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MLB The Show 09, The Greatest Sports game made..Why? 
Posted on March 17, 2009 at 02:08 PM.
This is a serious question to you folks out there

No I haven't bought it, no I haven't played it. Matter of fact, I haven't touched a baseball game since Triple Play 97 when I was smacking homers with Andres Galleragahorsomethinglikethat on the Rockies against my brother.

I think you can all agree with me when I say sports games in general have been a heartbreaking experience since the release of the Wii, 360 and the PS3.

That said, what is it that makes The Show so much of a masterpiece and do you think this formula will cause a backlash in the future to other sports games for being as undeveloped as they are if the trend continues?
# 1 adayinthelife @ Mar 17
It's close between the Show 09 and NHL 09, but I'm a way bigger fan of hockey than I am of baseball so I might be a bit biased. Ultimately I'll play NHL 09 way more in it's life cycle but at the same time I wish they were making hockey games as detailed as the Show..

Like the guy above said, it's the little things. Sports games are reasonably simplistic in their execution, and it's really all the little details that really hook sports fans and the Show has them in spades.
# 2 Player9 @ Mar 18
Hi.I played a ton of sports games in differents consoles.I remember Baseball Simulator,Triple Play,High Heat,Ken Grifey jr,MVP (ncaa),MVP(mlb),Fifa World Cup,Madden,2k football,NBA(SONY),NBA live,NBA 2K(MY FAVORITE),soccer(KONAMI),BOXING,voleyball...Hockey ,...and The Show.The future of the sports videogames is the online games.There is the real challenge of the sports games!The PS3 needs to put more effort to have better online connection in the differents servers.The show, online, failed frecuently in differents situations.Nba 2k has more stability in ps2 two or three years ago than the ps3 version this year.I'm not a kid, for that reason the computer isn't my choice.I play 2k online or play with my friends.The show have a better artificial opponent(computer) than online quality connection.For that reason The show is for me a non online option.Do you have the same problems online? I'm a PS3 user. NBA2K9 is the best.The exclusive licenses is the killer of the gamers because limit the offer.MVP mlb probably is an sleeping real contender for The Show.MLB 2K9 needs more gamer feedbacks.Bye,excuse my english language.
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