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06-07-2023 01:48 AM
https://sportshub.cbsistatic .com/i/r/2022/07/11/451e3b74-de27-4bf7-b6a6-7c3c614335b0/thumbnail/640x360/a3dd56cf9522ff028086 3ebae927c87f/wac-tourney.jpg BRONCOS SWEEP TITLES!!! Boise State... (6,710 views, 161 replies)
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06-07-2023 01:42 AM
Top gameplay sliders W.C. SET SFG V1 If you want a more challenging cpu
Hello my dear Italian friend. I hope you're fine. It's a good idea to post your sliders here. It's a good alternative of my V8. The difficulty is highter but if you play well, you can beat the... (207 views, 2 replies)
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06-07-2023 01:32 AM
Coaching Legacy of Lee Williamson (CH 2K8)
Hines has been a beast for you, I had to go look him up IRL and I can see why. Then I went back and realized he was a 86 Overall, so that makes sense that he would be your goto guy. Even though he... (715 views, 36 replies)
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06-07-2023 01:16 AM
Course Design
Perhaps you have already found cool courses and learned. If so, please advise me of them. (628 views, 2 replies)
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06-07-2023 01:10 AM
Ranking MLB The Show
I would rank 22 20 23 21. Like many, Iím a sucker for immersion. I donít have a ps5 (waiting for it to come to PC) and really, I have a PC just for sports games cause itís a billion times better... (1,004 views, 25 replies)
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06-07-2023 12:37 AM
Leaked Madden 24 Cover w/ Screenshots
That definitely looks like 24 (609 views, 10 replies)
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06-07-2023 12:36 AM
HYPE/DC & Co - WWE 2K23 Project
Here is the tool I created so any of you guys that want to mass generate these or your own sheet like this can: Be sure to read the README in the download otherwise you going to have errors. Not... (65,693 views, 444 replies)
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06-07-2023 12:31 AM
Undrafted: Underrated x Underestimated
About time. 0-18...is that the worst start in NBA history? What a mess in Denver. (16,268 views, 849 replies)
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06-06-2023 11:53 PM
The TrueSim Roster Project: MLB 23
Nationals prospects added to the sheet (90,211 views, 418 replies)
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06-06-2023 11:28 PM
MLB The Show 23 Bugs, Glitches, Issues Found
That comerica park right field bushes issue Is laughable....how'd they miss that and have it go this long? Sent from my SM-S908W using Tapatalk (42,822 views, 307 replies)
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06-06-2023 11:27 PM
Attribute/Slider Research Thread
Let me know how it goes! I've found I can jack incidental contact up to 100/100 now and I see a much more variable and dynamic "small hit" checking game which has been really fun to see! Also need... (168 views, 3 replies)
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06-06-2023 11:15 PM
Same player with different hairstyles in different Eras
I think it would be awesome if they allowed up to three cyberfsaces for stars within this eras. Like for example, you start Bird-Magic era with Jordan 1 face (Head of hair), then Jordan Era, you get... (136 views, 4 replies)
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06-06-2023 11:11 PM
Where do you spend XP points ??
Got it thanks. Was this shift in rewards, packs, stubs, xp ever explained?? (66 views, 2 replies)
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06-06-2023 10:28 PM
So what's the weather like where you live?
All the fires and the smoke blowing from them is making its way down here now. Everyone in all parts of the city can smell it and see lots of smoke or fog/haze. Such a crazy time right now. ... (147,322 views, 6,127 replies)
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The Kid 24
06-06-2023 10:23 PM
Ridin rosters?
Well handful could mean 5, so 10 teams to goÖ Release could be soon! Sent from my iPhone using Operation Sports (8,493 views, 51 replies)
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06-06-2023 10:21 PM
6/5 - 6/18 Game Discussion Thread
What a comeback by the Reds! Down 8-3 and just kept chipping away. Elly De La Cruz looks like the real deal and the other rookie Matt McLain came up with the walk-off hit. (185 views, 9 replies)
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06-06-2023 10:19 PM
Yeah his speed and arm strength should be closer to 99 than to 80. He hits the ball harder than anyone not named Aaron Judge as well. MLB pipelines were not updated. Baseball America has him as 80... (268 views, 8 replies)
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06-06-2023 10:11 PM
Is anyone else editing M12 or M25 in 2023
Thanks, reesh! I haven't figured out how to import that csv into a 360 save through MREv1, and I haven't used EADB until tonight, so my trials are only accomplishing errors so far. edit: AW... (325 views, 6 replies)
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06-06-2023 10:06 PM
What movies have you seen recently?
What did you think of it? And had you seen Searching? Sent from my SM-S908U1 using Tapatalk (583,860 views, 14,590 replies)
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06-06-2023 09:56 PM
Batting input
I use timing/buttons. I want ratings to matter more than my inputs. Plus I remember one year I tried zone and I barely struck out. With timing/directional I at least strike out sometimes as even with... (215 views, 4 replies)

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