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Taking The Online Plunge On MLB 15 The Show 
Posted on April 10, 2015 at 02:41 PM.
March 31st 2015 - The package arrived at 2:30 pm from Amazon Prime. My wife gave me a call knowing I had been waiting for this for months. She said "hey baby....your new toy has arrived". I quickly finish up some things in the office and flip the gone fishing sign on my door as I head out in a flash of light. I arrive home and rip the envelope open and low and behold MLB The Show 15 10th Anniversary Edition has finally arrived. I load it up on my PS4 and start to give the KC/SF demo a spin while it installs. Of course I am blown away and I can't wait to transfer my offline franchise's and all my historical roster seasons over. I mean that is how I have played this game for 10 years now running. Offline, in my little virtual baseball utopia.

But suddenly a baseball card pops up along with a stamp card. And of course I redeem my code for all those packs of Topps cards and stubs. I then proceed to open packs and I found myself laughing out loud with joy as I was looking at each card and then looking at my card book. I then said "you know what"? "Let me go into this Diamond Dynasty mode it see what all this is about". I was really curious about online play for The Show. In the past I had tried it but it was never stable. Ever. But I had read about 14 and the massive overall to the way they approached the game online from a technology perspective. And that 14 was a big transition year for the online component that would have a lot of growing pains.

I went ahead and created my son as my DD custom player and dove in. I designed my uniforms (using his travel baseball team name and colors and I need to upload his logo next!) and went ahead and clicked on "play head to head". What started to take place next has been one of the biggest revelations in my console gaming life. I was finally playing console baseball online the way I wanted to (classic pitching/ Directional Timed hitting) and loving it. Yeah, I have played Madden online plenty as well as NHL on PS3 and NBA2K on PS3. But baseball is my #1 by a wide margin. And I have never been able to play online (no I did not play MVP 2005 online one single second) until now.

My juices started flowing, my mind started racing. It god it really really works!!! I could not stop playing. I kept ripping open packs, getting random card rewards for just playing the various game modes. I was scrambling on the OS Show online forum looking for an online franchise. Yes!!! Simulation players unite. The online revolution has taken hold of your's truly and I am here to tell you.....TAKE THE PLUNGE!!!! Once you do I promise you the game will go to a new level for you.

This is coming from a hardcore offline franchise player. And make no mistake. I am still playing my offline Franchise mode and classic is my love and passion. But now I am also playing Diamond Dynasty, Online Franchise and sometimes just getting together with fellow OS'ers who play simulation baseball, getting into party chat and playing private games and having a truly fantastic time.

It's not perfect. Sometimes it freezes, sometimes it glitches. But most of the time it has been working great and I am so very happy it is on the right track now.

# 1 thaSLAB @ Apr 10
Nice, A&S! Glad to hear you're enjoying! #baseballisbetter
# 2 Turbojugend @ Apr 10
Nice write-up A&S. I am a strictly offline player but I may just have to give DD a try online.
# 3 DJ @ Apr 12
Diamond Dynasty is interesting, even if I don't quite understand everything associated with the mode just yet. Getting all those cards/stubs with the 10th Anniversary edition has at least piqued my curiosity of the mode and I've assembled a team and am ready to start playing some games. I haven't played online in a long time, so this will be interesting.
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