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You are a LOSER! 
Posted on November 28, 2008 at 01:51 PM.
YEAH! IT'S FINALLY HERE! The final piece I have been waiting for to start my dynasty in NCAA Basketball 09. I got my rosters, settled on my slider set, and now the patch has arrived for 360 owners. Going to get ready and start to build up the JU Dolphin basketball program to atleast a respectable one. I am hoping I can turn them into the "Gonzaga" of the South if you will, making them somewhat relevant in the college basketball world. While this has me very excited, my wife, for some unknown reason, doesn't share or even quite understand my enthusiasm....

I am not sure exactly when it all started.....but I have been a "loser" for quite some time now. Well I don't exactly think that I am such a loser at all. Infact, I have very high self esteem. You see, "loser" is a term my wife calls me whenever she is walking in on me when I am in the middle of one of my Dynasties, Legacies, or Career modes. Yup, she always seems to walk in at just the right moment:

- when I am staring at my roster: She walks in and says, "what are you doing? You are not even playing!" I try and explain to her that I am trying to figure out if I should bench Andre Miller because Lou Williams has been outperforming him by a longshot. But if I bench Miller, his morale will go down and he will become some sort of locker room cancer that I don't want to have to deal with for the rest of the year. I am trying to win a championship here! Not really listening to a word I just said, she starts to walk back upstairs quietly whispering the word, "loser"....I am not sure whether or not she meant for me to hear her, but I didn't have time to worry about it. I have too many things to worry about already. I am trading Miller away!

- when I am recruiting: Fictitious names, heights, weights, 40 times are all that are on my screen when she walks in this time. She kind of smirks and says, "what are you playing now?"

Me: "NCAA Football....I'm recruiting."
Her: "Oh, isn't that where you have to get guys to come to play for you?"
Me: "Yup, trying to get this guy to come to South Florida...he's 6'6" and runs a 4.1...can you believe that?! 6'6"!! He looks like he's narrowed it down to Georgia Tech, Georgia, and us!
Her: "Us?"
Me: "yeah, us....USF. That's who I coach now. We really need help at QB because Matt may be going pro next year, but I am really hoping we get this guy. He can really be something special! I have never had a shot with a WR of this caliber. Plus, he's from Florida...I have that advantage over Georgia and Geogia Tech. I am hoping he wants to stay close to home."

I turn around and notice that I have just been talking to myself. She had already made it up the stairs before I even finished talking about our program!

- when I am in the final minutes of a tight game: I'm Syracuse on the road against Duke and I have led pretty much the entire game in Cameron Indoor Stadium. Duke goes on a 8-0 run to cut the lead to 2 with 1:15 remaining. I have the ball trying to slow the tempo down. The Cameron crazies are rockin! As Johnny Flynn is dribbling the ball up the court for us, I gesture both of my hands with my palms facing down in a motion towards the carpet telling my team to slow it down. Greg Paulus steals an entry pass to the post and Duke is off to another fastbreak! I yell out, "GET BACK!". Paulus is streaking upcourt and passes to Scheyer in the corner for 3......its good! 11-0 run, Duke takes the lead with under a minute left and the Cameron Crazies are going wild. I shake my head in disgust and I literally make the "time-out" signal with my hands before pressing the "start" button on my controller. I start to talk out loud as if my team was right there in my living room while making some subs on the screen..."c'mon guys! stay calm, get it together....we have to score here....get the ball down low!....LET's GO!!".

I do all this not knowing my wife has been secretly sitting behind me. I didn't even notice her walk in the room (I sit in a chair directly in front of our tv with the couch behind me). She looks at me in awe wondering how I can be so intense over a video game against the cpu. She begins to make the "L" with her index finger and thumb and places it on her forhead and walks back upstairs to our room.

There are other moments when she has walked in and pointed out how much of a loser I am..... but I am going to stop here as I am starting to realize after typing all this that maybe she is right afterall. Sometimes I can't believe how immersed I get into these games. Now that games have started to include "player personalities", "team chemistry", and other intangible factors, I am starting to think that it will only get worse.

Maybe, I will just have to tone it down a notch. Yeah, I won't make the timeout signal with my hands when calling a timeout....have to admit, that does feel kind of "loser-ish". lol

It's a good thing she doesn't know what I think about while I am at work! Sitting here thinking about my next game and who I am going to start.....and how am I going to stop their top scorer. Thinking about the mistakes I made the previous night and the calls I should have made. Oh my, I am such a loser....
# 1 GoToledo @ Nov 28
Glad to know that I am not the only one who makes the time out signal with his hands while playing.
# 2 K_rob11 @ Nov 28
lol...yeah, i do it all the time. But its even worse for me sometimes that I actually "talk" to my guys during the timeouts!
# 3 duke776 @ Nov 28
Funny read! I'm the same way with games, I don't make the timeout signals but I do talk to the TV and try to get them going, I'm not sure why I do it because there is no way it helps, but maybe it just helps me mentally. I also find myself thinking about my dynasty when I'm at school or in the car, I'll be thinking about which recruit I should try to get or who I should start. I don't think I'd be able to play video games if I didn't do any of those things. Getting into the dynasty makes it fun for me, and if I'm laid back and don't do any of that stuff I'll lose interest.
# 4 Tomba @ Dec 1
Me: "NCAA Football....I'm recruiting."
Her: "Oh, isn't that where you have to get guys to come to play for you?"


Good humor man...
# 5 JBH3 @ Dec 2
KRobb...Awesome write-up...we pretty much are the same w/ exception to making 'TO' hand signals...But yea I yell, talk, holler at the game...Occasionally slam my fist onto my Ikea coffe table.

Only difference is my 360 is in the basement in my man-cave where no woman dare steps a foot into...well...of course my wife is welcome, but much like yours - and I'm sure all women - she doesn't get how we men can get sooo into a video game.

Its just like how I can't understand that it takes her two days to by one freaking fashion garment on-line...she'll fill up a shopping bag, and then over the course of a day, 2 days, a week maybe will narrow down this huge shopping bag to one or two things - I guess mentally trying it on and what not.

Just those little things that make us extremely different...My advice move the console down to the basement if you have one, and seek help if the players start to talk back to you during a timeout.
# 6 K_rob11 @ Dec 2
lol JBH3....thanks for reading. Yeah, unfortunately we don't have a basement. She is usually watching Law and Order or House in our bedroom and I have the living room all to myself...but we do have another room upstairs that I am working on...when its finished, that will be the "gameroom"/ man-cave if you will. It will be better because it has a door!
# 7 dxdude2004 @ Aug 11
Lol that's a shame about your wife thinking that. My uncle is obssesed with playing NCAA Football 06, and I'm pretty sure his wife is fine with it. She enjoys watching him play I think, as long as he doesn't get TOO obssesed.
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