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The Show vs. Xbox Live Stuck
Posted on April 12, 2009 at 09:47 PM.
Sitting on my couch enjoying the first full weekend of baseball this season, I got a bit of an itch for a little baseball gaming. However the dilemma in this for me is the fact that I donít own a baseball game. Sure I could go out and purchase one, but then again with the 360 being my only console Iíve only got one option, MLB 2k9. Now baseball is not at the top of my list of favorite sports, so generally when I get the initial itch I ignore it itíll go away. Avoidance has worked thus far, and Iím sure it can continue to work, mostly due to the generally poor reviews and comments I hear about my only option MLB 2k9. Now if I had more options like PS3 users that can run out and purchase The Show, I doubt that avoidance would be the plan Iíd go with to deal with my itch, I would have to most definitely scratch. All the reviews from both gamers and major sites has my peaked my interest for The Show, but not enough to actually go out and buy a console for the game.

This is what brought me to the mental debate about as a sports fan why would I buy a Xbox 360 at this point, instead of a PS3? After much thought the only thing I could come up with was Xbox Live. Is Xbox Live what is saving the 360 for sports gamers?

I would say a majority of people that I play games with from Operation Sports have a PS3, and a 360, but when it comes to purchasing most sports games the 360 seems to be the console of choice. With the reason generally being the appeal of Xbox Live. Now if they were only going to own once console would the 360 still be the console of choice? Would live be enough to save the 360?

The Show seems to be pretty much undisputedly the best baseball game of the year, and from what Iíve read it doesnít sound as if 2k Sports is getting close to the king with MLB 2k9. So the PS3 seems to have the market cornered for one of the most popular sports in America.

Other positives of the PS3 help to make it harder to not consider. Such as the fact that the PS3 seem to be a much more reliable console, while the 360 seems to a bit temperamental continuing to go out on people. Iíve personally only seen the red ring once, but I know that it hasnít been uncommon for people to have the issue come up three or more times. Which seems to make the PS3 a safer choice, since while Microsoft might warranty the 360, no one really wants to go through the hassle of mailing it back in, and playing the waiting game. When you toss in the blue ray player maybe the PS3 is too good to pass up.

Itís tough to turn on years of gaming with some people I know on Xbox Live, but many of those people own a PS3 also, so maybe the PS3 will see an influx of people heading that direction in the 2010 sports games. While this has been a hypothetical debate for me, since I already have a 360. I suppose the joy of owning a 360 is that I could at any point be put into the realistic situation of having my console visited by the red ring of death and be forced to choose between the 360 or the PS3 as far as how to replace my console. And at this point I think I might lean towards a PS3, but that could just be baseball season talking.

If you were choosing between the two which would you pick?
# 1 njd.aitken @ Apr 12
Don't get 2k9.

I did. Then I went ahead and bought a PS3 and The Show 09, about two weeks ago. I still have my 360, so I didn't have to decide between the two systems. I have only plugged my 360 in once since I've gotten The Show, its that good.
# 2 Kado456 @ Apr 12
I actually had to make this choice last year. I was upgrading to Next-Gen console from the then current gen (or past gen) Orginal Xbox. For me I went back to the same reasoning I bought an Xbox over a PS2. More options, and better technology. So this time around it meant getting a PS3. the first thing you realize about a PS3 is that it is more than just a game console. it would be better described as a Multi_purpose & Multimedia System. You have Blu-ray, you have an easiliy expandable hard drive capacity & USB ports (I have 160GB hard drive installed with a 500GB external hard drive for movies), you a free online network in PSN, and you have all the major sports games as the Xbox360 plus the Show. Now I know most people game online sports wise with the Xbox360, but I'd rather game with a smaller commnity. The Show, is the best sports game on next-gen period. I almost forgot, I also run Linux on my PS3 so i can browse the internet with Firefox when the main computer is being used.
# 3 jmik58 @ Apr 12
Traded the 360 in for PS3 a year ago. Along with the reasons you mentioned above, PS3 online is FREE versus paying for XBOX Live.
# 4 Blitzburgh @ Apr 13
Interesting article as I too have the itch for a great baseball game. We are both in the same dilemma. I have owned the 360 since day one and I had two RRD so far.

I, however, purchased MLB 2k9 because I like 2K Sports games and I figured the VC should put out a pretty good product. I have played many games and have used a lot of different sliders but none of those can stop the line drive hits to my outfielders that magically turn them into little leaguers picking their noses as the ball fly’s by. Nor can it stop the jerky animations that are all over this game... walk, jog, limp & sprint all in the same animation sequence is ridiculous. Not to mention the “Michelin Man” coaches that they show from the dug-outs and the animations of the players in the dug-outs all throwing their hands up in unison, even if they made a good play!

After experiencing all of this and reading all the great reviews, really gave me the itch to somehow get my hands on a PS3 and try out the Show. I was lucky enough to find the system for rent ($30-week) at Rent-A-Center in Pittsburgh and picked up the show at Blockbuster. My initial thoughts were wow- great game and they haven’t changed much even after at least 10 games and a few RTTS games. It is so much smother and with the MVP type pitch meter, that really allows the user to throw balls and have them not be thrown on purpose! For me, the biggest thing that stood out was the lighting and just the overall flow of the game is 100 times more polished than 2k9. I give props to VC for taking over 2K9 and it looks like they are heading in the right direction but with their animation engine, I don’t see them blowing us away anytime soon. I won’t rant on my impressions of the Show anymore since that is not this threads topic but I can say that once I put 2k9 back in my 360 from a week hiatus, I am really disappointed. That is when you can really see that this game is far from polished and is not even close to being as good as the Show. I always thought the ratings were a bit harsh but playing these two games back to back really validates the ratings that 2K9 was given.

Since I am not huge movie watcher, occasionally with the lady but that’s it, I don’t know if I will be running out to by a PS3 just for the show. I do like Xbox live and I won’t use all of the PS3’s features. I played one game online with the Show and it was pretty bad with lag. In the end, if I was a big movie guy, had some cash to blow and wanted to own the best baseball game, then there is no doubt I would be owning a PS3.


# 5 statum71 @ Apr 13
Some guys are lucky enough to get a good 360 unit. I wasn't. Before my PS3 I tried to go the cheaper route by getting a 360 and ended up having to use my warranty to trade my 360 4 times at GameStop. (yes, 4 different units)

Once I got fed up I bit the bullet and got a PS3. And its worked just fine.

Mind you, all that was before The Show. But once I got that game....I KNEW I had the right console. I wouldn't be without it now.
# 6 samuri26 @ Apr 13
It seems i'm not the only one with this problem! I want a ps3 for The Show but i am not a movie watcher(Blu-Ray) and i don't know if its worth spending more money on a new console. And on top of that, my family is against me buying a ps3, but i want the show so bad. Maybe my family would let me get a ps3 if i convince them that there are other great games to buy on the ps3. Can anybody give some advice?
# 7 jskatt21 @ Apr 13
I was stuck with this dilemma last year. I compared the PS3 (Metal Gear Bundle) with the X-Box 360 Elite. PS3 was $500 and included one of the best games ever, blu-ray, backwards compatibility, wi-fi, free internet, 80gb, and more. The X-Box 360 Elite, was $400 for 120gb, and you still had to buy the wireless adapter ($100) and pay for X-Box Live ($50 for 12mo). After doing the research, and hearing about the problems with the RLOD, I decided that it was in my best interest to purchase the PS3. I recently picked up The Show, and I can honestly say that I am NOT Dissapointed with anything. PS3 has a good interface, game selection is just fine for me (mostly sports titles) and again the Free Online, is awesome!
# 8 whosgotcha @ Apr 13
I own both and am glad that I do. The PS3 has two games that warrant considering purchase of the PS3 and they are MGS4 and MLB09 I own both and am glad that I do. As far as gaming the PS3 has two games that warrant considering purchase of the PS3 and they are MGS4 and MLB09 The Show while the Xbox 360 certainly has its share including Mass Effect and Halo 3. Generally speaking, I find most of the games made for both systems are better on the 360. The gap between the multiplatform games is diminishing though so that differences are minimal for the most part.

Sports games that are multiplatform still seem to fare better on the 360 in my estimation. While differences are again minimal, I found when comparing that textures and colors in multiplatform games (NBA 2K9, NBA Live 09, NCAA Basketball 09, Madden 09, NCAA Football 09) are better on the 360.

I spend very little time online, mainly downloading updates for games or additional content. Xbox Live is of course more organized at this point. PSN is less organized but is also free. The PS3 has a web browser which is useful and allows for downloading of wallpaper, themes, etc.

While I am on my first 360 and have not experienced the red ring of death the PS3 feels like a sturdier machine. Its physical structure appears to be better quality and software seems more sophisticated and mature. Its flexibility (the use of jumpdrives, easy upgradeable hard drive) is appealing.

As the differences between multiplatform games diminishes to the point of being negligible the PS3 with its additional features, including blu-ray and wifi, would be my choice.
# 9 travis a.d. @ Apr 13
funny you should post this when you did. I got my tax return in the mail today and I plan on putting it towards a PS3 and the show 09 (I currently only have a 360, and MLB 2K9 was an abortion). I don't necessarily need both consoles, but I definitely need my baseball fix for this year, and 2K9 just doesn't cut it.
# 10 monkeybutlerz @ Apr 14
The Show is an incredible game. The PS3 is a more reliable machine and has some great exclusive titles. If the main point you're mulling over is Live vs. PSN, clearly Live is better, but it isn't free. If you envision getting use out of the blu-ray, prefer some of the exclusive PS3 titles and want better piece of mind in terms of your system's stability, the PS3 is the way to go. If you prefer the 360 exclusives, aren't scared of RRoD and aren't adverse to paying for Xbox Live (a better service), then go 360. I went PS3, but it's a personal choice.
# 11 rudyjuly2 @ Apr 14
For sports gamers, the PS3 has more to offer in terms of games because of the Show. But online has to be a factor for you. I only play offline so getting a PS3 for the Show and Blu Ray was a great decision for me.

I can only assume that a lot of guys on OS play more than just sports games so non sports games exclusives will certainly have a big say as well. Halo and GOW fans will choose the 360 over the PS3.
# 12 F1N1SH1M @ Apr 14
I have been soley a Playstation supporter. I have used the XBOX through friends and personally cant get over the controller design. When I first purchased my PS3 2 years ago within the first 3 months I had sent it in for a replacement twice because it would not read the discs in both incidents. Since then I have not had any problems. The only thing I can conclude contributed to the failure in reading the disc was the way I stood the console. I now stand it vertically, but initially before the disc read failures I would sit it horizontally.

A word of advice for any of you who have just purchased a PS3 or plan on doing so in the near future. Stand the console vertically and when you finish using it cover it in plastic.
# 13 Nilsen31 @ Apr 14
The Show >>>> MLB 2K9, i have both games and both consoles. The online set up for PS3/The Show is pretty poor, specially when you compare it to Xbox Live. I bought a PS3 just for The Show 08. i've only bought a couple other games since then...i really only play ps3 for The Show. The online in 08 was flawed w/ lag and other problems...and sadly those problems are still there, just not as bad in I mostly just stick with the Career mode
# 14 ewig @ Apr 14
I too bought the PS3 last year specifically for The Show 08, and really haven't regretted that purchase. However, aside from The Show, all of my other sports gaming has been on the 360. I think primarily due to Xbox Live, though I don't play online that much, so maybe I'll start shifting over to the PS3 for NCAA football, etc.
# 15 TLizChosen @ Apr 15
I have both consoles...I play MLB 09 and Killzone 2 on the both games. Lag can be an issues with MLB sometimes online, but I am currently playing RTTS. Six months ago I would have said Xbox 360 is the way to go, Live is better etc..etc...the same arguments. For sports titles I would still stay with the 360, but Killzone 2 has lived up to the hype also. I like both, but the PS3 is getting more of my time at the moment because of baseball.
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