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Mike Lowe
05-26-2024 11:46 PM
Mike Lowe NBA 2K24 Sliders
It was definitely updated. I can see it. Try refreshing. (44,658 views, 87 replies)
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Armor and Sword
05-26-2024 11:45 PM
List of Classic Seasons & Historical Specialty Rosters MLB The Show
biebig2010 has an All-Time Greats in the 23 vault (925,743 views, 4,812 replies)
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05-26-2024 11:43 PM
What are you listening to?
Bring me the Horizon was always one of those bands I would see but never really got that into. Kind of like Make Them Suffer who I've been slowly getting into after their latest single. (176,931 views, 4,808 replies)
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05-26-2024 11:39 PM
5/20 - 6/2 Game Discussion Thread
damn. Had the game up and saw it happen, was weird. (618 views, 33 replies)
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05-26-2024 11:37 PM
Gray Zone Warfare
ever since the new patch Ban Pa has been unplayable for me https://i.imgur.com/QnTUVwL.jpeg https://i.imgur.com/YZJ626d.jpeg (1,489 views, 22 replies)
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05-26-2024 11:36 PM
EA Sports Football 25: New Gameplay Info/Leaks
It's way too soon to make any assumptions about gameplay. But it is the same physics engine, things are going to look similar. Also, at the end of the day, it is a video game. These will never look... (6,750 views, 47 replies)
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05-26-2024 11:35 PM
Madden NFL 24 Update Fixes Fatigue Bug - Patch Notes
This 100% - I hate that they put out an update and I can enjoy the gameplay for about a month, before the next update comes out and ruins everything. Game hasn't been the same since these updates.... (23,529 views, 161 replies)
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05-26-2024 11:24 PM
What level are you going to play your online dynasty?
It's cool to discuss but I do think waiting for the game to come out and seeing how everything is tuned is how I am going to roll. (298 views, 9 replies)
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05-26-2024 11:21 PM
Western Conference Finals: (3)Minnesota Timberwolves vs. (5)Dallas Mavericks
The NBA continues to do things wrong with a NBA finals that will start June 6th (1,865 views, 98 replies)
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05-26-2024 11:21 PM
The Official NHL 2023-2024 Stanley Cup Playoffs Thread
I don't think it's worth it. Just let linesmen call the offsides as they happen and live with mistakes. I'm sure somewhere in the afterlife Pat Quinn is still fuming about G6 of the 1980 Final, but... (6,758 views, 214 replies)
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05-26-2024 11:13 PM
Will EA CFB 25 coming back impact whether you buy Madden this year?
Where can you do this at? Cuz most places don't let you use Affirm for pre orders. Sent from my SM-G970U using Operation Sports mobile app (11,123 views, 114 replies)
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05-26-2024 11:06 PM
Questions We Hope To Get Answers To?
Well that is the goal of renders lol. (5,587 views, 84 replies)
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05-26-2024 11:04 PM
PGA 2k23 .. My golfer's swing
That was what I figured. How is this corrected then .. I've tried to slow my swing , be more controlled with it , but it just continues to swing one handed. Sent from my SM-S908U using... (209 views, 4 replies)
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05-26-2024 10:40 PM
Going back to '23 - Lack of trades and AAV issues ruined '24 for me
2024 is the first time I skipped the new game. I bought a ps5 specifically for this game - that's how much I love this game but lack of y2y saves was a gamebreaker and it used to be in the game. ... (263 views, 7 replies)
New Thread
05-26-2024 10:40 PM
Thoughts on WWE Saudi Shows
For whatever reason, the reddit mods removed a post I was looking for reactions to. The mod bot tried to say I can search for the answer lol, like I'm looking for reactions to the WWE Saudi shows,... (20 views, 0 replies)
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05-26-2024 10:40 PM
Madden 24 PS5 1984 Roster
The 1993 roster is updated. All 28 Teams from 1993 are now finished. I still plan on doing the other 4 teams loosely based on CFL teams and working on Free Agents. Sorry it is taking so long,... (16,044 views, 84 replies)
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05-26-2024 10:38 PM
Official 2024 Uniform Errors and Omissions:
You're right, idk how I never noticed that (23,143 views, 345 replies)
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Razor Hogs
05-26-2024 10:32 PM
What team (s) are you starting a dynasty with ? (help me find a team)
1. Arkansas 2. Michigan State 3. Virginia This is really hard to pick lol, I will most likely do dynasties with multiple teams. (4,623 views, 96 replies)
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The Kid 24
05-26-2024 10:27 PM
MLB THE SHOW 24: SDS Live Roster Update - Players Added
Can you ask why they donít just patch in scan updates? So stupid they update via patch and roster updates. Sent from my iPhone using Operation Sports (41,445 views, 116 replies)
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Razor Hogs
05-26-2024 10:24 PM
Arkansas State's Stadium - includes fountain.
That waterfall and fountain look insanely good!! Cant wait to see what my Razorbacks release!! (511 views, 6 replies)

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