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November News 
Posted on May 21, 2014 at 11:56 PM.
Week 1:

Mystery Man
In almost each draft there's always that mystery foreigner that everyone knows little about but somehow find their way at the top of the draft board. This year that player happens to be Mattias Hinze. Mattias hails from Melbourne Australia and has made quite the name for himself with a 6'11 and 251 lbs. frame. Scouts were gushing over him at the FIBA-U19. He relentlessly snatches rebound after rebound when he was put up against Coach K's Team. He's receiving a strong comparison to Spaniard Pau Gasol.

Upset for the ages
Highly Touted #2 Kentucky came in well assured of starting the season on a good note when they faced off against Temple, but things ended differently than they expected. Temple defeated Kentucky by 20 points.The man that led the way was Amunji Battle. Who had 29 points 13 assists and 3 steals and on the other end, Chris Munfort had 15 points from 5-13 shooting.

Week 2:
Kalil Elsworth of Michigan missed his season opener against Nebraska, because he got pranked by his teammate, D'andre Wilkins, who hide Els's shoe in the Physics class. D'andre said that He and Kalil had been pranking each other before the season started and Kalil said he won't play with unless he has his special Jordan 10s that were signed Jordan himself.

Kartavious Miles of Army has been throwing his weight around on campus after his big game against Wake Forest. He finished off with 45 points and 2 blocks. It didn't stop there when he posterized Nick Meekins. Miles has received unlimited amount of attention from media after that dunk. After the game, he took to twitter with this to say "Stay tuned for more."

Week 3:
North Carolina has had trouble in recieve years of getting the top recruits to come to UNC but North Carolina might have found a diamond in the debris with Sophomores SG & PG Terrence Winfield and Kaven Tyler. Tyler has an arsenal of moves that helps him get to the basket but can't complete his run to the basketball with his inconsistency.While Terrence makes up for it with his polished offensively skill-set. This duo is making intend on making some noise this season.

Preston Malooney of Boston University has been keeping his fan on the edge of their seats on a nightly basis after hanging huge rebounds on Monster Powerhouse Teams.I caught up with Preston after his game against Kansas State.

Moore: Hey Preston, glad I got a chance to speak with you.
Malooney: Can we make this quick, I got to meet with some people about a shoe contract.
Moore:Wow! A shoe deal?!!! But you're just a freshman. You sure you need a shoe deal?!
Malooney: Why not? I mean I'm going to get one once I become pro.
Moore:Anyways,You ended tonight with 27 rebounds, You came close to breaking Larry Abney record of 35. Any words on that?
Malooney:Yeah. I mean c'mon man I'm 7'4 and 255lbs,there's no one that can stop me down low.
Moore:Are you sure? J'ante Payton from Indiana is 7'3 and 273lbs.
Malooney:Psh......Like I said I'm unstoppable down low and you'll see that when we play against Nick Meekins and Wake Forest. I gotta go. (Whispers)"Wasting my damn time."

Week 4:
I had a chance to fly out to Lawerence and see what everyone has been talking about for a few weeks lately, Clyve Thatcher of Kansas has received unbelievable amount of attention for his on-court and off-court actions. Off-court,Clyve has been seen with up and coming celebrity Zendaya Coleman and on-court breaking ankles left and right. Personally I think he is the best prospect sine Lewis Jacobs. I was able to get a hold of him and ask him about his recent popularity.

Moore: In the past few weeks, you seem like the man on campus and people are saying you are the best player LJ. How does that feel hearing that?

Thatcher: I feel like I don't deserve that comparison, I mean look at Jacobs. When he was here, his team dominated everyone and took home the trophy. Even though I don't think I deserve the praise like that, I'm still enjoying the college life and basketball, making myself better academically and athletically.

Moore:That great to hear,so I hear that you have been with Zendaya lately and I wanted to know is there anything serious about you two?

Thatcher: Nah, Me and Zendaya are just good friends.

Moore: Woah like at the time, It was great talking to you and good luck on your next game.

Thatcher: You too man.

Stay Tuned for Next Months News.
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