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Glitch in the Matrix 
Posted on January 17, 2010 at 10:41 PM.
Compared to other software, games easily have far more bugs than their business software counterparts and of the various types of games on the market sports games are easily the buggiest. I have been playing Madden NFL 10 off and on for the last couple of months and over that time I have easily seen roughly 100 bugs and dare I mention NBA 2K10 as an example, which upon release was easily the buggiest game I have ever owned and I own over 600+ games.

Gaming companies don't have to engage their customer base on a daily basis, and thus their quality is only measured by units sold. Once the money is in the company's hands, they have no more interest in their customer until the next game release in which they will promise everything under the sun, most importantly they will campaign vigorously that they have addressed the previous games short comings. It's only after the purchase that the consumer finds they have been abused once again. With money in hand, the gaming company begins on their next product... and thus the cycle continues.

Some bugs are major, and some are minor. Some frustrate gamers to no end effectively ruining the gaming experience for them (such as the OverLay Ads in Madden 10 displaying on every play), and some just make you laugh. Per my experience in the football arena, EA's Madden game has been far more bug ridden than the 2K's game, with APF2K8 being the last release. Yet one thing they both have is a minor graphics glitch. Thankfully it's one that just makes you smile.

Madden 10's Graphic Glitch occurs on the sidelines with created teams. I'm not sure what triggers it as it's definitely not there all the time, but when it is there it will definitely catch your eye.

Madden provided some whacked out players on the side lines, but that's nothing when compared to the warped pigmen faces from All Pro Football 2K8. I posted the pigmen faces below originally on the website, and I titled it 'Glitch in the Matrix' because the name of the player with the Pigmen face is 'Anderson'.

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