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mlb 2k10 review 
Posted on March 12, 2013 at 05:01 AM.
Every March, every gamer knows that MLB 2k and The Show hit retail shelves and try to duplicate real life MLB each year. The past couple of years 2k has fallen short when it comes to their official baseball products. For the first time in a while 2k has actually produced a good simulation baseball game. Baseball fans out need not worry anymore. Last year is in the past, so dust off the Xbox 360 and getting ready to enjoy a great baseball game, finally!

The game shines in the graphical and sound departments. Most of the players look like their true life counterparts and a lot of research went into stances as well as body mannerisms for a bunch of the star players.The stadiums, crowd and just the tv style presentation need to be commended. I can say wholeheartedly that this game puts all the past 2K baseball titles to shame. Gary Thorne does a fantastic job once again as the primary commentator, but Steve Phillips and even John Kruk give some great insight as well into the game. I really do like the addition of the third person in the booth for sure. I will say though the bat sounds seem a little odd at times, but they seperate the great power hits and good contact from the defensive swings and not so solid contact hits.

For anyone that played NBA 2k10, you will be familiar with the menu interface. It is just like the NBA counterpart. One great feature that was added to this year's game is the new MLB today. If you got the chance to play NBA 2k10, you will already know what the Today feature is. For those who do not know,the Today feature is where you can go and play the current real life game schedule for that particular day and play any game yourself. I love this feature in NBA and I love it now in MLB. The commentary talks about the two teams that are playing with real life stats. For anyone that is an MLB fanatic, you will love this new mode. Once the season starts you will see all the real life stats for that team and for the players each and every day in an MLB Today game mode.

One thing that was very painful from last year baseball game was all the glitches and horrible game play mechanisms. 2k really stepped it up this year. So far I havenít seen any of the glaring and annoying. Fielder will now field the ball correctly for the most part which now makes this feel like a simulation of the real game. This is what 2k has been known for in the past, ultra realistic video games. 2k really steps up their game with the AI this time around. The computer is no pushover this year. I was playing against the computer on pro difficulty which is the default and experienced a challenge in every game. I can only imagine what the higher difficulty levels will be like.

The controls in the game is just like last year for the most part. There are some subtle differences which make the system better this year for those that love it. I personally do not like the analog controls for baseball games, but there is an option to change it to classic if you want too. I think to me the controls seem harder this time around because the game is so fluid. Last year I was hitting homeruns like crazy so I got used to the hitting controls. The pitching to me was always hard and now it is even harder this year with the AI. The batting seems even more difficult and precise this year. I canít even hit a homerun yet. Hell I can even get a hit. The computer no hit me once already. The game truly does fall into their slogan of Pitcher vs Hitters.

Now a lot of people buy baseball games for two reasons. Either to go online and be number one on the leaderboards or stay away from online as much as possible and sit and do a long term franchise. The online to me is the same as last year. A lot of people are saying that there tons of issues with the online. There is supposedly a patch coming out to fix the lag and the freezing when you go online. When I went online it was flawless. I got no lag and the game went quick. Then again a lot of people say I have the best internet connection. If you donít want to play online with strangers because of how people are sometimes with just throwing balls and cheating. You can do an online league with your buddies. That feature alone makes MLB 2k10 worth the purchase. A lot of sports games that are coming out are including that feature. For me, franchise is the meat of this game.

Franchise is what everyone will be most happy with. The whole interface has changed. I know I might sound like a broken record but the franchise setup is just like NBA 2k10. Only difference is instead of having the NBA Today it will have MLB Today. The home page tells you the news around the league. Instead of having a trading block this year you just choose a player and it gives you all kinds of information about how a trade could get done. I like the idea, and you just have to get used to it. I am so used to going back and forth to see what offers I get and hoping to get a good deal when most of the time I don't anyhow. Another feature added is that you can search for players now. So you donít have to go thru each team, you can search by name, age, position, salary. The franchise is very detailed and I will definitely be spending more time offline then online.

Now if you are not into franchise or online and you want to take on more of a one person role, then there is My Player. In My Player you create a person at any position and you play just as that one player. After you finish creating your character, you are asked what team you want to pick. I personally wish there were a training camp and scouts came and looked at you and then you go through the draft. Maybe next year they will add that. You'll begin your career in the minors and have to work yourself up to the big league. This is one of those modes that will keep you occupied if you are waiting for rosters updates and donít want to do franchise. The game mode is based solely on the plays your player is involved in. At Bats, Baserunning and On the Field defensive situations.I personally donít like controlling just one person, but its still alot of fun to try and build your player. There is a lot of great presentation including spring training stints throughout your career. The depth of this mode is comparable to the franchise mode in many ways. I think a lot of folks will find this game mode interesting.

In conclusion, the past five years Xbox 360 owners have not been able to enjoy a sim baseball game. Well the wait is finally over. If you love baseball and love the simulation atmosphere then mlb 2k10 is the game you need to pick up. Every year since 2005, Sony's MLB The show has been the better and only sim baseball game in the video game world. But finally 360 owners can rejoice. They do not have to buy a PS3 or PS2 in order to play a great baseball game. Hpefully this is only the beginning of what 2k has in store for us with 2k11. With that being said, 2K11 will definitely give the MLB The Show 2011 a run for their money. Watch out Sony, 2K is back in the batter's box with a power hitter on deck.
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