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520racer's Alternate F1 Universe 1995 season Rounds 2 and 3 
Posted on July 25, 2018 at 05:30 PM.
Alternate F1 Universe 1995 Season Rounds 2-3 recap

Round 2 Interlagos

The next round will be at the Interlagos circuit in Sao Paolo, Brazil. Itís very infamous for its bumpy track surface. However, itís a driverís classic with a very tight second sector sandwiched in the middle of very fast first and third sectors.

Pre-Qualifying recap
Forecast: Sunny
Advancing to Qualifying: Jean Alesi, Johnny Herbert, Oliver Panis, JC Boullion

Forecast: Sunny and hot
Pole Position: Michael Schumacher

Race Results
Forecast: Sunny but thunderstorms in one hour after race starts

1 Schumacher
2 Martini
3 Barrichello
4 Hakkinen
5 Lehto
6 Panis
7 Verstappen
8 Katayama
9 Boullion
10 Diniz
11 Blundell
12 Frentzen
13 Wendlinger
14 Morbidelli
15 Mansell
DNF Alesi
DNF Hill
DNF Herbert
DNF Coulthard
DNF Salo
DNF Larini
DNF Berger

Round 3 Argentina

The F1 circus welcomes Argentina back on the F1 calendar with a modified and shortened layout of the Oscar Galvez circuit in Buenos Aires. However, the pit lane entry is at a somewhat awkward place on the circuit. Who can master this new layout?

Pre Q Result
Forecast: Some cloud cover but dry track
Advancing to Qualifying: Luca Badoer, Jean Alesi, Eddie Irvine, Oliver Panis

Qualifying recap
Forecast: Moderate rain but will ease off towards the end of session
Pole Position: Damon Hill

Race Results
Forecast: Dry track at first but a heavy rain towards the end of the race

1 Alesi
2 Schumacher
3 Katayama
4 Irvine
5 Hill
6 Barrichello
7 Berger
8 Diniz
9 Hakkinen
10 Verstappen
11 Lehto
12 Frentzen
13 Panis
14 Blundell
15 Larini
16 Salo
17 Martini
18 Badoer
DNF Morbidelli
DNF Coulthard
DNF Wendlinger
DNF Mansell

Jean Alesi got his long awaited first race win after so many prior efforts with Tyrrell and Ferrari fell short. He also gave Peugeot their first ever F1 win as an engine manufacturer, something that they didnít accomplish in real life. More significant was this was Ligierís first race win, since the 1981 season.

Driverís Standings after Round 3 of 16

Schumacher 26
Alesi 12
Hill 8
Martini 6
Hakkinen 6
Barrichello 6
Berger 4
Katayama 4
Irvine 3
Lehto 2
Panis 1

Teamís Standings after Round 3 of 16
1 Ferrari 26
2 McLaren-Mercedes 14
3 Ligier-Peugeot 12
4 Piquet-BMW 6
5 Williams-Cosworth 6
6 Benetton-Renault 6
7 Minardi-Honda 4
8 Larrousse-Cosworth 3
9 DAMS-Nissan 1
10 Forti-Lamborghini 0 best finish 8th
11 Sauber-Ferrari 0 best finish 8th
12 Tyrrell-Yamaha 0 best finish 11th
13 Jordan-Hart 0 best finish 14th
14 TWR-BMW 0 best finish 15th
15 Lotus-Rolls Royce 0 Best pre-q Result 23rd
16 Dome-Mugen 0 Best pre-q result 26th
17 Footwork-ford 0 best pre-q result 27th
18 Lola-Nissan 0 best pre-q result 27th
19 Pacific-Rolls Royce 0 best pre-q result 30th
20 Stewart-Ford Zetec 0 best pre-q result 32nd

So, three rounds in, thereís plenty of unanswered questions left unanswered as we go into Imola and the first pre-q recalculation that happens after the race. Six teams havenít made into qualifying yet. However, Lotus seems to be the next team to make their first race appearance this season. What will happen next? Stay tuned for more after a word from our sponsors, Polyphony Digital and Lamborghini!
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