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Friday, October 19, 2018
03:47 PM - October 19, 2018. Written by futbol_gamer
New Orleans Saints at Atlanta FalconsSep 23, 20181ST2ND3RD4THSCORENew Orleans Saints (3-0)310141441Atlanta Falcons (1-2)3771027Team Stats ComparisonNORATLTotal Offense460397Rushing Yards5463Passing Yards406334First Downs1720Punt Return Yards130Kick Return Yards5578Total Yards528475Turnovers123rd Down Conversion2/57/114th Down Conversion0/00/02-Point Conversion0/00/0Red Zone Touchdowns/Field Goals1/23/1Penalties0/00/0Posession Time17:2722:33New Orleans SaintsAtlanta Falcons
02:31 PM - October 19, 2018. Written by futbol_gamer
Thursday Night Game of Week 3:

New York Jets at Cleveland BrownsSep 20, 20181ST2ND3RD4THSCORENew York Jets (0-3)070714Cleveland Browns (1-2)010111031Team Stats ComparisonNYJCLETotal Offense312295Rushing Yards7928Passing Yards233267First Downs1813Punt Return Yards169Kick Return Yards8216Total Yards410320Turnovers613rd Down Conversion6/92/74th Down Conversion0/00/02-Point Conversion0/01/1Red Zone Touchdowns/Field Goals2/01/3Penalties0/01/10Posession Time21:4018:20New York JetsCleveland ... Read More
Tuesday, October 16, 2018
03:54 PM - October 16, 2018. Written by futbol_gamer
Current Standings After Week 2:

NFL Standings - Updated: Sep 12, 2018NFC EASTWLTPFPAWashington Redskins2007334Philadelphia Eagles1103632Dallas Cowboys1103940New York Giants0202239NFC NORTHWLTPFPAGreen Bay Packers1104743Chicago Bears1104443Detroit Lions1102533Minnesota Vikings0204354NFC SOUTHWLTPFPANew Orleans Saints2006019Carolina Panthers1104742Atlanta Falcons1103644Tampa Bay Buccaneers1102745NFC WESTWLTPFPASan Francisco 49ers2004627Los Angeles Rams2004431Seattle Seahawks2006358Arizona ... Read More
03:37 PM - October 16, 2018. Written by futbol_gamer
Week 2 Scores:

Baltimore Ravens at Cincinnati BengalsSep 13, 20181ST2ND3RD4THSCOREBaltimore Ravens (0-2)0107017Cincinnati Bengals (2-0)0061521Baltimore RavensCincinnati Bengals

Carolina Panthers at Atlanta FalconsSep 16, 20181ST2ND3RD4THSCORECarolina Panthers (1-1)3001720Atlanta Falcons (1-1)0139022Carolina PanthersAtlanta Falcons

Indianapolis Colts at Washington RedskinsSep 16, 20181ST2ND3RD4THSCOREIndianapolis Colts (0-2)00707Washington Redskins (2-0)71071438Indianapolis ... Read More
01:03 PM - October 16, 2018. Written by futbol_gamer
I am playing a simulation of the NFL 2018-2019 season. In this I have done the offline CFM with every team and will be playing every single game. As far as rules go; I am playing on All-Madden with default sliders in simulation mode, 10 minute quarters with play clock run off down to 15 seconds. I will only being switching back and forth to just playing the offenses for both teams. Hopefully this will be enjoyable and looking forward to seeing the results.

So far I am only in Week ... Read More
Saturday, October 13, 2018
09:00 PM - October 13, 2018. Written by TheHennessyWilliams
I have been an avid NBA 2k player since the very first installment on Sega Dreamcast. I have found a way to master each edition of the game and this year has been no different. I have never been a fan of the V.C but i have enjoyed the fact they have made it easier to obtain it over the last few years. This year i finally broke the system.

How you ask. I got my guy from a 60 to a 91 and I only spent 8.99 and i shouldn't even have done it because i didnt need too. You can get enough ... Read More
Friday, October 12, 2018
06:33 PM - October 12, 2018. Written by TrophyKing80
Trophy King's Log, Star date two-zero-one-eig....ehhh who gives a crap? So I've been working out how I want to start my first published dynasty and each day I visit OS, I am blown away by the presentations by everyone. I dig the video format, but I also dig the newspaper format. There are others doing combos of both, and creating really well-thought-out story lines. I will be moving into a new place in early November, so I may delay the start of the dynasty until I get settled there. In the meantime ... Read More
Wednesday, October 10, 2018
02:47 PM - October 10, 2018. Written by thescoop
Here are the top 20 contenders (5 from each league and then 10 pitchers if they go with a pitcher.) in my option. An honorable mention goes to current Show cover boy Aaron Judge as it is not unheard (although it hasn't happened in a while) for the Show to have a repeat cover boy. I find it highly unlikely but figured he'd deserve an honorable mention before getting started.

American League

1. Mookie Betts - Mookie had a great 2018 for the best team (regular season ... Read More
Wednesday, October 3, 2018
11:04 PM - October 3, 2018. Written by Tomba
For years, I've been trying to make the NBA 2K series play a believable game of basketball through the adjustments of sliders and rosters. It wasn't until the 2K series went to what is now the current gen did I feel that slider adjustments were enough. Over the past few iterations I stuck with just adjusting the NBA 2K slider sets with one additional goal in mind. Animation Flow or the flow of animations. Game speed player speed has always been an ongoing thing I've seen in sports games (especially ... Read More
Tuesday, October 2, 2018
11:55 PM - October 2, 2018. Written by 520racer
Rounds 13-16 recap

Now we are entering the stretch run of the championship, who will win the title?

Round 13 Spa

Pre Q Weather: Dry
Moving on to Qualifying: Diniz, Larini, Blundell, Panis

Qualifying Weather: Moderate Rain Throughout the session
Pole Position: Michael Schumacher

Top 6 Race Results
Weather: Dry
1 Schumacher
2 Alesi
3 Irvine
4 Verstappen
5 Larini
... Read More
Sunday, September 30, 2018
06:36 PM - September 30, 2018. Written by mcdowell31
Why 2K?

I try to be reasonable. I try to immerse myself into the context of the situation.

You have the absolute best simulation. This is simply basketball: It does not need sauce, sprinkles, bells, whistles... it is an entertainment unto itself.

Every year there is an over-used, automatic immersion animation that is absolutely dumb:

The first one that drove me crazy was the layup celebration 2-minutes into the game with a score of 4-2: ... Read More
05:04 AM - September 30, 2018. Written by Sam I am
Reason I asked this is that i was getting ready to play someone & they backed out then try to play again & that same person showed up 10 seconds later & it happen again.
Saturday, September 29, 2018
09:14 PM - September 29, 2018. Written by 520racer
Rounds 9-12 recap

Welcome to the second half of the 1995 F1 season. Things are starting to be intriguing to say the least, we have potentially a lot of teams being forced out of F1 altogether at the end of this season if things don't improve. So, we got a lot to recap in this post, so let's get started shall we?

Round 9 Silverstone

PreQ Forecast: Wet for the first half hour but drying the rest of the session

Moving on to Qualifying: Herbert, ... Read More
01:07 AM - September 29, 2018. Written by 520racer
Rounds 5-8 Recap

Welcome back to the second quarter of the 1995 alternate F1 universe. We are now firmly on F1ís home turf in Europe and we now officially start to separate the Front runners from the rest of the pack. Hereís what happened during rounds 5-8.

Round 5 Spain

Pre-Q Weather: Dry

Moving on to qualifying: Herbert, Larini, Panis, Blundell

Qualifying Weather: Dry
Pole Position: Michael Schumacher
... Read More
Friday, September 28, 2018

The revolving doors at Blackburn Rovers are at work again. Rumours doing round since end of last seasonís promotion clinching campaign to the championship, have been put to rest with Tony Mowbray walking out of the club, being replaced by Keith Andrews, ex-Ireland international and a former Rovers player.

Blackburn players celebrating their promotion to Championship from League One
... Read More

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