTERSABRHRBIBBSOHRAVGTyson711Matt82Josh851Donnie 854Scrafe8811BATTING:
2B: Josh 1, Donnie 1, Scrafe 2
3B: Josh 1, Donnie 1, Scrafe 2
HR: Donnie 2, Scrafe 2
RBI: Tyson 1, Josh 1, Donnie 4, Scrafe 11Team Spank HITTERSABRHRBIBBSOHRAVGRyVal842Spank855Rob832Kyle8 62Larry831BATTING:
2B: RyVal 2,Spank 2, Rob 1, Kyle 2
3B: Spank ... Read More
Saturday, May 12, 2018
10:56 AM - May 12, 2018. Written by liarajames
There are different types of games present which you can play with ease on your Smartphone. The Mobile Legends is also a popular game which is played by millions of people from all over the world. The basic task of the players is to build an empire and control various kingdoms. You should build a base and fight with other players. In this game, there are various buildings which you can build but you should focus more on the mobile legends cheats castle. After this, another building for which you ... Read More
Friday, May 11, 2018
year after year after year, same glitch in Pro Am --->

> someone on opposing team presses intentional foul or double team button and it has effects :

- sometimes makes you miss a shot you should make
- sometimes makes you lose ball easier
- makes passes less accurate
- causes a 'force field' effect
- makes defense and contesting shots more tenacious

Basically this is what happens.... when you're playing 1vs1 vs the CPU, and ... Read More
Thursday, May 10, 2018
Wednesday, May 2, 2018
11:21 PM - May 2, 2018. Written by trey2k198003
This year the true camp battles will be eith the running back position will Freeman take the Carrie's fromBooker? It will depend on blocking and catching

Next battle will be for the slot between Sutton and Hamilton

Free safety between Justin Simmons and Eric Reid
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11:13 PM - May 2, 2018. Written by trey2k198003
Denver Broncos Depth Chart - 2019Regular OffenseSTARTER2ND3RD4THWREmanuel Sanders Cameron SuttonCarlos HendersonTEJake ButtTroy FumagalliJeff HeuermanLTGarrett BollesCyrus KouandjioLGRon LearyMax GarciaCMatt ParadisSean JonesRGJermaiah PoutasiBilly TurnerRTJared VeldherrMenelik WatsonWRDemaryus Thomas DeSean HamiltonJordan TaylorQBCase KeenumPaxton LynchChad KellyFBAndy JanovichHBDevontae BookerRoyce FreemanDeAngelo HendersonBase 3-4 DefenseSTARTER2ND3RD4THLDEVon MillerShane RayNTDerek WolfeDeMarcus ... Read More
With the 2018 draft over and the 2018 season a let down for the Broncos they have to go in a new direction with Coach Davis

Next we will discuss roster aa it #is currently constructed, camp battles, expectations this season and any roster moves made.
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Monday, April 30, 2018
08:42 PM - April 30, 2018. Written by ugagsu
Hello all and welcome to my first blog. This will cover my 4 dynasties starting in 2013 season. I am running with UGA, Alabama, Georgia Southern, and for my out of region team, USC Trojans. I am doing something different this time. I always like to change things up. This time I am controlling all 3 coaches for each team and will take turns with different games as each coach.

As for recruiting and house rules, for the first season I am going to go with straight up regular recruiting ... Read More
08:29 PM - April 30, 2018. Written by TheBPL
Team Spank at Team Scrafe Apr 30, 2018123456789RHETeam Spank (4-1)0220001515Team Scrafe (1-4)020022x613W: Tyson L: RobScoring SummarySCORING DETAILSTeam Spank HITTERSABRHRBIBBSOHRAVGRob733.500Spank73.769Donnie 72.568RyVal632.632Hoodie31.222Tim63.500BATTING:
2B: Spank 1 (5)
RBI: Rob 3 (12), RyVal 2 (5)Team Scrafe HITTERSABRHRBIBBSOHRAVGLarry62.500Jeems541.583Ant5 1.438Scrafe533.593Reagan51.200Tyson422.563BATTING:
2B: Jeems 1 (1), Scrafe 1 (5), Reagan 1 (1)
3B: Jeems 1 (1), ... Read More
Sunday, April 29, 2018
06:58 PM - April 29, 2018. Written by TheBPL
Team Spank at Team Scrafe Apr 29, 2018123456789RHETeam Spank ()22002401017Team Scrafe ()0401120815W: Rob L: LoomisScoring SummarySCORING DETAILSTeam Spank HITTERSABRHRBIBBSOHRAVGAnt712.481Spank630.844RyVal 641.692Tim632.500Rob6341.529Tyson631.583BATTING:
2B: RyVal 1 (3), Tim 1 (1)
HR: Rob 1 (1)
RBI: Ant 2 (10), RyVal 1 (3), Tim 2 (4), Rob 4 (9), Tyson 1 (1)Team Scrafe HITTERSABRHRBIBBSOHRAVGHoodie61.167Loomis632.583Do nnie62.633Josh643.556Kyle511.393Scrafe542.591BATTI NG:
2B: Loomis ... Read More
Friday, April 27, 2018
1994 teams and drivers

With an expected 20 teams competing in F1 this year, tying the record set in 1989 for most teams contesting in a single season of F1. And there’s a fair amount of these teams that are brand-new entries meaning that there’s going to be a lot of movement in the drivers market. In addition, with the introduction of the new 3.0 liter engine formula, there’s quite a lot of choices out in the engine market and there’s a maximum supply rule now in place, each engine ... Read More
Thursday, April 26, 2018
Hello OS members, Since there’s a lack of Formula 1 dynasties on this forum, I have decided to try my hand at one myself. I have chosen 1994 because that’s the first season that I started following the sport itself thanks to Road and Track magazine that my dad used to have a subscription to back in my childhood days. However, it was very tragic in real life, so here’s the new backstory and my attempt to make it a little less sad.

It is 1994 and it seems pretty obvious that we are ... Read More
09:15 PM - April 26, 2018. Written by TheBPL
Team Spank at Team Scrafe Apr 26, 2018123456789RHETeam Spank (3-0)3102000618Team Scrafe (0-3)1000010211Scoring SummarySCORING DETAILSTeam Spank HITTERSABRHRBIBBSOHRAVGGlenn621.400Tim71.500Bill73 2.429Spank761.923RyVal752.714Matt61.214BATTING:
2B: Spank 1 (4), RyVal 2 (2)
3B: RyVal 1 (1)
RBI: Glenn 1 (1), Bill 2 (2), Spank 1 (15), RyVal 2 (2)
SF: GlennTeam Scrafe HITTERSABRHRBIBBSOHRAVGJosh51.500Larry52.600Donnie 54.708Scrafe521.529Rob421.545Kyle40.435BATTING:
2B: Donnie 2 ... Read More

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