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Posted on December 22, 2008 at 10:43 PM.
If i was able to talk to anyone who made the Ncaa series for the PS3 i wouls start off by the entrances of the teams for instance the should make michigan coming out of the tunnel and jumping to tap the "Go Blue", things like that would make the game better by itself. then it would come to the editing of the players... i would tell them to make it where the players can be able to where team-colored visors (that would be sweet), then for some odd reason i would like for them to let you have an option to whereas you can make a player have a towel hanging from the players waist then i would would make it to where you could instead of having sleeves on both arms, put it on one like Matthew Stafford has. As far as gameplay goes i think they should make the running game alot smoother... to me they should have the players run like they did on the original madden series not the next gen because they ran smooth. the tackling could be better because every running back cannot run over a linebacker like James Laurinitis, its jus not possible, then i would like to see more than two people tackling one person "Gang-Tackling" or when their is a fumble a big pile of players diving for it. then their should actually be referees on the field lol. then after the game or after a big game like an upset or a rivalry game fans should run on to the field
When it comes to the BCS game or any bowl games they should actually put the team names in the endzone with the team color in the background of the endzone. That would hands down be the best Ncaa Football that i have ever played
# 1 jwmw9207 @ Dec 23
wow this was a deep article... im just joking buddy
# 2 jwmw9207 @ Dec 24
hey great blog, I agree with all your comments. The bowl games piss me off.... i made it to the rose bowl the first year with my fighting illini and what do i get in the endzone.... a bcs logo... where is the tradition the padgentry.... I wanna see my name in the end zone and my opponent so when i score in their endzone i can walk all over their name...... they had in in ps2 why not now.
# 3 Dval7 @ Dec 24
i know the producers should call me lol
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