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Madden 09 passing game problems & annoyances 
Posted on May 9, 2009 at 08:49 AM.
This week as requested from Canes21 I will be talking about the passing game in Madden 09 and how it has been addressed. We all know about the passing game problems and especially the major problem that is "Robo-QB".I will take a look into all of the problems with 09's passing game, so let's get started.

First I would like to talk about an annoyance with the passing on the PS3. Whenever you go into a replay on the PS3 the ball does not have a spiral in the replays. Is this a big problem? No it's not, but it is very annoying to me and I am sure many of my fellow PS3 owners would agree. Now not to bore all of you 360 users I will now talk about universal passing game problems.

How many games have you watched on TV where all of the incompletions were touched by a defender or dropped by a receiver? I do not recall any games in which this was the case, do you? Well when playing Madden 09 this is the case in 95% of your games , more or less. I have no idea why this was the case, I just know it was.

Has this been addressed in Madden 10? I am an optimistic person so I think it will be fixed this year. Some are more Pessimistic on these types of subjects, Ill believe it when I see it" some like to say. I think that with the changing the accuracy "algorithm" as said in the Madden 10 blog "improvements to QB position", I will insert pictures of the previous "algorithm" along with the new one.

As you can see the original just looks and seems unrealistic, why would it ever have been a "big circle"??? This new system looks so much more realistic and hopefully will be.

I am very optimistic this will help fix the "Robo-QB" problem, but it remains to be seen if it actually will.

There are also new ratings for the QB position which should also help with the "Robo-QB". With the ratings system being that much more complex you more than likely won't see Chad Pennington throw the ball as fast as say, JaMarcus Russel or Favre in his prime. You also hopefully will not see Russel or Favre throwing nearly as accurately as Pennington.

Another passing "problem" is obviously one of the 2 user controlled problems, these are also known as "glitches" or "Cheeze". I know so many people on here will not even play online anymore because of these 2 "glitches" among others like "QB Walk" and "WR Snap". I will only be talking about the 2 that have to do with the passing game, the first is called "Rocket Catch". During this "glitch" the player will lob the ball up to a tall WR and turn around to jump up as high as the WR possibly can in the game, hence the name "Rocket Catch".

The next one is called the "Strafe Catch" this is not a lot different from the "Rocket Catch". The only difference I notice is that the WR turns around 180 degrees instantly. With the "Rocket Catch" the player just goes around in a big circle to get turned around, so basically they are the same exact thing but the "Strafe Catch" is the "perfected" version of the "Rocket Catch". It remains to be seen if these 2 problems have been addressed in Madden 10.

The last thing I would like to talk about is the fact that players can drop back 15-20 yards to avoid a sack, this is possible because in 09 the line does not form a pocket on passing downs. This has already been talked about and addressed in M10. Well that is all for this entry I will have another within the next 3-5 days.

Brandon Coldren

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