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Offseason DC6: Building the foundation 
Posted on May 7, 2014 at 10:51 PM.
I decided to forward ahead to the offseason after going 2-4 in played games this season. I learned alot about my squad, mostly bad lol but we do have some pieces that can help us build into that contending team I know we can be.

Team Outlook

With the roster we currently have and the type of schemes that our coaches are planning to implement we have 4 players that will definitely be staying for the near future. starters Antonio Cameron, Vernon Maxiell, Jay Salah, and reserve center Marcus Collier. I can't stress enough how much faster you can build a contender if you REALISTICALLY scout your squad and make moves that compliments your players currently signed to your team!

Team strengths

* Athletic guards
* potential to score in bunches
* MAJOR cap space

Team weaknesses

* Conditioning
* 3pt shooting
* rebounding
* defense (post & perimeter)
* lack of a true leader

As you can see I have my hands full with this team, but as I said before go into the offseason with tweaks in mind and I think any team can be turned around with our draft classes.

Draft Preview

After all the lottery balls we drawn our future in Philly started to get a little clearer. We wound up with the #2 pick in the DC6 draft and we couldn't be any happier...maybe if we lander the #1 pick

With all the hooplah surrounding this draft class being in the top 5 is just as comfortable as being the #1 pick. The Bobcats own the top pick and they made it know that one of the star point guards would be spending the next 4 years in Carolina. We own the #2 selection and it's been well documented that we want Whakil Blackshear at ANY cost. Atlanta is 3rd and they have a true MAN crush on swingman Martavious Elliot, it'll be interesting to see if he makes his home in the A or will the Hawks surprise everybody and go another direction. #4 belongs to Toronto, the Raps have been keeping things pretty close to the vest about their potential prospects picks, maybe trying to one up the other GM's in an effort to get on of the mega talents at the top of the draft! And lastly we have Boston at #5. The C's need to address their bigman issues and they need to do it yesterday! They have been secretly coveting Oklahoma Deandre White and UCLA forward Gavin Williamson since they announced their intent to enter the NBA draft.

DC6 Draft top 20

1. Bobcats- Whakil Blackshear(traded to Philly)
2. Sixers- Ayo Wilson(traded to Charlotte)
3. Hawks- Deandre White(traded to Boston)
4. Raptors- Gavin Williamson
5. Celtics- Martavious Elliot(traded to Atlanta)
6. Lakers- Christian McClain
7. Pelicans- Tiago Souza
8. Suns- Malik Snyder
9. Bucks- LaMarcus Miller
10. Kings- Tyree McCullough
11. T'Wolves- Domingo Garcia
12. Magic- Jabri Wilson
13. Jazz- Chris Griffin
14. Nuggets- Jett Delgado
15. Wizards- Kambrell Hampton
16. Pistons- Joe Spearman
17. T'wolves- Deebo Evans
18. Spurs- Semso Kamesivic
19. Jazz- Colin Henry
20. Clippers- Evan Robinson

Our Draft picks

1st ovr Whakil Blackshear(via trade)
36th ovr Bishop Black

coming into the draft our GM had a Blackshear or bust mentality and all the other teams knew it. Luckily for MJ and the Bobcats they received that all mighty #1 pick and so trade talks began, the result...

Sixers get: draft rights to #1 overall pick Whakil Blackshear

Bobcats get: draft rights to #2 overall pick Ayo Wilson, PF Nigel Hawes, SG Bryce Joseph, 2015 and 2016 1st round picks

On paper it looks like we overpaid for Whakil's services, but the intangible gains is way more attractive to the teams long term future then a bunch of young players who the city/team might not embrace as well. Blackshear is "The one!"
# 1 darkwolf80 @ May 8
That was definitely a bounty to pay for Blackshear when he was only one pick ahead of you. But you gotta do what you gotta do. At least now you have that star to build around.
# 2 Dreece @ May 8
Yea I control all 30 teams so I wanted to make it fair under the circumstances that I presented. Plus I'm really really not a fan of Ayo as the leader of my offensive attack and Deandre don't fit my current building blocks either.
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