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Are You a Student of the NFL Game? 
Posted on July 31, 2012 at 01:18 AM.
I love the game of football. I've played the game since I was a child all though high school. After school I played in ultra competative flag football leagues and even played a year of Semi-pro. I tried out for an Arena League 2 team while I was stationed in Hawaii. I wasn't good enough so I moved on to coaching. That is the second time I fell in love with football. There is something incredible about teaching your passion to the next generation and watching the exact details that you instructed to lead to break throughs and big plays.

With that I mind I encourage anyone who wants to get a better grasp of the NFL games, and the concepts, of their favorite team(or any teams)game to invest the $70 into the "NEW" NFL Game Rewind promotion. Why, the "NEW" becuase unlike years past with this where you would only get select plays from the Coaches film (aka All 22 film) you get every play of the game and you get it from two angles. The All 22 is a sideline view that show all the players on the field, and the high endzone cam that show the offensive and defensive line play. This is such an incredible way to watch a game and see "what really happened."

I've wanted to see this so bad, 2 years ago I called NFL films looking to buy tape from seasons past, only to find out it isn't sold to people like my self. As a coach, I'm always looking for new plays/schemes/philosphies. I have PDF files of 1983 Chargers Playbook under Don Coryell, Urban Myers 2004 Utah offense, 2004 Denver Broncos playbook under Mike Shanahan. I love the game, and from time to time, in my coaching I will "steal" a play from this coach or that. I love the X's and O's of football.

That leads me to why I am looking forward to Game Rewind this year. How many remember the week 2 game between the Arizona Cardinals and the Washington Redskins. Washington won the game on a gutsy 4th and 3 call trailing 21-13 from the Arizona 18. If not take a look here.

As a skins fan let me tell you that was ****ing awesome! As a football fan/nerd I wanted to know how did Santana get so wide open? What did Rex see? Was anyone else open? What was the route combinations on that bunch side that allowed that to all happen. It happens so fast that at times you miss things. Which is why I love the All 22. From the broadcast film you can't see that there was just a single high safety and he didn't get to the corner quick enough. (All-Pro Adrian Wilson) So lets see that from another angle.

First here is the play that Washington ran. How was I able to recreate it exactly? I uses the All 22 to help diagram it.
The Play

Here is a breakdown of it using the Game Rewind All 22 film.


What does that look tell you about the defense?

After Gaffney's motion

It's hard to see, but rookie CB Patrick Peterson followed Gaffney, and Arizona looks to be running man to man with just a single high safety, probably playing the run. Also notice Wilson is playing on the far has from the formations strong side. Seems like a rather small detail, but the distance between those hashes is 6 yards 6 inches, and as the play continues those 6 yards would play a role later in the play.

Just after Rex releases the ball

Remember this was a 4th and 3. Rex the self proclaimed "gun slinger" went for the 6 on a critical down. He had other options. Do you see them? He had rookie RB Roy Helu uncovered underneath the play, he had Jabbar Gaffney open on the out route to his rigth, but he went for Santana who had beat his man and was in a position where Wilson was out of position to defend a well thrown ball, which Rex's throw was.

It's throws and confidance like that that makes me able to tolerate Rex, not many marginal QB's have the stones to take a chance like that with the game basically on the line. It's too bad his gunslinger mentality, isn't matched with a Brett Farve like arm.

It's also worth noting that this was Patrick Peterson's second NFL game, and it looks like the was caught thinking not reacting leading to the separation that Moss a verteran and pretty good route runner was able to get one on the 1st round pick.

As will all coaches film they also show you from the raised endzone cam so you can focus on the offensive line. Lets take a look a the protection Sexy Rexy had on this play.


Looks like a simple 4 man rush with no obvious blitz being shown by the Cards.

Right before the throw

Here you can see that Washington not only has this blocked up well, but it looks like Donte Stallworth running the shallow crossing route has the attention of 3 defenders and despite the attempt of the DT to slow down the releasing Helu, he would clear him and have room to work.


Here you can see that the "help" got there way, way to late to prevent the score. All Moss had to do was keep his feet in bounds.

So there you go. No, I have no stock in I just think that if you love the Xs and Os of football you may want to consider investing in Game Rewind. It is an awesome tool. Sorry for the quality of the pictures. Hope you enjoyed this. Let me know what you think.

Edit: Some of the pictures are too big for this blog layout, so if need be view it in a separate window.
# 1 Raw Energy @ Jul 31
Good write up bro. I might have to look into to that to study and break down my team (detroit) so I can really get into x's and o's with football heads. Also it will help for football also
# 2 N51_rob @ Jul 31
Thanks! Glad you enjoyed!
# 3 Sublime12089 @ Jul 31
yea, great post. I grabbed the Rewind package when it was revealed that they would be releasing the coaches film. I have never played organized football but am interested in the strategy of it. I would def be interested in any other plays you feel like diagramming or if you have reccomendations of sites to look at.
# 4 Chrisksaint @ Aug 3
Great post, going to have to look into this NFL Rewind more if I ever take the idea of trying to catch on as a HS coach down the line seriously.
# 5 servo75 @ Aug 7
I'm definitely considering this. I'm not a coach but just an avid fan and want to learn more about X & O strategy. Any pointers on websites or books?
# 6 Gaycandybacon @ Aug 13
Great Analysis of that play!
# 7 jhogan3132 @ Dec 4
wow in another life you and i could have been great friends!
# 8 StormsWarning @ Oct 30
this is really great Rob i like how this was broken down, it's amazing to me how much OS has to offer, outside @ looking at the same ol threads. ty for this, i look forward to much more bro.
# 9 Frythatchicken @ Nov 7
Yes, i have this and it is the greatest thing ever. I just hate that they don't let you connect it to your tv from ipad... unless i'm missing something...My wife thinks i'm crazy watching it and breaking it down but when I went back and showed her the breakdown of the superbowl throw Manning made vs pats and how the safety made one false step that didn't allow him to get off the hash in time to cover that streak by maningham, she saw how the game is truly about inches. Now a regular broadcast never shows that safety taking the one false step...which lead to what would be a pivotal play to win the chip for the giants.
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