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Sunday, April 21, 2019
01:42 PM - April 21, 2019. Written by mcdowell31
The main course for the sim-head playing MyLeague.

Just faced Kevin Durant in three straight defensive possessions leading to half-time. My defender was Aaron Gordon. I was able to stay in front of Durant on the dribble, and prevent any downhill runs at the basket by playing proper off-ball defense.

As everyone knows, it is never over with Durant. He blew me up for 38 last game and his side won easily by 20. This game I have kept him a little quiet for 22 minutes. ... Read More
Friday, April 19, 2019
04:26 PM - April 19, 2019. Written by stickyfingers
Downloads :

NBA on NBC classic scoreboard for NBA2K19 - Preview

Alternate Referees for NBA2K19 - Preview

1999-2003 Philadelphia 76ers Court - First Union Center for NBA2K19 - Preview

Credits :
Scoreboard :
- Thanks Bongo88 for your guide and help
- Thanx Looyh for your templates
- Thanx cujomatty for your help

Courts :
- Thanx Lagoa for your Template 2.0 for 2K18
- Thanx kodrinsky on Flickr ... Read More
04:25 PM - April 19, 2019. Written by stickyfingers
Well, I'm still playing 2K17, this game has the best mods on this gen.
So, with some good tutorials, i'm modding now few things for 2K19 and also 2K17.

Downloads :

Tricodes / NewScorebug.VCUIELEMENT : Team Name and City Name for 2K17 ScoreBoards

1984-85 CBS Scoreboard and Wipe for NBA 2K17 - Preview

1995-96 TNT Scoreboard & Wipe for NBA 2K17 - Preview

2003 TNT Scoreboard & Wipe - Preview

1995-96 TNT Studio / Presentation for NBA 2K17 ... Read More
Saturday, April 13, 2019
03:13 PM - April 13, 2019. Written by nikethebike
Now go play NHL Two K!

01:40 PM - April 13, 2019. Written by sturdyKSU
Hello All!

I am starting my franchise now that OSFM Rosters have finally hit the vault. I play every pitch of all 162 games on HOF for both batting/pitching. I will be using Armor's HOF Sliders as well for this franchise.

I almost always do my season with the Royals but as we all know... that would be bad for my mental health. So I've been debating a few teams, Phillies, Braves, Reds, and Rays. I'm an American League fan and a fan of the DH, however I wanted to try ... Read More
Sunday, April 7, 2019
12:51 AM - April 7, 2019. Written by mcdowell31
The thumb image looks negative, but it is edification for anyone who buys and plays games on the regular.

Saturday, April 6, 2019
After my last entry, I checked the 2K forum; I had not been there in a while and Operation Sports discussions help me to cool down. I read a little about The Popboy and his sliders. I had tried them earlier in the season and was interested in what others were experiencing. It took another day, but I got back into 2K after a 5-6 day hiatus. I usually cannot stay away long: I love basketball foremost and 2K is the best thing going at the moment.

Canned cutscenes? Yeah, drives me crazy. ... Read More
Tuesday, April 2, 2019
11:55 PM - April 2, 2019. Written by mcdowell31
Repetitive cut-scenes are not immersion. I have tried typing twice about the game in the last few days and... nothing. Sometimes MyLeague is a chore to play: Nearly half the time I am holding the controller and wading through inane "storytelling" to get to what NBA 2K does best.

Basketball animations directed by me should be most of the story. Having played basketball most of my life, it is so frustrating "going" to a MyLeague game with the development team. Having to zoom-in on the ... Read More
Saturday, March 30, 2019
08:04 AM - March 30, 2019. Written by darroe01
Like many of you out there, I have an addiction to FIFA (not a real addiction mind you) and I always attempt to better myself in the game. I mostly play CM with the occassional straying into FUT. I have recently been enlightened to seasons and will try this this week.
Sunday, March 24, 2019
03:28 PM - March 24, 2019. Written by mcdowell31
Well, a discovery for me prompted by another end-user; not new, but new and interesting for a sim-head. I'll gather my thoughts and explain later. Itchin' to get back to playing.
Wednesday, March 13, 2019
One of the most frequent requests among MLB The Show gamers is for create a stadium. I think most of us accept that’s a huge undertaking but where I think SDS could meet us halfway - a goodwill gesture if you like - is allow us some level of customisation to the ballparks. Give us some ribbon board options so it feels a bit different from game to game. A graphics package for the video board so we’re not seeing the same home run, strikeout, etc. graphics. Pick a logo behind home plate or down the ... Read More
Saturday, March 9, 2019
09:38 PM - March 9, 2019. Written by mcdowell31
Thursday, March 7, 2019

A few posts back JoshC posted his Reds Roster, so I thought I would do the same, as if anyone really cares, but yeah, I am doing it anyways...


SP Matt Belisle
SP Anthony DeSclafani
SP Homer Bailey
SP Sonny Gray
SP Mike Leake


-C Devin Mesoraco
1B Joey Votto
2B Scooter Gennett
SS Zack Cozart
3B Travis Shaw
... Read More
12:47 AM - March 7, 2019. Written by edeadstroke

After splitting the first home-stand series with Milwaukee, the Reds got a day off, then played their first interleague series with the Baltimore Orioles. The Reds were (8-5) and 3 games back of the Cubs in the NL Central. The Orioles (4-7) and 3.5 back of the Yankees.


CIN - Sonny Gray (1-0) vs BAL - Dylan Bundy (0-1)

SP Sonny Gray would start out the game pitching well, only giving up 1 run in the first ... Read More
12:43 AM - March 7, 2019. Written by edeadstroke
The Reds made it home from their 6 game road trip and are 6 and 3, they start a 10 game home stand, 4 vs MIL, 3 vs BAL, and 3 vs the Cubs.

Game 1

CIN - SP Mike Leake (0-0) vs MIL - SP Matt Garza

SP Mike Leake gets the start versus Milwauke, Leake went 7 innings last time out against the St. Louis with a no-decision. Things started off shaky for the Reds as,the Brewers would score early on Leake by scoring 2 in the top of the 1st and another run in the ... Read More

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