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The Beauty of Player Development in Madden 13. 
Posted on August 21, 2012 at 01:13 PM.
The Beauty of Player Development in Madden 13

Three years ago the release of Madden 10 was a sad day for many offline franchise users. Madden 10 was the year that player potential ratings made their first appearance on next-gen consoles, and the future of our virtual NFL players were noticeably scripted.

One of my favorite players in the league at the time was Washington Redskin's tight end Fred Davis, and I was disappointed when I saw his player potential rating of "D." No matter what happened in my offline franchise, I could never witness Fred Davis progress past 69 OVR or become a starting-calibar tight end in Madden 10.
My post from back in the day:]The Fred Davis vs. Jermichael Finley Debate

Fortunately, gone are the Madden days of old; when the hard cap on player potential stunted a player's growth and development. With the new and glorious XP system in Connected Careers Mode, we can develop anyone into an elite player.

"You've proved them wrong Fred. Your rating comes in at 83 OVR in Madden 13."

The story of Thomas Howard:
My friends have an ongoing joke that every woman I date takes a backseat to Bengals outside linebacker Thomas Howard. Since 2006 I have traded for Howard in every Madden offline franchise I've played because he ranks among the elite pass coverage linebackers in Madden. His ratings don't blow anyone away, but I love linebackers that can blanket a tight end and he was always my best option.

Thanks to the new XP system this year, I can retire my annual ritual of trading for Thomas Howard and develop my own pass coverage OLB's.

"Enjoy staying in Cincinnati my friend, I won't have to trade for you anymore."

Backup quarterbacks:
Perhaps the most exciting development in the new XP system, is the ability to develop backup quarterbacks. In past Maddens, users would be limited in developing quarterbacks that held the clipboard behind the likes of Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. Without on-field experience, backup quarterbacks would struggle to reach their full pre-determined potential. Now, we finally have the option to start developing our backup quarterback as our elite starter reaches the twilight of his career.

I'm looking at you Brock Osweiler:

Player Resurrection:
Another bonus to the new XP system is the ability to resurrect the careers of former "busts." Players like Vince Young, Matt Leinart, and Vernon Gholston come to mind; high draft picks who never fulfilled their potential. I personally would love to see if I can bring Vince Young back to prominence and into elite QB status.

"Move over Jim Kelly. By the time I'm done with him, Vince Young will be Buffalo's best ever quarterback."

The next Wes Welker or James Harrison:
Maybe you're the kind of user who likes to see an underdog succeed in the NFL. Maybe you want to take an undrafted player and mold him into a Pro Bowler. No longer will we cut that 72 OVR undrafted free agent MLB in favor of the 61 OVR third round MLB due to potential ratings. We are now more inclined to stick with the underdog because his future isn't scripted; we control his destiny.

"Mark Herzlich; the next Ray Lewis in my CCM"

Finally, the futures of our virtual NFL players are no longer scripted for success or failure. We are in control, and I think the new XP system is beautiful.

What do you think about the new XP system? What is your favorite part about it? Do you love it as much as I do?
# 1 BustaRyhmes @ Aug 24
I love that they have come up with a good system to develop players.

As for my favorite fullback it all depends what system I will run. If I am going to have a passing team, I love to have John Kuuuuuuuuuhn! But, if I have a running team I will usually get Greg Jones or settle for a FA fullback like Quinn johnson.
# 2 CoreyMiller718 @ Sep 2
I think its the greatest thing ever created and this is what made me love madden again. I cant wait to grab a copy.
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