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Madden: The only way online franchise will work 
Posted on September 18, 2011 at 10:46 PM.
It's obvious for those that know me personally, I love online franchise. It is the one single mode on the Madden franchises that have really introduced re-play longevity for me in this game. Without online franchise, I would play this game for 2 weeks max, then pick it up here and there while I run off and kill some zombies in resident evil, or shoot my buddies on call of duty.

I've been at it since Madden 10 was released. (Which I also believe was the first year that the franchises were TRULY implemented.) And finally, I have decided that this mode just simply will never work how EA has intended it to unless they implement salary caps and contracts. You can do fantasy draft leagues, which will help it stay fun for you. But who doesn't want to play an actual NFL season with their favorite team against a whole bunch of ACTUAL people?

I haven't got anywhere to go with this, other than the fact that EA needs to get it done. And quite frankly, it's crucial to the survival of the Madden franchise with the amount of people that are becoming addicted to online franchise.
# 1 Love The Lancer @ Sep 18
I personally don't like online franchise. Ppl Not playing etc, and unless u have a person per team it ain't worth it too much but I think they were putting both salary caps an contracts in next years game with whole new commentary. And they prob won't do much to offline next year (which I like) so I prob won't be picking it up lol. But they did say they were improving online franchise and commentary for fact so madden 13 is the game for you. Only 11 and a half months away
# 2 Gritblitzer @ Sep 19
I've been in online franchise mode with 30-32 owners for 3 maddens in a row now. 21 or so of the 30 owners have been the same 21 guys. We complete 15-20 seasons every game.
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