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NHL 12 and Custom Music 
Posted on December 12, 2011 at 09:28 PM.
You're on home ice, playing a late season game against a conference rival. The reults of this game determine whether you make the final seed of the playoffs, or if you just fall short. It's the 3rd period, with about a minute remaining, and the score's tied 2-2. The sound of the screaming fans is deafening, and you're setting up for a crucial faceoff. Before the faceoff, Europe's "The Final Countdown" blares through the PA system. My friends, this is what hockey is all about.

When you have a hockey video game with superb gameplay and add custom sounds, you turn a good experience into something special. This is probably what drives me when I make my sound packs. The process of attempting to mirror the atmosphere of a real NHL arena is a tedious one. Compiling the music is one thing, but the trial and error process is another. Sometimes, music can sound great on your computer, but sound horrible on your console. Sometimes, problems such as clipping or the volume of tracks being too low can also occur. These are the things that music pack makers must handle.

About 2 years ago, adding reverb to your tracks worked great, since NHL 10 barely added any of its own reverb. But now, NHL 12 fixed that, causing all of the reverbed files on my computer to sound off in game. What to do? This means that I will have to run a complete overhaul of my music pack, re-doing the tracks without reverb. While this may be time consuming, I can ensure that all of my music files are HQ or HD. Additionally, I can update any outstanding team introductions, so they are current.

If you are enthused by the project I'm undertaking, I encourage you to follow my progress. ;p Any help (adding the information for your team's intro music, intermission, penalty kill or powerplay tracks) would be welcome too. Join me in making the most out of your NHL 12 experience.
# 1 ABAtheMAN @ Dec 29
This is a big project! any updates yet?
# 2 Cycloniac @ Dec 29
I have already completed the NHL goal horns. I'm currently working on the intros (17/30 done!), and they sound absolutely fantastic my friend. Should have the intros done very soon.
# 3 Cycloniac @ Dec 29
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