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Turning off private messages 
Posted on April 14, 2009 at 10:23 AM.
Sorry guys, but as we are getting closer and closer to final the amount of time I am able to spend on the site will decrease, so for now I am also turning off private messages as they were just coming too fast and too often (upwards of 20 a day).

I will definitely keep responding to posts and threads.
# 1 lgxjames @ Apr 14
# 2 bang911 @ Apr 14
Makes sense to me. Surely you were receiving plenty of crummy ideas and questions. Just swing by the forums every so often and check out the best posts.
# 3 rspencer86 @ Apr 14
I don't think I've received 20 PMs in the 5 years I've been here.

Keep up the good work, Ian!
# 4 jWILL253 @ Apr 14
Cool. Just accept my friendship request...
# 5 green94 @ Apr 14
You've done more than enough already - finish this bad boy up!

Thanks again.
# 6 bowdown2shadi @ Apr 14
Im sure we all understand.

Just dont walk into those threads that say you never answer questions, your hiding features from us, etc when its only April

Hope Madden turns out great! Like green94 stated, "finish this bad boy up!"
# 7 Golden28 @ Apr 14
Recieved and understood.
# 8 Steve_OS @ Apr 14
Sooooo lazy...

Totally understandable Ian. Looking forward to the next update.
# 9 monkeybutlerz @ Apr 14
Understandable, keep up the good work.
# 10 XtremeDunkz @ Apr 15
Totally understandable Ian
# 11 thudias @ Apr 15
Cool thanks for hanging on as long as you did.
# 12 Nature_Boy @ Apr 18
Understandable, you are a very busy man. I'm pulling for you and the rest of the crew to make Madden 10 the game we have always wanted. Best of luck and thanks for the blogs and updates.
# 13 MattIntellect @ May 6
Your number one priority is to finish the game. Forget about private messages right now, but still continue to interact on the forums.
# 14 nm1043 @ May 7
hey ian. is there a way to privately contact you? i have a question i need to ask. thanks
# 15 RogueHominid @ Jun 3
I saw that you had dropped off the boards due to some undesirable reactions to video clips, but I've been following the E3 news and I'm really impressed by a number of things that have changed in this year's Madden.

I'm an APF junkie, and I can honestly say that this game has gotten compelling again for me. The E3 returns have guaranteed a purchase from me, and your team deserves kudos for getting this thing moving back to core football.

Some things I'm really appreciative of include:
--the love shown to franchise by the addition of Looman
--the changes to QB accuracy, which are fantastic and clearly visible from the E3 vids
--the momentum tuning
--the implementation of pro-tak, which makes plays feel "alive" and fresh
--the improvements to DB AI, as I saw several instances of good man coverage negating a play.

Most of all, though, I was impressed by your interview with Allgames, or whomever that was. You can tell a PR guy a mile away, but I could tell that your spiel on returning to core football was sincere and legit, not another thing on the list of EA "features." That alone is winning my money.

Keep up the good work, and thanks for the effort with the OS community, which I know can be rewarding at times and frustrating at others.



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