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Thursday, March 14, 2019
09:35 AM - March 14, 2019. Written by millertime98
MAY: 20-35 (9-18) last
5/1 ATL Teheran OFS Labrum
5/22 BOS Kimbrel down for 2 months. They are 2gb of NYY at 27-19. They need a CP and an INF so I trade them Luis Sardinas 28-76-B (.287) and CP Yacabonis 30-79-B (0.60 18 K 15 IP 13 SV) for LHRP James Tyler 25-70-C + RP Durbin Feltman 25-75-B + CF Cole Brannen 23-70-B. Solid pickups and not too expensive.
5/23 Bundy out 3 months

APRIL: 11-17 last
4/11 Marco Gonzales out 2 months dislocated shoulder (maybe longer)
DL Hall wins debut 7 IP 1 R 4 K


SI: 77-85 ESPN: 70-92
- The Orioles win the World Series....in 2025. Of the top 50 prospects the Orioles have #3, #9, #12, #20, #32, #38, #40 and 4 of them are starting pitchers and the oldest is 23. They have a legit shot to build a dynasty if their fans give Elias the chance to build the roster. They could be a really good team for a long time. This year they have some improvements but they are very young and if everything goes right, they could be about .500 this year.


- Free Agents: The class is pretty strong this year after I let exclusive negotiations lapse to make it interesting. There are three 99 rated players, a 98, 97 and two 92's. The team with the most to lose is the Dodgers with Kershaw and Jansen looking to test the market. The Dodgers lost in the NLDS in '18, lost in the World Series in the '19 and '20 then lost in the NLDS last season. They have a lot of young and talented pitchers so they'll survive if one or both leave. Here's the list:

Kershaw 34-99-A 17-6 2.36 235 K in 221 IP SIGNED W/ TEX
- He is from Texas so maybe going to the Rangers to end his career would be in the cards? He has won all the individual awards but no title. Maybe he wants to go to a winner? We'll see.

Aaron Nola 28-88-B 9-13 4.48 SIGNED W TOR
- Had a bad season but could still get a large deal.

Tyler Anderson 32-87-B 10-11 4.01. SIGNED W/ TOR
- LH helps him and getting out of COL will too.

Mike Clevinger 31-86-B 8-5 3.49 149 K 113 IP SIGNED W/ SEA
- A solid 3-5 starter and looking to leave after being designated last year.

Lance McCullers 28-84-B 12-10 4.83
- Same as Clevinger. Would be 5th rated in HOU staff.

Max Scherzer 37-85-A 10-12 4.15 236 K 199 IP
- Still a K machine and workhorse. Wants a short deal with a winner.

Johnny Cueto 36-82-B 8-11 4.29 138 K 191 IP
- A number 4 or 5 for a contender.

CP Aroldis Chapman 34-92-A 2.56 48 SV 75 K 56 IP LH I think MIA is his spot. SIGN MIA

CP/RP Archie Bradley 29-97-A 37 SV 2.61 51 SV in 2020 SIGNED W/ DET
- Looking for a long term deal away from AZ. The D-backs have won 70, 68,68, 69 in the last 4 years. Maybe if they sign him and the Dodgers lose some guys it will be their time? They are out from the Grienke contract so maybe they have the cash to go after some guys. Interesting.

CP/RP Kenley Jansen 34-98-A 43 SV 2.44
- Still dominant and would likely end up with the Yankees, Cubs or somewhere like that but could be a big boost to an up and coming team.

CP Wade Davis 36-89-A 50 SV 1.98 still dominant.

CP Felipe Vazquez 30-89-A 34 SV 2.36 Has been great but burried in PIT

CP Blake Treined 33-89-A 48 SV 3.52

CP/RP Raisel Iglesias 32-85-B 2.25 5-0 (45,51,42 SV before set up in '21)

Brian Flynn 31-87-B 2.57 LH SIGNED W/ BOS

Chris Devenski 31-86-B 4-6 3.19 (his highest ERA in years)

Pedro Strop 36-85-B 2.62 Had 59 SV in '18 so could close.

Zach Britton 34-85-A 33 SV 3.79 49 K 40 IP LH

Posey 35-92-A .339 13 HR SIGNED W/ ATL 1 yr

Ramos 34-84-B .307 26 HR 91 RBI

Freddie Freeman 32-87-B .284 31 HR Lost NLCS back to back years. Probably re-signs.

Brandon Belt 33-78-C .313 25 HR 75 RBI SFG rebuilding.

Wong 31-84-B .280 16 HR

Sano 28-88-B 25 HR .259

Kyle Seager 34-85-B .258 35 HR SIGNED W/ LAD

SS Trevor Story 29-99-A .294 43 HR 102 RBI SIGNED WITH DET 5 yrs $155M
-He is also from Texas so maybe a big splash would be getting both? The Rockies have been over .500 just once and haven't made the playoffs in his career. They've got Arenado signed for 3 years and Blackmon for 3 years. Maybe money is a little tight.

Addison Russell 28-83-A .286 18 HR 84 RBI first good offensive season. 92 glove. Won 2 WS with CHC. They might need money to re-sign Bryant, Contreras, Alzolay etc

LF Christian Yelich 30-99-A .300 37 HR 98 RBI SIGNED W/ SFG
- The Brewers fell back to the pack the last two seasons. They haven't won a playoff series in decades. Yelich is looking to land a large deal somewhere else.

RF Soler 30-85-A .282 27 HR 86 RBI Been consistent for 4 years. Finally got over .500 so KC is looking to keep their guys. SIGNED W/ MIN

- Exclusive FA: SP Dylan Bundy 29-80-B 10-14 3.79 192 K 187 IP in '21.
Offered 5 years $41M

- Retired - SP Andrew Faulkner 29-68-C 2-17, 5.67
Markakis HOF .290 2,555 193 hr 1052 RBI
Dynasty: millertime98
Wednesday, March 13, 2019
11:55 AM - March 13, 2019. Written by millertime98
AAA 72-68 2nd
1B Montanez .291
SS Grenier .265 15hr
LF Nieto 18 hr
C Collins 24hr
SP Saucedo 11-5 2.14
SP Rucker 8-3 2.44
SP Wood 3.27
RP Meisinger 2.95
RP Hart 3.33
RP Hersh
RP Fry 3.51

AA 82-58 1st
LF Vargas .299 14 hr
SS Carmona .278 14 hr
Kovalenko .276 12 hr
LF Traylor .263 17 hr
RF Rodriguez 18 hr
RP Burrows 2.08
SP Grodriguez 13-4 2.57
SP Estrada 13-4 2.60
RP Alvarez 2.75 76k 68 ip
SP Hall 11-6 2.95
SP Rogers 3.59
CP Catnik 30 SV 3.73
Dynasty: millertime98
11:02 AM - March 13, 2019. Written by millertime98
Who's in the hunt:
NYY - 72-40 1st 12gm lead. NEED:

TB 60-52 12gb WC 2gb NEED: OF SP

BOS 56-53 WC 4.5 gb

TOR 55-55 WC 6gb NEED: SP RP

CLE 64-46 1st 3gm NEED: OF

KC 60-48 3gb WC 2nd 2.5gb NEED

CHW 58-51 5.5gb WC 2.5gb NEED: 3B or backup INF

OAK 64-47 1st 0.5gm NEED: SP

HOU 63-47 0.5gb WC 1st 2.5gm

ATL 65-44 8gm NEED: Folty OFS (2.63) RP

WAS 57-52 8gb WC 2nd tied, 9 gb NEED: SS LHRP

NYM 58-54 8.5gb wC 0.5 gb NEED: log jam at 1B, ALonso 26-75-A in AAA .280 12hr
Smith 25-79-A MLB .238 14hr Cano MLB .252 5 hr $25M 2yr

CHC 72-38 6gm

CIN 66-44 6gb WC 1st 9 gm NEED: OF

STL 58-55 15.5gb WC 1gb NEED: OF SP (LH)

LAD 62-49 4gm NEED: backup INF

SDP 57-52 4gb WC tied 2nd

COL 55-56 7gb WC 3gb


SFG Bumgarner 31-93-A 9-2 2.80 144 K 138 IP $25M 4yr
DET Fulmer 28-93-A 13-8 2.38 115K 159 IP $5.4 2yr
PHI Leake 33-75-C 5-0 3.88 $4.5 1yr left
MIA Bridwell 29-80-B 6-9 3.11 $1.5 final
PIT Taillon 29-84-A 10-7 3.36 133 K 134 IP $11.6 final
PIT Salazar 31-88-B 8-8 3.91 131 K 126 IP $13 2yr
PIT Kingham 29-78-A 5-3 3.01 99 K 104 IP $920 K final

PHI Hunter 34-79-C 2.60
MIL Jeffress 33-77-C 2.66 82K 84IP
SFG Law 30-85-B 2.64
BAL LHRP Hart 30-76-B (AAA) 2.76
MIN Garner 32-72-C 2.65 35K 34IP
LAA LRP Britton 33-89-A 2.10 30K 25IP
SEA Swarzak 35-82-C 2.79 (9 IP)
SEA LHRP Elias 32-72-D 2.16 (8 IP)
TEX Bush 35-74-C 2.59

PIT LH Vazquez 29-90-A 1.42 25K 25IP 23 SV
SEA Givens 30-81-B 2.63 47 K 41 IP 34 SV
SFG Strickland 32-74-C 3.12
TEX Barraclough 30-77-C 3.48
BAL Yacabonis 29-75-B 3.55 46K 33IP 25 SV
MIN Hildenberger 30-79-B 3.83
LAA Parker 4.76

MIA Yan Gomes

PIT 3B/2B/SS Kang 33-79-B .259 16 HR
SFG 1B Belt 32-78-C .308 16 HR
BAL 1B/2B/3B Joseph 32-70-C .263 8 HR
SEA 3B/1B Seager .246 25 HR 73 RBI

LAA Blash .271 14 HR
MIL Grossman 32-71-C .310 8 HR
MIL Cain 34-88-B .249 15 HR

ATL RP Swarzak SEA 2B Derian Cruz 22-66-C

CIN RF Blash LAA LF Saul Eddy 22-65-C

CLE RF Grossman MIL SP Acevedo 21-64-B

OAK SP Kingham + 3B Kang PIT LF Armenteros + CF Murray + SP Burns
Dynasty: millertime98
08:36 AM - March 13, 2019. Written by millertime98
- July 1, 2021
I am looking to deal Hunter Harvey. He is 26-71-A 4-10 5.11 67 K 86 IP. He has potential and perhaps a team will want to take a chance on him. I'm looking for a small deal, most likely won't be a contender.
Dynasty: millertime98
Tuesday, March 12, 2019
08:26 PM - March 12, 2019. Written by millertime98
We have the first pick again. The top prospects are:

C Alfonso Caruso 21-55-80 2025+ MIN #7
SP Howie McDougall 18-65-80 2023 - MIA #2
RP Houston Ruiz 18-55-80 2025+ - ARI #5
2B Ian Landers 20-60-80 2025+ - WAS #9
C Robert Fink 18-55-80 2025+ - KC #3
SP Johnnie Rowell 21-55-80 2025+ - TOR #6
RF Diego Alfonzo 20-60-80 2025+ SD #10
C Prince Ortiz 19-65-80 2025+ DET #8
SP Lew Nathan 20-55-80 2025+ TEX #4
2b Jaime Anaya 21-65-80 2022 #1

1st Round:
While McDougall is a intriguing, I have several SP in the minors. I go with 2B Anaya. I need help at 2B.

Competitive Balance Round A (2nd Pick):
#7 With several 80 potential left I decide to go with RHRP Miguel Borbon 22-70-80 2022
He has 80 break, velo, K and HR potential. With a 65 stamina potential he is a candidate to start if he is effective.

2nd Round:
With a few options out there we decide to go with LF Garrett Spahn 21-65-75 2022
He has a 70/80 contact potential, 80 fielding, 80 reaction.

3rd Round:
1B Steven Rios 22-80-80 2022 A LH bat and glove with 80's across the board with fld, con, pwr, vision, reaction.

4th Round:
SP Sam Mercado 21-75-80 2022 80 Stam, HR, BB.9, Brk, Cntrl.

5th Round:
RP Manuel Escobar 23-80-75 2022 A RHRP with decent stats, 80 control, velo, brk, hr, bb, h

Anaya is really good 70-91-A, but they reached with Rios, Escobar and maybe even Spahn.
If they are missing some pieces in the next few years, this draft could be the one they regret the most.
Dynasty: millertime98
01:37 PM - March 12, 2019. Written by millertime98
CUBS over Yanks in 6. Happ walk off in 10th.

SEPTEMBER: 61-101 (9-15) last 42gb 4th worst overall

AUGUST: 50-86 (11-16)

JULY: 41-70 (9-16) last 31gb tied 3rd worst

JUNE: 32-54 (13-15) last 23 gb tied for 3rd worst in MLB (MIN, LAA, MIA)

MAY: 19-39 (9-18) last

APRIL: 10-21 last, 10.5 gb

SEASON PREVIEW: SI = 70-92 ESPN = 68-94 Baseball Weekly = 77-85
Scout's Take: "They have talented pitchers but they are all 3-5 starters. They have a few hitters but they are young and figuring things out. Best case is all pitchers stay healthy and have career years, their prospects develop and they have a few .300 25 home run guys. Then, they could break .500."

Key Additions: SP Tyler Danish 26-68-B
Key Loses: none
Dynasty: millertime98
11:27 AM - March 12, 2019. Written by millertime98
Baltimore Orioles Depth Chart - 2021
  • Catcher
  • Chance Sisco 26-83-A
  • Jed Snowden 24-80-B
  • First Base
  • Corban Joseph 32-74-C
  • Joey Curletta 27-69-C
  • Second Base
  • Isiah Kiner Falefa 26-73-C
  • Third Base
  • Renato Nunez 26-79-B
  • Shortstop
  • Tzu-Wei Lin 27-75-B
  • Luis Sardinas 27-75-C
  • Left Field
  • Anthony Santander 26-75-B
  • Center Field
  • Cedric Mullins 26-79-B
  • Jaycob Brugman 29-76-B
  • Right Field
  • Yusniel Diaz 24-80-A
  • Starting Pitcher
  • Dylan Bundy 28-79-B
  • Marco Gonzalez 29-79-C
  • Gabriel Ynoa 27-74-B
  • Tyler Danish 26-73-B
  • Keegan Akin 25-72-C
  • Hunter Harvey 26-71-A
  • Relief Pitcher
  • Sam Tuivailala 28-79-C
  • Evan Phillips 26-79-C
  • Caleb Ferguson 24-77-B
  • Tanner Scott 26-74-B
  • Miguel Castro 26-69-B
  • Closer
  • Henry Nunez 24-74-A
  • Jimmy Yacabonis 29-73-B
Dynasty: millertime98
10:14 AM - March 12, 2019. Written by millertime98
Rule 5 Draft:

SP Tyler Danish 26-68-B He was in the White Sox organization. He isn't going to be a star but we could get a solid pitcher without having to bring up a prospect.
Dynasty: millertime98
08:53 AM - March 12, 2019. Written by millertime98
Jacob deGrom 32-96-A went 14-10 2.90 230 K 208 IP is on the market. He is the top pitcher and top player available after Trout signed with the A's. He is one of the top 5 pitchers in the game, maybe number 2 behind Kershaw.

The top candidates are the Mariners and the Padres. San Diego missed out on Machado, Harper, Trout and everyone else that they've been in on. They are perpetually on the "up and coming" teams list come every spring. However, they haven't been able to get over the hill. deGrom would be the key to getting them over the hump. They've won 84, 70 and 77 games in the last 3 years. They need him.

Seattle has 83, 84, and 90 wins the last three years and lost in the Wild Card game last year. However, gone are Leake (19 wins) and King Felix (12 wins 3.60 ERA) so they need an Ace.

deGrom decides to go with Seattle. San Diego has offered Arrieta and a few other options.
Dynasty: millertime98
Saturday, March 9, 2019
12:55 PM - March 9, 2019. Written by apetroski
NCAA Football Rankings - AP Top 25 - Updated: Jan 7, 2038
12Michigan (39)1221599
25Texas (23)1121448
31Notre Dame1211282
44Chicago (2)1121261
57Navy (1)1121206
66Penn State1031110
1210Texas A&M122809
1723Ole Miss103596
1922South Carolina103509
2124Southern Miss103438
24--Cal St Fullerton112307
2520Georgia Tech103276

2037 Bowls
ResultsHi PassingHi RushingHi Receiving
California 38, Fresno St. 28New Mexico Bowl
Long Beach St. 38, Miami U 17Potato Bowl
San Jose St. 20, San Diego St. 13Poinsettia Bowl
Oklahoma St 48, Memphis 45St. Petersburg Bowl
Tulane 47, #19 Georgia Southern 37New Orleans Bowl
Cal St. Fullerton 40, Arizona St 35Las Vegas Bowl
Tulsa 35, Montana 30Hawaii Bowl
Miami 46, Bowling Green 21Motor City Bowl
Ball St 23, Rutgers 0Military Bowl
Washington U 34, Oregon St. 17Holiday Bowl
Colorado 37, NC State 3Belk Bowl
Kansas 24, Army 6Independence Bowl
BYU 44, #20 Georgia Tech 14Russell Athletic Bowl
#25 Southern Miss 35, Michigan St. 30Texas Bowl
UTEP 31, UTSA 21Armed Forces Bowl
Oregon 27, #17 Florida St. 24Kraft Bowl
#14 SMU 51, Arizona 21Alamo Bowl
#16 Minnesota 36, Denver 32Cactus Bowl
Virginia Tech 51, Mississippi St. 44Music City Bowl
#18 Clemson 42, Stanford 14Sun Bowl
Georgia 34, Drake 24Liberty Bowl
#22 South Carolina 26, Tennessee 21Peach Bowl
Auburn 38, Temple 21Dallas Bowl
#6 Penn St. 45, Missouri 33Gator Bowl
#8 Nebraska 31, #15 Florida 13Citrus Bowl
#13 Kentucky 36, Northwestern 17Outback Bowl
#4 Chicago 32, #21 Utah 14Rose Bowl
#12 UCLA 42, #9 LSU 28Fiesta Bowl
#7 Navy 35, #10 Texas A&M 13Sugar Bowl
#5 Texas 42, #3 Oklahoma 31Orange Bowl
#23 Ole Miss 31, #11 BaylorCotton Bowl
West Virginia 28, Iowa St. 14Birmingham Bowl
UL Lafayette 45, Toledo 40Mobile Bowl
#2 Michigan 37, #1 Notre Dame 35National Championship

2037 Awards
Heisman Memorial TrophyJerome Walker-LSUHB278 Att, 1850, 6.7 Avg, 22 TD
Walter Camp AwardBrett Brock- Notre DameQB231-330, 3417 Yds, 33 TD
Maxwell AwardBrett Brock- Notre DameQB
Chuck Bednarik AwardBrett Harris- Georgia TechOLB80 Tkls, 17 TFL, 7 sks, 2 FF, INT
Bronko Nagurski TrophyDominique Robinson-So MissOLB47 Tkls, 9 sks
Davey O'Brien AwardBrett Brock- Notre Dame
Doak Walker AwardAlex Shaw- NavyRB234 Att, 1627 Yds, 24 TD
Fred Biletnikoff AwardJames Lynch- SMUWR96 Rec, 1774 Yds, 16 TD
John Mackey AwardDonald Allen- TennesseeTE92 Rec, 1360 Yds, 15 TD
Outland TrophyDane Riley- TAMUC20 Pancakes
Rimington TrophyDane Riley- TAMU
Lombardi AwardBen Alexander- OklahomaDE12 TFL, 6 sks, 3FR
Linebacker of the YearBrett Harris- Georgia TechOLB
Jim Thorpe AwardKarl Williams- MinnesotaCB27 Tkls, 7 INT
Lou Groza AwardCharles Butler- Notre DameK 14-17 FG, 72 of 73XP
Ray Guy AwardBJ Harrison- Notre Damep36.2 NET
Returner of the YearAndrew Rosario- So MissHB1023 KR yds, TD, 289 PR, TD

2037 Big Ten Conference Standings - Updated: Jan 7, 2038
#8 Nebraska12-2.8507-1509343W1
#4 Chicago11-2.8407-1520227W5
#6 Penn St.10-3.7605-3483349W7
#1 Michigan12-2.8507-1547323W8
#14 Minnesota10-3.7605-3542425W3
Michigan State6-7.4602-6406435L2
Ohio State4-8.3301-7364355L2
Dynasty: apetroski
Friday, March 8, 2019
10:25 AM - March 8, 2019. Written by millertime98
November 7th, 2020

The Oakland A's today made the biggest splash of the off season by signing Mike Trout 29-99-A to a 5 year $155M deal. President of Baseball Operations Billy Beane said, "We wanted to show our fans that when they enter the gates of this new ball park they are going to see exciting baseball. That starts with a guy a like Mike."

"Mike" is the best player in the game. The multiple MVP award winner was excited to join the A's and stay on the west coast. "It's a great area that my family really enjoys. We were glad to get the deal done early and be able to spend the Holidays in our new home. We really enjoy the west coast and we are excited for the future both on and off the field."

Beane did note that had Trout wanted a few extra years on his deal it might not have been possible. "With a 5 year deal you eliminate the overreactions from media and fans about how a player isn't performing when a deal is back loaded. While his contract will be worth more at the end than at the beginning, we feel he will still be in his prime years after the 5th season and we'll see what happens then."

The short term contract (for baseball contracts these days) allows Trout options when he is 34 and still (hopefully) a good player. It also allows the A's to deal him if things don't work out.

The A's have made the biggest splash and with the Red Sox signing Betts back the next domino to fall off the free agent market is SP Jacob deGrom.
Dynasty: millertime98
Tuesday, March 5, 2019
09:25 AM - March 5, 2019. Written by millertime98
Year 4 of the Elias regime and we are not in a place to purchase many free agents.

- Players who will become free agents after exclusive negotiations:

CF Trout 29-99-A
3B Cozart 35-83-B
SP Gray 31-81-B
C Castillo 33-85-B
C Sucre 32-80-B
SP Stroman 29-82-B
CP Giles 30-81-B
SP Sanchez 28-77-B
SP Salazar 31-86-B
1B Santana 34-83-B
LF Reddick 34-80-C
SP Felix Hernandez 34-86-B
SP Leake 33-84-C won 19 games
2B Dee Gordon 32-82-B
SP Verlander 38-80-A
RP Rondon 33-83-B
1B Morales 37-82-A
2B Kipnis 33-81-C
Sp Anderson 33-79-B
3B Donaldson 35-77-B
1B Zimmermann 36-80-B
SP DeGrom 32-94-A
Rp Familia 31-84-B
2B Spangenberg 30-80-C
LF Cecpedes 35-78-A
SP Arrieta 35-90-B
CF McCutchen 34-86-B
CP Morrow 36-84-B
OF Matt Kemp 36-84-A
1B Neil Walker 35-80-C
C Cervelli 35-85-B
RP Kela 27-81-B
RP Cecil 34-82-B
CP Davis 35-91-A
RP McGee 34-81-C
Rp Kelly 32-80-C
Rp Baez 33-78-C
SP Gausman 30-87-C
SP Samardzija 36-78-B

- I decided to take control of exclusive negotiations. This means I can decide who brings back who and who becomes a free agent. I will likely turn this back to auto later in the off season.
- Exercised options on C Posey, CP Jansen + CP Chapman

BAL - none

HOU - Cole Hamels 168-127 2,619 K 3.45 ERA

LAD - Joc Pederson 28-75-B Broken Ankle
Attached Images
Dynasty: millertime98
Monday, March 4, 2019
02:47 PM - March 4, 2019. Written by millertime98
AAA 73-67 1st
C Snoden .307 17 HR 65 RBI
LF Jimenez .282 11 HR 62 RBI
SS Grenier .264 14 HR
LF Taylor .261
CF Hays .256 12 HR

SP Saucedo 1.40
RP Hart 1.62
SP Akin 10-3 2.10
CP Nunez 41 SV 2.47
RP Hersh 2.70
RP Araujo 2.79
RP Meisinger 3.19
RP Rodriguez 3.46
RP Ferguson 3.61

AA 77-63 1st
Montanez .324
LF Vargas .315 11 HR
C Nottingham .271 15 HR 67 RBI
LF Neito .263 23 HR 98 RBI
SS Carmona .259 15 HR

RP Alvarez 0.97
RP BUrrows 2.22
SP Wood 11-7 2.83
SP Rucker 11-7 2.97
RP Pop 3.10
SP Estrada 7-6 3.10
SP Rodriguez 12-11 3.40
SP Cervantes 6-4 3.46
CP Catnik 38 SV 3.58 60 K 50 IP
SP Ortiz 11-6 3.67
RP Elez 3.86
Dynasty: millertime98
Friday, March 1, 2019
04:27 PM - March 1, 2019. Written by millertime98
LHSP Gonzales 28-778-C 7-11 3.26
- Acquired from Seattle in the Gyvens trade, he has been our top of the rotation guy. To have a 3.26 ERA in the AL East in nearly a miracle. He is 14th in the AL in ERA. He doesn't strike out a lot of guys but gets outs. Dealing him would not be hard. However, With Bundy and Harvey struggling we don't have a sure fire replacement. We have a lot of young and talented players but most of them are 2 years away. We won't win next year but I also don't want to ruin their growth by bringing them up too early and having them struggle. This would require the right deal.

RP Tuivailala 27-79-C 27 IP 26 K 0.65 ERA
- Is he the guy with the sub 1 ERA or is he the guy with the 5+ ERA the last few seasons? That's the question we are asking ourselves in the boardroom as we are preparing for the trade deadline. Sometimes it takes RP a while to get it and fit into a role. At one point He was the Cards top RP prospect. He never quite lived up to the hype and we were able to get him as a throw in from Seattle in the same trade mentioned above. We want to lock up some of our guys long term to ensure we will have vets in the pen when our young guns debut in the rotation and are likely to struggle. Is Tuivailala a fluke we should cash in on this year or is he worth locking up? We'll field offers but we'd likely have to be overpaid.

C Austin Wynns 29-76-B .244 Have Snowden 23-83-B waiting 9.308, 13hr AAA)
- Sisco and Snowden are the future. Wynns has been OK with the bat and solid behind the plate. Nothing could be better for the Orioles. With two other young studs waiting, they can now deal him for a C level prospect or 2.

1B Joseph 31-71-C .255 10 hr
- He wouldn't break the internet if he was dealt but he could be a legit bench bat for someone in contention. We have guys coming and we'd like to move on so hopefully, we can get something for him.

2B Villar 28-79-C .271 off DL in 4 days
- He is having a solid season and is finishing up his rehab stindts. There have been several teams watching him. I'm absolutely not going to fleece another team but I think he would help someone. Probably a 1 for 1 deal and no better than a C+

LF Mancini 28-80-B .237 20 HR
- There is no shortage of teams looking for power right now and Mancini is a short term rental. With him at 28 and due for a big raise this off season we have to decide: Is he worth extending? Is he worth a few prospects? We are likely to have the first pick again so we will be loaded with prospects but we need those guys to start performing.

COL + SFG + SDP maybe

PHI 64-47 1gm lead NEED: OF
ATL 62-47 1gb WC 1st by 3gm NEED: bats 5th SP
NYM 54-54 WC 3gb NEED: set up Bats
CIN 58-51 1st by 0.5 gm NEED: SS SP
CHC 59-53 2nd 0.5gb WC 2nd by 3, lead by 3 NEED: SS
STL 56-53 2 gb WC 1.5 gb NEED: BATs
PIT 54-55 3.5gb WC
LAD 60-50 6m lead
BOS 68-41 1st 2.5gm lead
NYY 65-43 2nd 2.5 gb WC 1st by 3.5
TB 62-49 3rd 7gb WC 1gb NEED: C CHW Castillo WAS Holaday BAL Wynns (RP Lucero + RP Skelton)
CLE 63-45 1st by 9.5gm NEED: LHRP OF
HOU 73-37 1st by 10.5 gm NEED: Trade SP PEACOCK
LAA 62-47 2nd 10.5 gb WC 2nd 3gb, lead by 1gm NEED: 1B OF 5th SP
Dynasty: millertime98
02:51 PM - March 1, 2019. Written by millertime98
- July 31, 2020
I could have gotten some amazing prospects for some of my guys, especially Marco Gonzales. However, I ended up trading Mancini and Villar. Both got us some young and far off prospects. I kept Gonzales and Tui because I found other deals for those teams. I think we are going to be better off letting guys like Corban Joseph go without trying to milk the system. Another #1 pick will help next season.

- June 30, 2020
I decided to send down our highest rated pitcher. Dylan Bundy 27-79-B is 1-11 5.40 ERA. I'm adding LHSP Keegan Akin 24-69-C 10-2, 1.99 ERA . He is the best choice since he is having the best year of our minor leaguers who are close (old enough) other than
LHSP Josh Rogers 25-66-B 2.36. I'm going to bring him back up and send down
Gabriel Ynoa 26-72-B 4-7, 6.19.
Hunter Harvey 25-71-A is on a cold streak but is just a few bad starts from a 3 ERA. He could be a deadline deal candidate to a non contender who is looking for pitching prospects.

- June 26, 2020
If you combined the records of Toronto and Baltimore they would still be 2 games behind the Red Sox in the wins column. So why was the park 80% full when they played each other tonight?

3 of the top 20 prospects in baseball are in the dugouts. That's why. The Orioles today called up RF Yusniel Diaz and he went 1-4 with a double and scored a run in his MLB debut. Bo Bichette, the Blue Jays #2 prospect but #4 in MLB went 0-5 with 3 strikeouts in his debut. The #1 overall prospect is Vlad Guerrero Jr and he took the night off after 3 games where he is hitting .385 with 3 HR.

We decided to bring up Diaz to get his feet wet. He was hitting under .250 but with injuries
Dynasty: millertime98

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