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Monday, September 18, 2017
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We'll discuss everyone impressions of NBA 2K18 and NBA Live 18

Sunday, September 17, 2017
08:12 PM - September 17, 2017. Written by fc155
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What's up guys! Love the fact you can go so deep into creating new jump shots now that they adapted the blending animations from MyCareer a year ago. I'll be editing this list as often as I can and post the ones with GoogleDocs files if some people do so, so we have a blog where we can just view them.

Shoutouts once again to toliveanddieinsf for his amazing work! I don't know how you do it man, but I'm guessing you can't wait to finally
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Saturday, September 16, 2017
08:00 AM - September 16, 2017. Written by Tomba
TOMBA 2K18 Slider Set

ANY Difficulty Setting!
Reason in part due to player skill. Slider Settings are for general gameplay acting as a developer patch to fix animations and overall player speed

Camera Options:
Broadcast Zoom
Zoom 5
Height 1
Key Zoom Off
Full Court Off
Gives us a camera angle very similar to NBA Street and NBA Playgrounds or the newly released EA Action Cam that is in NBA Live 18
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Wednesday, September 13, 2017
06:33 AM - September 13, 2017. Written by millertime98
We have the 9th pick in the draft but this season we our on our way to securing a top 5 pick next season. We are horrible. We have several needs.

FIRST ROUND: at #9 there are still 3 BC left and is gives us a dilemma. One is LF Sean Sample 20-70-80-21 He can also play 3B and SS so he is so tempting to take. The other is a guy I wanted to take last year but he didn't come out and that is LHCP Elijah Halter 21-65-80-21. He is a strikout machine who doesn't give up hits. He could be ... Read More
03:17 AM - September 13, 2017. Written by zackebarsch10
NBA Draft - Round 1 RecapPickTeamPlayerPosHtWt#1Charlotte HornetsRaymar Benjamin [77 OVR/19 years]PF/C2.13 m100 kg#2Orlando MagicIsaac Bishop [78 OVR/ 19 years]PG/SG1.98 m91 kg#3Atlanta HawksQing Xue Lu [69 OVR/20 years]PG/SG1.88 m85 kg#4Phoenix SunsNasir Abdul-Wahad [72 OVR/21 years]SF/PF2.03 m94 kg#5Sacramento KingsElliot Newble [75 OVR/20 years]C2.24 m129 kg#6Sacramento KingsBraden Samuel [74 OVR/19 years]SG/SF1.96 m98 kg#7Cleveland Cavaliers --> traded to 76ersMartell Jackson [74 OVR/22 years]PG/SG1.83 ... Read More
Monday, September 11, 2017
Call in at 6pm est tonight. 914 803-4488

We will be discussing about the NBA 2K18 Prelude Review, 2k18 Season is upon us. NBA Live 18 Review from ea access.

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Sunday, September 10, 2017
11:47 PM - September 10, 2017. Written by millertime98
AAA: 84-59 1st 2B Park (#4) SP Kinney (#32)
RF Ayala .325* 25hr 83 rbi 179 H* 40dbl* 92 R* 87bb* .418 OB*
.548 slug* .966 OPS*
2B Park .303 / RF Acevedo .284 13hr / C Ramiro .283 11hr 73rbi
CF Azocar .282 / LF Babcock .273 / 2B Carney .272
CF Hill .262
SP Manning 10-9, 3.76 189K* 167ip / RP Keys 1.73 / RP Santana 1.77
RP Ravenelle 2.03 / RP Gomes 2.11 / RP Liles 3.18 /
SP Kinney 13-6, 3.28 / SP Baez 13-9 3.31 / SP Funkhouser ... Read More
Friday, September 8, 2017
08:43 AM - September 8, 2017. Written by NYCDaFuture
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NBA 2K18 Tips: Best Offense Tutorial Part 1

Wednesday, September 6, 2017
11:43 AM - September 6, 2017. Written by majesty95
We are looking for a few good men (or ladies) that want to bring their online CFM experience to a whole new level. We replicate real life as closely as we can through both our gameplay and our roster management and team decisions. Hire coordinators (pick schemes and playbooks) and stick to them all year just like a real life team. Get approval from other owners before relocating or building a new stadium. The list goes on but full NFL authentication is always the goal!

In addition
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Monday, September 4, 2017
Call in tonight. Discuss Run The Neighborhood, NBA 2k18 and NBA Live 18 at 6 pm est. 914 803- 4488


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03:30 PM - September 4, 2017. Written by sticks323
Jimmy Butler was one of the many All-Stars who changed teams this off-season. He’s a workhorse who has finished in the top four in minutes per game the past four seasons. Over the past three seasons he has increased his scoring and assists per game. So what’s next for Jimmy Butler as he gets ready to start his first season with the Minnesota Timberwolves?

Well Butler will be reunited with coach Tom Thibodeau who made Butler an All-Star player while with the Chicago Bulls. This time ... Read More
Sunday, September 3, 2017
03:27 PM - September 3, 2017. Written by sonsart2
Dallas Cowboys at Los Angeles RamsAug 12, 20171ST2ND3RD4THSCOREDallas Cowboys ()0301013Los Angeles Rams ()70007Team Stats ComparisonDALLARTotal Offense327285Rushing Yards136124Passing Yards191161First Downs1711Punt Return Yards1223Kick Return Yards027Total Yards339335Turnovers013rd Down Conversion9-186-144th Down Conversion0-00-12-Point Conversion0-00-0Red Zone Touchdowns/Field Goals3-0-12-1-0Penalties1-54-35Posession Time12:4611:14Scoring SummaryFIRST QUARTER SCORINGDALLAR1:13(LAR) G. Everett 7 ... Read More
06:17 AM - September 3, 2017. Written by millertime98
While it wasn't an outstanding draft, it was a useful one. 1st pick Rosales is 49-92 so he'll be a project. Morillo is 63-80 and would have been a steal in the late rounds but perhaps an early pick.
Coulter is a solid 54-84 and the steal of the draft is LHSP Cordova 69-88.
- One of the top steals of the draft is SP WIlly Mateo 57-85 by LAA in the 7th. He was at the top of the best available list for a few rounds.

After a mediocre season we ... Read More
05:29 AM - September 3, 2017. Written by millertime98
After trading Upton and Verlander I don't think anyone expect Detroit to have the same record as last season. However, by winning 10 straight and 11 of 12 to end the season we kind of screw ourselves. We miss out on a top 10 pick for the second season in a row and have anough talent still remaining to never fully get all the way to rock bottom in order to get the draft picks to rebuild. The 2nd and 3rd round picks is where those top 5 picks come into play. In a way it's almost ecactly what I wanted: ... Read More

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