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The OS Daily Ten - Has this Bowl Season Hurt the Image of SEC Football? Stuck
Posted on January 3, 2014 at 11:27 AM.

Maybe Bob Stoops knew what he was talking about. The SEC may field the top team in the nation each year, but the rest of the bunch appears to be just as vulnerable on a neutral field with the nation's other elite teams -- especially their quarterbacks. And what happened to the vaunted Alabama defense? Forty-five points surrendered to Oklahoma, thirty-eight on the shoulders of the staunch Crimson Tide defense.

South Carolina defeated Wisconsin by a respectable ten-point margin, but LSU struggled to beat unranked Iowa, Georgia was upset by Nebraska, Texas A&M squeeked by Duke, and now Alabama has lost to the Sooners. God forbid in SEC-land should Auburn lose the national championship game on Monday. Sure, the SEC is full of good teams, but when you talk yourselves to a level so much higher than the rest of the nation, it takes more to verify and maintain that elite status.

Is it "open season" on the SEC after their less-than-dominant performances thus far in the Bowl Season?

Sports Headlines for January 3, 2014
# 1 eagskerfan @ Jan 3
Alabama lost to a very average oklahoma, LSU almost lost to Iowa, A$M should have lost to Duke DUKE! The best of the SEC are usually the best in the country, but after that, there are a lot of beatable sec teams. This year, the best of the SEC was down a little, and it shows that they are not as dominant as what many people think. I think people can quit the nonsense about fast SEC defense speed.
# 2 The_Wise_One @ Jan 3
5-2 still isn't bad.

Seems that every year the #3 team is an uninspired bunch of players that lose to lesser opponents.
# 3 inkcil @ Jan 3
SEC will always overrate themselves. Still, they remain an excellent conference. They just need to stop thinking that their middle of the road and low tier teams could hang with the best in other conferences.
# 4 mhanson93 @ Jan 3
If the title was still on the line for Alabama, that games ends up differently. It was National Title or bust for the Tide. The team didnt care anymore.
# 5 Birdman18 @ Jan 3
mhanson, that excuse could be used for every team. Oklahoma was title game or bust too, but that didn't stop them from rolling over bama.. This notion that Alabama just wasn't into or didn't play with heart because it wasn't the title game is laughable.

I think the other conferences are just as good. If A&M and Mizzou can come into the SEC and do what they've done in two years, then it's not as dominant as some percieve
# 6 Radja @ Jan 4
the SEC is a great conference. but the are over-hyped because they only play themselves. their out of conference schedule as a whole is pretty pathetic. they schedule multi-directional division schools so they can keep their record cleaner for the end of the season voting.

i blame the bcs system. it doesnt pay to play real challenge teams in college football unless you have to. one loss and your out of the picture. since ratings matter so much to the bcs and ratings are highly subjective if you can get your conference to be perceived as better and your teams rated higher, your bcs ranking is higher than maybe it should be.

i think the sec just gets the system better than everyone else, figured out how to make it work in their favor.

the playoff will make it a lot better than it is now. it won't be perfect, because if one thing the pros prove every year, it is not how you start its how you finish. there will be some hot teams at the end that will miss the playoff because of a loss early.

however, in some ways, i just wish they went back to the old way before bcs. back then top tier teams played a lot more out of conference tough games because it helped win mythical national championships. more than one bowl game mattered to the eventual champion.
# 7 thomguy123 @ Jan 4
If it wasn't for the terrible officiating both OSU's would have won
# 8 johnnyg713 @ Jan 5
IMO if you play in the SEC, the only bowl game that matters is the NC. Do people really think Oklahoma is better than Alabama? They lost because those teams dont play to be in the sugar bowl or the tostitos bowl and they don't have the heart. Now if Auburn loses to FSU then thats a different story.

However, wait until the playoffs start and every year 2 SEC teams will be in the NC game
# 9 johnnyg713 @ Jan 5
Birdman, do you think Oklahoma's play had anything to do with the fact that they were playing Alabama? Even though they didnt make the NC doesn't mean they aren't respected as the best of the best. I feel oklahoma played the way they did because they were playing Alabama. Not bc they were so desperate to win the bowl game
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