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Wednesday, July 17, 2019
09:12 PM - July 17, 2019. Written by millertime98
In late June of 2018 (2019) we are out of it. It is time to start thinking of the players to deal.

BOS 72-37 1st by 2.5gm NEED: 3B

NYY: 68-38 2.5 gb lead WC by 10gm

MIN: 59-48 1st 5gm Have 5 players on 60 DL, 2 OFS NEED: SP (LHSP), LHRP, C

CLE: 53-52 2nd 5 gb WC 3rd, 5gb NEED: RP, C, OF

HOU: 73-35 1st by 13gm NEED: LHSP, LHRP (none)

LAA: 59-48 2nd WC by 5 gm, 10 gb Ohtani out 3 months NEED: 5th SP, LHRP

ATL: 60-45 1st 0.5gm NEED: pen? CP? Ace?

WAS: 60-46 2nd 0.5gm WC, tied for 1st with CHC NEED: C, 1B, power bat OF

PHI: 57-50 3rd 4gb, WC 3.5gb NEED:C, LHSP, LHRP

STL: 64-42 1st 2gm NEED: LHSP

CHC: 62-44 2gb, WC lead NEED: bats, Heyward + Bryant out 54, 58 days

MIL: 61-48 4.5gb, WC 0.5 NEED: RP Hader, Claudio, Albers out at least 2 months

SFG: 63-45 1st 3.5gm NEED: 5th SP

LAD: 59-48 3.5 WC 1.5 NEED: RP Baez, Stripling OFS

SP Fulmer 25-85-A - He is 7-7, 2.08 and has been fantastic, his 3 more years of arbitration is very attractive. The top landing spot for him would be Houston since they don't have a LHSP but we'll see if they'll pay the price. For them, I'd have to have a MLB pitcher to make it realistic. Maybe a FA with a bad ERA this year plus 2 prospects. I could add players and throw in a LHRP like Hardy as well.

NYY: 41-27 2nd, 5.5 gb, lead WC by 2.5 gm
RF Palma 21-72-A
RP Holder 24-71-B
SP Nestor Cortes 23-60-C

TB: 35-33 3rd, 11.5 gb 3.5gb of 2nd WC
SP Honeywell 22-66-A
1B McKay 21-65-A
3B Arroyo 22-61-A

MIN: 38-29 tied for 1st/tied for 2nd WC with CLE
2B Royce Lewis 18-66-A
SS Gordon 21-66-B
CF Baddoo 19-63-B

HOU: 48-23 10 game lead in DIV
SP Martes 22-73-A
LF Fisher 24-62-A
SS Nova 18-63-B

NYM: 27-41 4th, 12gb, maybe a deal to add a stud with years if they gave up Thor etc
SS Rosario 22-70-A
SP Peterson 22-64-B
2B Mauicio 18-58-C

SP Szapucki 21-64-B

PHI: 40-30 1st by 0.5gm
RF Williams 24-67-A
CF Moniak 19-65-A
SS Stott 20-64-A

COL: 35-34 3rd, 4.5gb WC 4gb
SP Freeland 24-71-A
1B McMahon 23-61-A
CF Tapia 24-69-B

Some of these are ridiculous, some could happen with at least one other piece from me.

SP Zimmermann 31-74-C 5-4 with a 3 ERA

SP Lakins 22-60-C
1B Castellanos 20-54-C

LF SMith 18-59-C
RP Stephan 22-59-B

LF Dorssys Paulino 22-61-C
SS Clement 23-60-C
RP Hillman 19-58-C
CP Hill 23-57-C
SP Mejia 22-60-C

C Rortvedt 21-58-C
SP Jhoan Duran 20-54-C

RP Jewell 24-66-C

3B Helder 21-56-C +
2B Lopes 22-63-C

SS De Leon 20-59-C
3B Davis 19-54-C

CF Ramirez 18-56-C
SP Abreu 21-60-C
CF McKenna 21-59-C

LF Taylor 23-63-C
RF Agustin 20-56-C

LF Pullin 23-66-C
SS Gomez 20-61-C

RP Rosario 23-55-B
1B Pereda 22-57-C

RP Elledge 21-58-B
CF Tomas 22-62-C
SP Woodford 20-59-C

LF Robinson 18-55-C
RF Grier 21-60-C

SS Vavra 21-57-C
1B Hundley 20-61-C
RP Brenner 22-65-C


RP Castillo 24-60-C


SP Ball 22-58-C
1B castellanos 20-54-C

2B Wendell Rijo 22-62-C
LF SMith 18-59-C
SP Nelson 22-60-C
RF Pereira 18-53-C

3B Padlo 20-60-C
SP Mercado 18-58-C
RP Poche 24-63-C
2B Wong 22-62-C
SP Harris 22-57-C
RP McWilliams 23-61-C

LF Papi 24-63-C
LF Paulino 22-61-C
Rp AIken 20-57-C
SS Clement 23-60-C
Rf Marabell 23-60-C
RP Hillman 19-58-C

CF Celestino 18-58-C
Dynasty: millertime98
12:50 PM - July 17, 2019. Written by millertime98
The Draft is tomorrow and here are our big board for the 1st pick:

RF Ramon Valdez 18-65-80-2020 a RH bat with potential 70 power and 55/65 contact. An 80 fielder with 80 arm strength and well above average speed and stealing.

SP Angel Trevino 21-65-80-2020 Not a big strikeout guy but decent control and more of a changeup and slider guy. 80 stamina.

RP Alberto Dorta 18-60-80-2021 70 velo and 80 control, H/9 and break.

LHCP Miguel Cortes LH 18-65-80-2019 45 stamina is high for a CP but being LH he would likely be a set up guy for us. 80 K, H, HR, Break

LHCP Charles Sasaki 22-65-80-2020 75 veolo but 80 H, K, Break, HR 70 control

SP Henry Catnik 18-60-80-2021 80 stamina 70 velo, 65 control

LF Hans McRae 19-80-80-2019 80 contact and power, vision 75 discipline,speed. 20% accurate

CF Rodney Bartley 18-70-80-2019 25% accuracy. 70 hitter across the board 80 arm and glove

SS Pedro Cedeno 21-70-80-2019 40% accuracy 65 contact, 80 pwr, fld

1st Round:
We took Valdez and he is 69-93-A but unfortunately it's mostly defense and speed now. He is a 58-62 power right now. We considered Cotes but he ended up with Texas.

Best Pick: CHW SP Henry Catnik 18-63-98 he is
Worst Pick: MIL 2B George Mortero 20-60-72-C he would be a D if it wasn't for speed.

2nd ROUND:
SP Roger Molina 18-56-74-C A solid LH with high velo but low durability.

Best pick: MIN C Joe Smallwood 18-68-96-A If he gives anything with the bat it'll be a plus, he is a stud defensive C.
Worst Pick: CIN C Terrence Harms 22-55-78 no offense to speak of.

3rd Round:
RF Willy Sanchez 19-64-72-C a 71-74 contact with 77 durability and vision, 81 speed

Best Pick: MIN 2B/OF Tyler Howe 19-68-87-B 75 contact with 81 durability and 71 clutch
Worst Pick: MIL SP Brock Harp 22-58-74 No good attributes but stamina.

4th Round:
RP Fernandp Urbina 19-63-76-C his arm isn't going to wow anyone but he misses a ton of bats.

Best Pick:MIA LHSP Tyrell Brazell 19-65-88 could be the steal of the draft
Worst Pick: KC C Jermaine Cookston 22-57-70-C no offense

5th Round:
1B Eric Busby 22-62-73 a LH bat wo can play LF as a great eye and is 71-59 contact. Probably a DH eventually but could be a sleeper.

BEST PICK: CIN LF Hans McRae 19-73-77-C just a good hitter
WORST PICK: NYM C Sammy Miller 18-49-D bad.

6th Round:
Dynasty: millertime98
Thursday, July 11, 2019
04:07 AM - July 11, 2019. Written by PeoplesChampGB

Jim Ross- “Thank you everyone for joining us on another edition of WCW Saturday Night. I am your host Jim Ross along with my colleague Tony Schiavone. And Tony, we have a great show lined up for the fans tonight.”

Tony Schiavone- “What a show indeed, Jim Ross. We are going to have our first four matches of the Tournament of Champions tonight. Along with that, we have The Patriots going against the Royal Family in tag team action.

Jim Ross- “But first, let’s go to Missy Hyatt in the ring who is with President J.J. Dillon.”

Jim Ross- “What a tournament this is setting out to be. Here is the bracket for our viewers at home.”

Tony Schiavone- “Wow JR. Tonight, we are going to have Sting vs. Arn Anderson in the main event.”

Jim Ross: Not to mention…….

(Music comes over the PA system.)

Jim Ross- “Well, I guess it’s happening right now. Ric Flair and Larry Zbyzsko in singles action in our first match of the Tournament of Champions.”


Tony Schiavone- “Well, how do you like that?”

Jim Ross- “What no good human beings those two are. Flair gets an automatic bye into the second round essentially and Zbyzsko gets a guaranteed world title match if Flair wins the tournament.”

Tony Schiavone- “You got to calm down Jim Ross. Let’s go to the ring for our next match in the Tournament of Champions.”


Jim Ross- “Wow, you could consider this one an upset. Ron Simmons over Rick Rude in stunning fashion. He advances to the second round of the Tournament of Champions.”

Tony Schiavone- “If Ron Simmons wins this tournament, he would become the first black heavyweight champion of the world. He would be immortalized in history.”

Jim Ross- “We are going to switch gears for our next match. It is The Patriots vs. The Royal Family in tag team action.”


Jim Ross- “What a match between these two teams.”

Tony Schiavone- “It was JR. I doubt these two teams are done with each other.”

Jim Ross- “Let’s go back to the ring for our next match in the Tournament of Champions.”


Jim Ross- “And with that impressive win, Big Van Vader has advanced and has to be considered one of the favorites to win this tournament.”

Tony Schiavone- “I don’t who is going to stop this monster.”

Jim Ross- “Well, right now Missy Hyatt is in the ring with a special interview with the demented Cactus Jack-“

Jim Ross- “Someone needs to get security out here and separate these two.”

Tony Schiavone- “Johnny B. Badd wanted to get Cactus Jack’s attention, and I believe he just got it.”

Jim Ross- “It is now time for our main event of the evening. Let’s go to the ring.”


Jim Ross- “And with that, we have two horsemen going to the next round of the Tournament of Champions. Another upset tonight.”

Tony Schiavone- “Sting being out in the first round is definitely a shocker. Perhaps Arn Anderson will be able to capture his first world title.”

Jim Ross- “And with that, we are out of time on WCW Saturday Night. Join us every Saturday at 6:05 Eastern Time. Be sure to come back tomorrow night for WCW Main Event on the TBS Superstation. Good night everyone.”
Dynasty: PeoplesChampGB
Sunday, July 7, 2019
11:38 PM - July 7, 2019. Written by PeoplesChampGB

Jim Ross- “Welcome everyone to another edition of the WCW Power Hour. I am Jim Ross along with my colleague Tony Schiavone, and do we have an packed hour of action ready for you fans of World Championship Wrestling.”

Tony Schiavone- “That’s right Jim Ross. In our main event, we have “Heavy Metal” Van Hammer taking on “Dangerous” Dan Spivey. We have the Hardliners taking on the Young Pistols in tag team action.

Jim Ross- “And we also have a very important interview with the new President of WCW, J.J. Dillon. He has an important announcement regarding the NWA, the champions of WCW and the future of WCW going forward. Now, let’s get to the ring.”

Match #1: Diamond Dallas Page w/ The Diamond Studd vs. Arachnaman – 30 min time limit


Jim Ross- “An impressive win by Diamond Dallas Page as he works his way up in the ranks of WCW.”

Tony Schiavone- “It seemed like Arachnaman gave Page a little bit of trouble in the match, but Page was able to come off the top rope and capitalize with the kneedrop.”

Jim Ross- “Now, let’s get back to the ring with some tag team action.”

Match #2: Hardliners (Dick Slater/Dick Murdoch) vs. Young Pistols (Steve Armstrong/Tracey Smothers) – 30 min time limit


Jim Ross- “This is got to be considered an upset, Tony.”

Tony Schiavone- “Definitely, Jim Ross. The Young Pistols caught The Hardliners off guard.”

Jim Ross- “We now go to Missy Hyatt who is in the ring with President J.J. Dillon. Take it away, Missy.”

Jim Ross- “Wow! What an announcement regarding the future of WCW Tony.”

Tony Schiavone- “Indeed Jim Ross. We are going to crown three champions in the next four weeks, with the champions being decided at the Great American Bash in four weeks.”

Jim Ross- “I am being told that the brackets will be revealed tomorrow night, right here on the Superstation TBS at 6:05 Eastern Time on WCW Saturday Night. Now, let’s go to the ring for our main event of the Power Hour.”

Main Event: “Dangerous” Dan Spivey vs. “Heavy Metal” Van Hammer – 30 min time limit


Tony Schiavone- “A big win here for Dan Spivey in our main event.”

Jim Ross- “Fans, we are out of time. Be sure to catch us every Saturday evening at 6:05 Eastern Time for WCW Saturday Night on TBS. We’ll be back next week for another edition of the WCW Power Hour.”
Dynasty: PeoplesChampGB
09:58 PM - July 7, 2019. Written by PeoplesChampGB
Programming Schedule

Pay-Per-View and Special Show Schedule

January- Starrcade

February- Clash of the Champions

March- WrestleWar

April- Japan Supershow

May- Slamboree

July- Great American Bash

September- Clash of the Champions

October- Halloween Havoc

December- Battlebowl

Weekly Television

WCW Power Hour

WCW Saturday Night

WCW Main Event
Dynasty: PeoplesChampGB
08:49 PM - July 7, 2019. Written by PeoplesChampGB
WCW Roster



Barry Windham

Bill Kazmaier

Brian Pillman

Dustin Rhodes

El Gigante

Firebreaker Chip

Jimmy Garvin

Junkyard Dog

Johnny B. Badd

Jushin "Thunder" Liger

Lex Luger

Marcus Alexander Bagwell

Michael Hayes

Rick Steiner

Ricky Steamboat

Robert Gibson

Ron Simmons

Scott Steiner

Steve Armstrong


Todd Champion

Tracey Smothers

Van Hammer



Abdullah the Butcher

Arn Anderson

Big Van Vader

Black Bart

Black Blood

Bobby Eaton

Buddy Landell

Butch Reed

Cactus Jack

Dan Spivey

Diamond Dallas Page

Diamond Studd

Dick Murdoch

Dick Slater

Jacko Victory

Larry Zybysko

Moondog Rex

Mr. Hughes

Nikita Koloff

One Man Gang


Ric Flair

Richard Morton

Rick Rude

Rip Morgan


Steve Austin

Terrance Taylor

Thomas Rich


Harley Race

Paul E. Dangerously

Teddy Long


Four Horsemen- Ric Flair, Larry Zybysko, Sid Vicious, Arn Anderson

Dangerous Alliance- Rick Rude, Bobby Eaton, Steve Austin

Cactus Jack and Abdullah the Butcher

Barry Windham and Dustin Rhodes

Steiner Brothers- Rick Steiner, Scott Steiner

Fabulous Freebirds- Michael Hayes, Jimmy Garvin

Young Pistols- Tracey Smothers, Scott Armstrong

York Foundation- Thomas Rich, Terrance Taylor, Richard Morton

Royal Family- Jacko Victory, Rip Morgan

The Patriots- Todd Champion, Firebreaker Chip

Vegas Connection- Diamond Dallas Page, Diamond Studd
Dynasty: PeoplesChampGB
08:33 PM - July 7, 2019. Written by PeoplesChampGB
Championship History








Dynasty: PeoplesChampGB
07:53 PM - July 7, 2019. Written by PeoplesChampGB

Backstory: This is a reimagining of WCW. It's 1991. Ric Flair is the NWA champion. Jim Herd has requested that Ric Flair shave his head, put an earring in his ear, and change his name to Spartacus to change with the times. Naturally, being the top draw at the time for WCW, Flair informed Herd that he would not be doing this in a board meeting. Kevin Sullivan then famously asked, "Why don't we go to Yankee Stadium and change Babe Ruth's name while we're at it?"

After a dispute over pay, Jim Herd doesn't fire Ric Flair. Instead, Ted Turner, getting wind of what is happening under the leadership of Herd, fires him from WCW. Herd, though fired from WCW, is still the acting President of the National Wrestling Alliance. Once the NWA hears the news that Herd has been fired, the NWA votes to have WCW withdrew from the National Wrestling Alliance along with stripping WCW of all of the NWA championships that WCW had in its possession. This means that, for the first time, WCW does not have any champions on their roster and must start over. Though stripping them of the title of champions, the WCW still retains rights over the belts in the organization.
Dynasty: PeoplesChampGB
Saturday, June 22, 2019
05:55 PM - June 22, 2019. Written by Aurabolt127
(not used to entering a dynasty this way, bear with me.)

Monday, February 11th, 2008.
Cleveland, Ohio.

The Cleveland Browns announced today that Head Coach Romeo Crennel was stepping down effective immediately due to health-related concerns. Coach Crennel is coming off his team's most successful season since their return to the NFL in 1999; and the future was looking bright for both the coach, his team, and the long-suffering Browns fans.

The team refused to comment on Coach Crennel's health situation, but did say that he was going to still be employed by the team. Effective Monday, March 4th, Coach Crennel will be moving to a front office position, where he can receive the medical treatments he needs, while still staying involved in the game he loves. He will not have any say over personnel or on the field decisions, and will act as more of an advisor and sounding board for the new coach, as well as a mentor for those who need one.

Cleveland said it has a very short list of new coaches in mind, and Coach Crennel did say that he was able to give his recommendation to the Owner Sandy Burner. The team knows it needs to move quickly, and expects to make an announcement this Thursday.

Attached Images
Dynasty: Aurabolt127
05:37 PM - June 22, 2019. Written by Aurabolt127
So, like all my dynasties that have come before, I strive for realism and stories above all. I won't cut the guy who led my team in interceptions just because he's a 79 OVR. I won't trade away everyone and have 20 picks. I won't take all the sleepers. I'll scout the schools that make sense - meaning I'll make sure to scout the alma maters of my coaching staff at least, and any players I drafted high before. I'll scout local schools. There's always a good story to tell, and always another reason to play this awesome game. I'll play every game (*except preseason) and I'm really torn on sliders because just when you think there's a good one, something comes out about how one was off here or there and it's better for sim or something. We'll see how it goes. This is mainly for me, because this site is still the best one for tracking a dynasty; and because I don't know if anyone cares about HC anymore. Man, I wish they'd get this one backwards compatible. I'm on a refurbished X360, and I only got it for HC, so let's hope it lasts a few years! I'm not ready to say goodbye to this game yet.

Anyway, here we go...

Attached Images
Dynasty: Aurabolt127
Friday, June 21, 2019
12:11 PM - June 21, 2019. Written by OBinKC
After a year and a half hiatus (and even longer from dynasty reporting), I’ve finally got back the uncontrollable fever to return to college football gaming. Reading through some of the great dynasty reporting gave me the itch to start up my own thread, but I’ve since concluded that I probably wouldn’t be able to commit the time to that. So I’m just going to enjoy playing the game and possibly putting a few dynasty notes on here.

Since my last entry on here, I started that new dynasty which took me from Texas State to UNLV, and finally to Kansas. By that time, I had tried every slider, speed, and fatigue setting except for one: jkits’ slider set. So when I finally switched to it, I was in a place where I could lose to anyone (I lost to Ohio U in week 3), and I was hovering at just above .500 in the standings. This is great, and it gives me the confidence that starting with this slider set from the bottom will provide the ultimate challenge. Plus, I haven’t played in like a year. I will be quite rusty and will definitely lose some games.

I’m using the 2018-2019 roster and Rice has the worst offense in the country, so I’ll be taking over there at OC. The common theme from my storylines will be there again (offensive minded coach with success at the lower levels, etc.), and I’m just excited to see where it takes me. And like I said, I’ll probably take notes on here journaling what I see and how to plan for it.
Dynasty: OBinKC
Saturday, June 15, 2019
04:34 PM - June 15, 2019. Written by dynastynation
May 2, 2018123456789RHE
New York Yankees0000401207110
Los Angeles Dodgers000000010161
Away Box Score
Dynasty: dynastynation
Thursday, May 2, 2019
10:05 PM - May 2, 2019. Written by Runne130
New York Yankees at Los Angeles Dodgers
May 2, 2018123456789RHE
New York (1-0)0000401207
Los Angeles (0-1)0000000101
W: L. Severino L: C. Kershaw
Scoring Summary
NYY5Stanton 2 Run single20
NYY5Torres 2 Run Double40
NYY7Hicks RBI Single50
NYY8Sanchez RBI Groundout60
NYY8Bird Sac Fly70
LAD8Machado RBI Double71
New York Yankees
Los Angeles Dodgers
New York Yankees
Los Angeles Dodgers
Dynasty: Runne130
Thursday, April 18, 2019
Rice Owls at Army Black Knights
Rice Owls (1-3)0307N/A10
Army Black Knights (3-0)10777N/A31
Team Stats Comparison
Total Offense264369
Rushing Yards114187
Passing Yards150182
First Downs1518
Punt Return Yards61121
Kick Return Yards082
Total Yards325572
3rd Down Conversion4-17(23%)5-13(38%)
4th Down Conversion2-4(50%)0-0
2-Point Conversion0-00-0
Red Zone Touchdowns/Field Goals3A/1T5A/3T/1F
Possession Time17:2918:31
Scoring Summary
4:10(ARMY) L. Salyers, 23 Yd FG03
2:37(ARMY) C. Harrison, 12 Yd pass from K. Hopkins Jr.010
7:18(RICE) H. Tobola, 47 Yd FG310
0:06(ARMY) A. Davidson, 1 Yd run317
7:09(ARMY) A. Davidson, 35 Yd run324
7:17(RICE) E. Esukpa, 1 Yd run1024
6:03(ARMY) D. Woolfolk, 1 Yd run1031
Rice Owls
E. Eskupa271084.01
S. Stankavage960.60
R. Cardwell44310.70
A. Cephus3299.60
C. Johnson22713.50
E. Eskupa5234.60
T. Long11919.00
G. Gentosi199.00
J. Dill01
C. Elms01
C. Garcia02
A. Mike01
S. Pierce01
R. Wilkins3200
G. Schantz6000
H. Tobola1/11/1448
Army Black Knights
K. Hopkins Jr.16/2618210
K. Hopkins Jr.17714.10
A. Davidson8455.62
F. Cooper Jr.3299.60
D. Woolfolk11272.41
J. Asberry (Injured)2157.50
C. Harrison34916.31
Q. Parker12525.00
A. Davidson12424.00
K. Cline3237.60
C. Hayes22110.50
F. Cooper Jr.12020.00
D. Woolfolk3134.30
E. Riley133.00
B. Holland20
A. Schuffert02
J. Gibson8000
R, Wright6200
K. Brinson6100
J. Sharp3(FF)100
J. Convington2100
C. Davis1100
E. Riley2010
L. Salyers1/24/4724
Dynasty: J11Knight
Wednesday, April 17, 2019
Army Black Knights at Idaho Vandals
Army Black Knights (2-0)7777N/A28
Idaho Vandals (0-3)71007N/A24
Team Stats Comparison
Total Offense427299
Rushing Yards325111
Passing Yards102188
First Downs2016
Punt Return Yards3529
Kick Return Yards990
Total Yards561328
3rd Down Conversion8-12(66%)5-11(45%)
4th Down Conversion0-00-0
2-Point Conversion0-00-0
Red Zone Touchdowns/Field Goals5A/4T4A/3T/1F
Possession Time20:4715:13
Scoring Summary
6:55(IDHO) J. Boston, 4 Yd pass from M. Petrino07
4:05(ARMY) J. Asberry, 5 Yd run77
8:13(IDHO) N. Croninger, 27 Yd FG710
4:29(IDHO) H. Ashby, 1 Yd pass from M.Petrino717
1:14(ARMY) Q. Parker, 6 Yd pass from K. Hopkins Jr.1417
1:18(ARMY) C. Hayes, 19 Yd pass from L. Langdon2117
7:51(IDHO) J. Wysocki, 8 Yd pass from M. Petrino2124
2:19(ARMY) J. Asberry, 16 Yd run2824
Army Black Knights
L. Langdon5/76410
K. Hopkins Jr. (Injured)3/73811
J. Asberry141269.02
L. Langdon12695.70
K. Hopkins Jr.12645.30
D. Woolfolk10464.60
A. Davidson4174.20
F. Cooper Jr.133.00
C. Hayes23316.51
C. Harrison23316.50
K. Cline33010.00
Q. Parker166.01
A. Davidson10
M. Johnson01
J. Deaton01
J. Nachtigal12000
W. Oyetuga4300
J. Sharp4100
J. Covington1100
C. Smith2100
C. Christiansen1010
L. Salyers0/04/440
Idaho Vandals
M. Petrino20/2818831
M. Petrino16684.20
I. Saunders12312.50
J. Boston11212.00
J. Boston57014.01
J. Wysocki33411.31
I. Saunders5265.20
B. Luckett3258.30
D. Ungerer22512.50
H. Ashby284.01
L. Johnson10
S. Tulette01
E. Grande04
E. Hall9000
B. Taliulu6 (FF)100
C. Akanno5100
D. Brantley3010
S. Thomas7 (FF)000
N. Croninger1/13/3627
Dynasty: J11Knight

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