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Assetto Corsa 1.1 and DLC Dream Pack 1 Available Now


Assetto Corsa is a next-generation driving simulator for Windows PC which reproduces real-world circuits, as well as road and racing cars. The game includes a virtual career and allows the player to create and customize offline competitions and multiplayer races to challenge other players. Assetto Corsa is available now, exclusively through STEAM.

More info are available at www.assettocorsa.net

Assetto Corsa

Developer: KUNOS Simulazioni Publisher: KUNOS Simulazioni Distribution: Steam

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Assetto Corsa 1.1 and Dream Pack 1 now available!


Some features related to post processing effects have been redefinied, including HDR and particle rendering optimizations that improve graphics environment, lighting and framerate performance. The engine has been optimized in order to guarantee a more stable framerate in all conditions, including single-player and multiplayer races. Smoke effects have been also improved, fixing an issue that affected the performances when huge amount of smoke was generated, especially at race starts.

Artificial intelligence

CPU occupancy has been optimized to guarantee better and more stable performance. Furthermore, we worked to improve interaction of AI with each other and against the player car, as well as their "racing attitude”. The result is less collision accidents, better and more predictable lines and greatly improved race starts, delivering a better racing experience.

Flag and rules

The new build introduces race flag and rules, including yellow, blue, white and black flags, both in single and in multiplayer.

Overcast conditions

The newbuild introduces the option to define the sky/weather conditions: player can choose between light/heavy fog, clean/light/heavy cloud, that affect lighting, visibility, track temperature, and so on, adding more immersion, different racing scenarios and environmental effects. As usual all the conditions are moddable and new ones can be created by the community.

Damages, views and sounds

Several parameters and functionalities related to damages, head movements, mirrors FOV values, reverberation and environmental sounds have been added or optimized, improving the overall driving and replay experience.

Assetto Corsa replays are universally appreciated for their fidelity, resulting in very realistic movements, car behaviour and camera management, but resulting also in high requirements in terms of hard disk and memory space. Unfortunately such big files are not easily handled by players who join or organize leagues and online championships. The new build will add quality settings options that allow up to 4x smaller sizes and longer replays.

Price and release

Assetto Corsa is not in Early Access anymore but that doesn’t mean that development is finished. As promised, the Dream Pack includes several improvements, optimizations and new features. All the new code features will also be included for free on the main simulation, to allow gamers to enjoy Assetto Corsa and the new Dream Pack even more.

Assetto Corsa Dream Pack 1 is available for purchase at 14,99 Eur, while the bundle is available for purchase at 49,99 Eur. Price might change in some Countries.

Assetto Corsa Dream Pack 1 now available!

Welcome to DREAM PACK 1, the first add-on content pack for ASSETTO CORSA!
This package adds the legendary circuit of Nürburgring-Nordschleife and ten new awesome cars to the Assetto Corsa racing game. Get it today to join the most thrilling virtual Nordschleife driving experience ever!

The Nürburgring-Nordschleife in Assetto Corsa

The level of complexity of the Nordschleife circuit production has been such, that required 2 years of hard work, making the Nordschleife one of the major and most important steps in the whole Assetto Corsa project. Furthermore, Kunos Simulazioni development team has reproduced the track paying particular attention to all those details and reference points used by real drivers in order to deal with the “Green Hell”. Considering the huge amount of details you can find on this track through its total length of 20,8 Km, the development team worked closely in cooperation with “RSR Nurburg”, the famous track car rental and driver instruction company based at the Nürburgring. Together we made sure that all the main reference points are in place. Thanks to the fidelity of the reproduction of the Nordschleife, RSR Nurburg already uses the Dream Pack every day in their offices, allowing their customers to get ready for the “Green Hell”.

Maximum realism

For the first time ever in a PC racing simulation, the legendary Nürburgring-Nordschleife circuit has been reproduced using Laserscan Technology. Ever single detail of the track has been reproduced with the maximum level of precision. A two centimetre resolution guarantees that each single bump, curb and slope is a perfect match to the real counterpart. The result of such accuracy, combined with the advanced physics model of Assetto Corsa, is an unprecedented driving experience that blurs even more the difference between virtual and reality.

Three different layouts available

Nordschleife” layout is the one often used by the car manufacturers for their private tests or when they try to do a new lap record. This is the best layout to try a “time attack”. Assetto Corsa also permits races in “Nordschleife” layout, with a starting grid optimally positioned after turn “T13′′.

Endurance” is the official 24Hours configuration that is held every year. Includes the Nordschleife (north loop) as well as part of the NürburgringGP circuit. Assetto Corsa permits races in this layout with a starting grid right at the NürburgringGP main straight, as well as the Grand Prix pit boxes.

Touristenfahrten” is the most known and beloved configuration by all trackday and motorsports fans. Driving through the “Park” to enter the circuit towards the end of the famous long uphill straight of “döttinger höhe” and then, after a whole lap, exiting again following the indications for the parking lot. To let you experience the best virtual track day, we created this dedicated layout that is available in practice and multiplayer sessions and takes laptimes from the first lap under the bridge, until the structure at the start of the long straight of “döttinger höhe”. Just as in real life!

The Cars

The car selection of the DreamPack 1 has been suggested by the gamers who voted their favourite manufacturers and models in our website. It consists of a perfect mix of vehicles of different classes, types and ages, ready to satisfy the racing instincts of Assetto Corsa fans!

Starting with the Nissan GT-R Nismo 2014 GT3 which introduces for the first time the Japanese car manufacturer in Assetto Corsa. Followed by the Corvette C7R GTE that is expected to be at least as successful as its predecessor. Those two cars are enlarging the already big family of GT racing cars of Assetto Corsa.

The epic almost mythological McLaren F1 GTR that won everything there was to win and the ultra- technological definition of the modern hypercar McLaren P1, represent the top of the McLaren production past and present.

The Mercedes-Benz C9 LM is the iconic racing car that won in the LeMans 24 Hours and couldn’t miss from the virtual garage of any motorsports fan. The minimalist and elegant design is in direct contrast with its power brutality that can release at any time, rpm, or gear.

Completely different the Mercedes Benz 190E 2.5-16 EVO II. The friendly handling touring car that was the major opponent of the BMW M3 E30 Gr.A that is already included in Assetto Corsa. Put them together in a race and be ready to witness the most epic battles ever seen in a racing simulator.

BMW continues the touring car tradition with the brand new BMW M235i Racing. The affordable racing car is already the car of choice for the 24 hours of Nordschleife, because of the excellent handling, balance and grip. An incredibly well balanced package.

Obviously, a Dream Pack wouldn’t be such, without “Italians”. The Alfa Romeo has been one of the most requested car manufacturers from our users. Starting with the brand new and lightweight giant killer Alfa Romeo 4C that already has astound everybody with an amazingly fast Nordschleife laptime for a street car.

Follows the legendary 155 Ti V6 of 1993, german touring car champion and first ever car with 4 wheel drive in Assetto Corsa. Finally the beautiful “alleggerita” (lightweight) Alfa Romeo GTA of 1966. Another touring car champion. It might seem small and underpowered by todays standards, but drive it and despite the skinny tyres, you will discover a new meaning for the words “agile”, “balance” and “fun” through the never ending bends of the most beautiful and demanding circuit of the world, the Nürburgring Nordschleife.

Changelog Assetto Corsa 1.1

- Added ai-hints
- New penalty system
- Added Kick Quorum to the server
- Fixed sound pops and clicks for some cars engines
- Fixed traction control sound events
- Fixed Tatuus FA01 limiter sound
- Improved sound dynamics under load for some cars
- Launcher: more graceful handling of missing/problematic content
- Launcher default theme: personal best time grid filtering by car/track added
- Fixed blank resolution box
- Fixed missing sound events
- Fixed crashes volume
- Reworked envelopment for interior and exterior sounds
- Higher exterior volume for surround speaker configurations
- Fixed tyre fake shadows in slowmo replay
- Improved AI
- Added custom head movements per car (driver3d.ini)
- Driver helmet/head now cast shadows in onboard camera
- Added custom weather selection
- Improved Pedals App
- Rendering performance optimizations
- Particle rendering optimiziations
- Render Stats form now features units
- Added "final" damage for high speed impacts
- Added quality settings to replay that allow up to 4x longer replays
- Fixed driver shift preload animation at race start
- Fixed camera car not using FOV value
- Fixed AI choosing wrong (slow) tyres
- Updated FMod to 1.05.13
- Updated Fmod SDK project (minor envelopment improvements)
- Tweaked exterior reverb parameters
- Tweaked envelopment values for some sound events
- Improved positional surface sounds
- Fixed wind and tyre rolling noise
- Fixed doppler effect for rev limiter and horn
- Fixed FOV in mirrors, now editable in system/cfg/assetto_corsa.ini
- AI race starts greatly improved
- Fixed wrong shadow resolution when moving through F6 camera car cameras
- Fixed graphics not following dynamic track grip levels in Multiplayer
- Fixed "fast" height evaluation for validating setup ignoring tyre pressure
- FPS caps is now compatible with the new 1ms resolution timer
- Suicidal server admins are now a protected species and not allowed to kick themselves anymore - Adjusted fuel consumption for most of the cars
- UI now understand fuel range relative to car and track and adjust maximum race lap count automatically for quick races and race weekends against the AI
- Added 4WD simulation in drivetrain.ini
- Added live axle suspension geometry
- [DATA] section in aero.ini is now obsolete and must be eliminated. HEADER=2 is mandatory if damage is used.
- AC now support multiple configurations on circuits
- A to B gameplay options for hillclimb tracks and specific circuits that support.
- Tyre pressures can now be shown in digital_instruments.ini
- Limited static weather situations can now be selected from the UI. Weather is also moddable.
- Time Attack now has a global multiplier that controls the amount of time available for the first checkpoint.
- Customizable TrackIR rotation range.
- Chat window now supports full Unicode charset


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