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520racer's alternate f1 universe 1995 rounds 13-16 
Posted on October 2, 2018 at 11:55 PM.
Rounds 13-16 recap

Now we are entering the stretch run of the championship, who will win the title?

Round 13 Spa

Pre Q Weather: Dry
Moving on to Qualifying: Diniz, Larini, Blundell, Panis

Qualifying Weather: Moderate Rain Throughout the session
Pole Position: Michael Schumacher

Top 6 Race Results
Weather: Dry
1 Schumacher
2 Alesi
3 Irvine
4 Verstappen
5 Larini
6 Blundell

Schumacher wins the race. However, with Damon Hill not finishing and Alesi finishing 2nd, the Frenchman suddenly takes over 2nd in the driverís championship. Irvine scores 4 vital points for Larrousse. While Sauber-Ferrari and Tyrrell-Yamaha finally scored their first points of the 1995 season by finishing 5th and 6th respectfully.

Round 14 Monza

Pre-Q Weather: Partly Cloudy
Moving on to Qualifying: Larini, Diniz, Brundle, Herbert

Qualifying weather: Dry
Pole Position: Damon Hill

Top 6 Race Results
Weather: Showers at the first half but drying in the second half of the race
1 Schumacher
2 Hill
3 Badoer
4 Alesi
5 Hakkinen
6 Frentzen

In theory, if Schumacher gets more than a 10 point lead before the final round at Suzuka, he will be a 2-time F1 champion. As of now, he has 20 points over the second place driver. So, at the next race he canít afford a DNF.

Round 15 Nurburgring

F1 is back at the Nurburgring but this time on a new special layout that meets the modern F1 standards.

PreQ Weather: Sunny and dry
Moving on to Qualifying: Blundell, Panis, Diniz, Herbert

Qualifying Weather: Dry
Pole Position: Michael Schumacher

Top 6 Race Results:
Weather: Dry
1 Schumacher
2 Alesi
3 Hill
4 Berger
5 Lehto
6 Verstappen

By Schumacher winning this race, he has officially clinched the driverís championship for a second time, and it has happened with one race left to spare. However, the teamís championship is still up for play.

Round 16 Suzuka

Pre-Q Forecast: Threats of rain around the area, but it didnít impact this session

Moving on to Qualifying: Diniz, Herbert, Larini, Blundell

Qualifying Weather: Rain looming nearby and hitting the track 20 minutes into the session
Pole Position: Michael Schumacher

Top 6 Race Results
Weather: Dry
1 Schumacher
2 Hill
3 Katayama
4 Alesi
5 Hakkinen
6 Berger

Well, so much for having an intense finale, but it ended up being a yawnfest to say the least.

Final Driverís standings

Schumacher 96
Hill 66
Alesi 64
Katayama 30
Berger 29
Hakkinen 25
Coulthard 18
Badoer 16
Verstappen 15
Barrichello 13
Martini 13
Irvine 9
Lehto 7
Panis 5
Frentzen 4
Herbert 2
Larini 2
Boullion 1
Blundell 1

Final Teamís Standings
1 Ferrari 96
2 McLaren-Mercedes 79
3 Ligier-Peugeot 65
4 Minardi-Honda 44
5 Benetton-Renault 37
6 Piquet-BMW 31
7 Williams-Cosworth 29
8 Forti-Lamborghini 16
9 Larrousse-Cosworth 9
10 DAMS-Nissan 5
11 Sauber-Ferrari 2
12 TWR-BMW 2
13 Tyrrell-Yamaha 1
14 Lotus-Rolls Royce 0 Best finish 8th
15 Jordan-Hart 0 best finish 14th
16 Stewart-Ford Zetec 0 best pre-q result 25th x2
17 Footwork-ford 0 best pre-q result 26th x2
18 Dome-Mugen 0 Best pre-q result 26th
19 Lola-Nissan 0 best pre-q result 26th
20 Pacific-Rolls Royce 0 best pre-q result 29th

Itís the end of the season, so hereís the awards!

Best Race of the year: Kyalami, even despite the late curveball in the weather thrown in there for good measure.

Worst Race of the year: Suzuka, considering that it was a season finale, it was boring

Infinitely Improbable thing of the year: A tough choice here, but I must give credit to Ligier for turning things around for the better. Considering that before the season started, their engine supplier Peugeot was considering giving up on F1 after one horrible season as a works team but they turned it around and turned the often-fragile engines from 1994 back into a race winning package that they were hoping for in the first place.

Rookie of the year award: JC Boullion for Ligier-Peugeot, he did score one point which is a miracle considering that no other rookie driver scored any points all year long.

Reject of the year for Drivers:

3rd Place Jan Magnussen Ė For a young driver of his caliber to be thrusted into the deep end of the field like he did in 1995 sure takes a lot out of anyone especially since he didnít get onto any race grids with the new Stewart team. The good news is that he is still young enough to get a second chance after Stewart decided to quit after just one year in F1.

2nd Place Giovanni Lavaggi Ė Itís amazing how bad this pay driver is when he gets a chance to offer money for a fledging second year team in Pacific running tight on funds to begin with. No wonder they were the worst team in the F1 grid in 1995.

1st place Karl Wendlinger Ė Once again Ferrari missed badly on their #2 driver and takes the ROTY award for Drivers despite successfully winning the teamís championship again. Will Ferrari get it right this off-season remains to be determined.

Reject of the year for Teams:

3rd: Jordan-Hart Ė Guess they will have to climb rock bottom for the second time in their brief five year F1 history. The first time was back at the end of 1993. This time around, they have to find yet another new engine supplier after Hart decided not to renew the partnership with the Irish team.

2nd: Stewart-Ford Zetec Ė A decent effort from management and an adequate car design on paper but it didnít translate to immediate results, forcing Ford to withdraw from F1 altogether and the team not intending to return to F1 in 1996.

1st: Pacific-Rolls Royce Ė A nightmarish second season in F1 for Keith Wiggins means that he must cut his losses short and not pursue F1 in 1996, instead focusing back on the Formula 2 ranks. It goes to show us, how hard is it to crack a long future in F1 during this time frame.

Drivers that got Un-rejectified during this season

For a driver, you must score at least 4 or more points during your F1 career or finish on the podium at least once NOT to be on the reject list!

Luca Badoer, due to him winning the race at Kyalami

Teams that got Un-rejectified during the season

For the teams, they must enter for at least two races AND score six points or more during their stay in F1 to avoid being on the reject list!

Forti Corse

Fun Facts: DAMS can get their reject status removed if they score at least one point in 1996 and TWR can also get their reject status removed if they score at least 4 points in 1996

With five teams officially withdrawing from F1ís entry list for 1996, there is a need for two new teams to enter the paddock, who can they be? Stay tuned!
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