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Monday, December 17, 2018
11:35 AM - December 17, 2018. Written by dtlm6
Considering the success of the NBA 2K series and how NFL 2K5 is still arguably considered the best football videogame ever made (don't forget about Tecmo Super Bowl though), I often imagine what an NFL 2K series would be like today.

Back in 2005, like Pavlov's dog, I purchased Madden every year because college and pro football were/are my favorite games to play and, mainly through advertising, I believed this was the best game. I was aware of the 2K series but did not consider giving ... Read More
Sunday, December 16, 2018
04:48 AM - December 16, 2018. Written by suntzu420
Utah Jazz at 01-02 Sacramento KingsOct 17, 20181ST2ND3RD4THSCOREUtah (0-1)36271845126Sacramento (1-0)42273333135Utah JazzTEAM TOTALS54/123 44%9/39(23%)9/9603615615126Sacramento KingsTEAM TOTALS48/99(48%)18/39(46%21/30(70%)694212918135

Peja broke Kings all time 3 point record with 12 on 18 attempts and 42 points in 41 minutes. Jason Williams iced the game late with freethrows and finished with 39 points but unfortunately had 9 turnovers (12 assists) and 3 pt % was under 25 % 6-21. ... Read More
Tuesday, December 11, 2018
01:56 PM - December 11, 2018. Written by KingV2k3
M18 AP All Default Sliders V 1.6

Settings that are not default, denoted by asterisk*


Offside: 50 / 50
False Start: 50 / 50
Offensive Holding: 50 / 50
Defensive Holding: 50 / 60*
... Read More
Wednesday, December 5, 2018
06:18 AM - December 5, 2018. Written by arthurbays
#24 Syracuse (8-4) @ South Alabama (7-5)

This bowl game match-up looks lopsided on paper and could worse on the field. South Alabama limped through the weakest conference in football, losing three games to fellow Sun Belt teams. The Jaguars have next to no passing game and rely very heavily on HB Adarius Lemons to move the ball. They played two SEC teams this year, losing both games including a 12 point loss to 1-11 Mississippi State. The Jaguars have a tough defense, 20th in the ... Read More
Friday, November 30, 2018
10:09 PM - November 30, 2018. Written by 520racer
So, this is the first quarter of the 1996 Alternate F1 universe. Hope you find this post worthwhile!

Round 1 Melbourne

The 1996 F1 season starts off in Melbourne on a brand-new temporary street circuit around Albert Park. Some slight changes in the Pre-Q layout were made so that the bottom 9 teams from 1995 will have to battle it out for 6 slots in the Qualifying shootout. The top 8 teams in 1995 will automatically move on to Qualifying for the first four rounds of ... Read More
Tuesday, November 27, 2018
10:05 AM - November 27, 2018. Written by Bulletproof86
Wow that was a long and a very successful time.
Started back in 2009 with 2k10 on pc.
I stayed on the pc till 2014. Of course every year a 99 OVR athletic PG.
My Girlfriend bought me a PS4 for chrismas 2014. I was 28 at this point....and i get my first console ever!!! What a feeling
Anyway, 2k become my no1. game every year, but every year i was more frustrated with the developement of the gameplay and the game itself...
Keywords: VC , Grind and 3 point shooting.... ... Read More
Friday, November 23, 2018
04:18 PM - November 23, 2018. Written by Raider_Ren
Madden NFL 19: The All-Pro Project, for Madden NFL 19 patched version 1.15 (released on 11/19/18)

Tuesday, November 20, 2018
01:34 AM - November 20, 2018. Written by coopsta007
Below are some of the best Black Friday 2018 deals for sports gamers...

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Burnout Paradise Remastered (PS4) - $9.99 (regularly $29.99)
Forza Horizon 4 (Xbox One) - $29.99 (regularly $59.99)
F1 2018 (PS4) - $29.99 (regularly $59.99)
FIFA 19 (PS4) - $29.99 (regularly $59.99)
Madden 19 (PS4) - $29.99 (regularly $59.99)
MLB The Show 18 (PS4) - $19.99 (regularly $29.99)
NASCAR Heat 3 (PS4) - $29.99 (regularly ... Read More
Wednesday, November 14, 2018
09:59 AM - November 14, 2018. Written by darroe01
So, I have played the first five matches under League One with Port Vale and have also changed my difficulty level, after some advice from a player, to World Class from Professional. After 5 weeks of matches in League One I have learned that it is much more difficult in League One than in League Two. My results are as follows:
  1. Week 1 : Home at Coventry City, loss 2 -3
    This was my welcome to the League One world. I had to fight to get these two goals and it was quite fun.
  2. Week 2 at
... Read More
Tuesday, November 13, 2018
10:19 PM - November 13, 2018. Written by CamTspence
Realistic settings. 15 min quarters. Regular updates. Background stories to go with it.

Team: Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Will post roster after draft.
New Owner Todd Wrangler of the Buccaneers gets his team just in time for the first ever NFL redraft. His input on this draft will shape the outlook of this team for years to come. This redraft has many fans of Tampa excited in the future, pondering and arguing who they should take and why. There are some teams who are upset ... Read More
Sunday, November 11, 2018
03:30 PM - November 11, 2018. Written by darroe01
I am beginning this blog to detail my journey with Port Vale as Alan Pardew...yes, Alan Pardew!! It is going to be glorious, I have already gained automatic promotion from League Two (2nd place) and played two matches in League One. I lost my first match and then had a draw in my second match. Since then I have been playing with RB Leipzig after winning the Bundesliga, but that is another story. Anyways, there is supposed to be a big patch coming next week that will fix a great many issues with ... Read More
Saturday, November 10, 2018
520racerís Alternate F1 Universe 1996 season Introduction and entry list

After a 1995 season when Michael Schumacher won his second straight drivers title with Ferrari, things were about to get interesting with the three liter engine formula was modified somewhat so the V10ís were the only engines allowed as per the FIA regulations. This means that the V12ís and the V8ís being used since the 1989 season were no longer permitted, leaving many engine suppliers unsure about their f1 ... Read More
Friday, November 9, 2018
11:46 PM - November 9, 2018. Written by Bloop33
Houston Texans Depth Chart - 2020Regular OffenseSTARTER2ND3RD4THWRDeAndre HopkinsJulian EdelmanMalcolm MitchellTETyler KroftDwayne AllenJordan AkinsLTGordon DeaderickGilbert BlairA.C. LawrenceLGZach FultonCAustin EconomosNick MartinRGTravis LambertJohn MillerRTSolomon DunnBrandon VillarealWRWill Fuller Adam HumphriesKeke CouteeQBDeshaun Watson Adrian Finnegan FBAntonio SherelsHBMelvin Gordon D'onta Foreman Dixon BestTrey Craig Base 3-4 DefenseSTARTER2ND3RD4THLDEJ.J. WattCarlos WatkinsNTD.J. ReaderAdrian ... Read More
Thursday, November 8, 2018
02:58 PM - November 8, 2018. Written by hockeyguy96
Hello All,

I Would like to introduce to you the FHS League, Come check us out and become apart of the league join a GM league with other members and great simming on NHL 19, Current NHL Rosters, Free Agent Auctions with legends of the game, and a dedicated admin and loads more fun.


Have a great day and hope to see some of you there and thanks for your time.
Sunday, October 21, 2018
01:01 PM - October 21, 2018. Written by futbol_gamer
Indianapolis Colts at Philadelphia EaglesSep 23, 20181ST2ND3RD4THSCOREIndianapolis Colts (0-3)33006Philadelphia Eagles (2-1)31417337Team Stats ComparisonINDPHITotal Offense239336Rushing Yards5469Passing Yards185267First Downs1218Punt Return Yards1842Kick Return Yards12318Total Yards380396Turnovers403rd Down Conversion2/91/64th Down Conversion0/20/02-Point Conversion0/00/0Red Zone Touchdowns/Field Goals0/12/3Penalties0/00/0Posession Time19:3520:25Indianapolis ColtsPhiladelphia Eagles

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