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Getting rid of old games 
Posted on September 21, 2011 at 02:42 PM.
Hey all,

I have been meaning to get rid of a bunch of PS3, XBOX 360 and PS2 games and today I finally sorted out the ones I dont play/want anymore. I went through on Amazon and found out the trade in values for all the games and after adding them up, its a decent amount (helps cover a new printer I just purchased, and then some.)

But I have also contemplated ebay since I could get more for an individual game than I would with a trade in, but the chances of actually getting anything in return would be a lot lower for some games. Just out of curiosity, I looked up Madden 2005 and there were pages and pages of that game with no bids, so I know that game, and ones like it, would probably sit on my shelf for a long time. Granted, not each game is a sports game, there are plenty of rpgs and others in there too but it kind of seems the case, especially with the PS2 ones.

Also, with ebay, I would probably end up selling and shipping each one individually so all those costs would affect me too, not to mention the time factor as well.

Anyway, just curious as to what you guys think and if you have done either, what your experiences were.
# 1 gilla @ Sep 21
I always trade my games into Gamestop when they have promos on like an extra 50% when getting a new game, or trade two plus $9.99 for a new release, works out pretty good when you can trade in something like nba2k11 and get $25 off nba2k12
# 2 RB10 @ Sep 21
UMD Bulldogs? My sister-in-law is going to college there! Small world.
# 3 aldon_47 @ Sep 21
The nearest gamestop is about an hour away so unless they are having a good deal, its not really on my radar but I have given it some thought.

Love the Dogs! I didnt go to school there but live about an hour away from the school. My dad is a huge fan of them and Ive had a few friends go to school there. Plus its been great seeing them dominate once in again in hockey and football.
# 4 bigdoc85 @ Sep 21
I think Amazon is a reasonable alternative. If I have games that are in-demand, I'll sell them on ebay, but many games that are a few years old (especially sports games) will sell for virtually nothing on ebay and with shipping costs and the cost of gas to drive to the post office, you might actually lose money.
# 5 bigdoc85 @ Sep 21
By the way, I have used amazon and traded in games that way and it worked well. You know the trade-in value up front so you can determine whether to go that route. I have sold many on ebay but again, unless you have something that people really want, sometimes it's not worth the headache.
# 6 aldon_47 @ Sep 21
bigdoc, those were my thoughts as well. Yeah a lot of my games have a minimal trade in value but I would rather get that instead of never seeing them move on ebay. I did check some of the more rare games on ebay and even though the price was higher, there were no bids so I dont think they would move anyway.

Thanks for all of the imput!
# 7 bigdoc85 @ Sep 22
You're welcome, aldon! I was kicking myself a couple of months ago because I sold a game on ebay and it only went for $13.50 when the trade-in value on Amazon was $15.00! Further, with ebay, you still have to pay a % (just under 10%) of the sales price to ebay as a seller's fee so keep that in mind as well.
# 8 stlstudios189 @ Sep 22
yeah Amazon might be your best bet. I have been pondering getting rid of my original xbox and a bunch of games too but, don't want to do ebay either
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