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Best and Worst threads... 
Posted on November 28, 2008 at 07:10 AM.
I was at work today debating with a friend/fellow co-worker about the best looking uniforms in sports. I personally weigh several factors in making my choices, some being tradition (have they stayed relatively the same over the years?), notoriety (would some hick in the mountains of Nevada recognize it?), and uniqueness would be a few. But the most important factor, I think, in having a truly great uniform is simplicity. Two or three color schemes are really all you need to identify yourself in the sports world (It'd be silly to see Bears fans painted 9 different colors of the rainbow rather than orange and blue). I don't "bleed black, silver, blue, orange, red, yellow, gold, and white" all at once. Point being, some teams take it too far or stray too far from the simple colors/logos that define them. Many of the newer teams try too hard to make something that looks "cool" enough that the masses will buy their gear. That's NOT what its about. They need to look back at some of the all time greats to see what it takes to identify yourself in the sports world. Here's a few of my favorites.....
Cleveland Browns

These simple orange, brown, and white duds have stood the test of time IMHO. Their helmets don't even have a logo on them yet even the most casual football fan could identify them by it.

New York Mets (home whites and road greys)

The Mets are unique to me because they adopted the colors of the two baseball teams that left NYC to go west (Dodgers and Giants). Their hat features the exact same logo that the New York Baseball Giants once donned in orange while the hat itself is classic "Dodger blue". I don't like that they've infused black into their alternates in recent years but their regular home whites and road greys are cool enough to make my list.

Detriot Red Wings

This is probably my second favorite uni in sports. The winged wheel symbolizes their city and team better than any other logo. Being that I'm a die hard Blackhawks fan this is a uni that I love to hate and if they ever were to change it, I'd outright loathe them.

Since I've covered every other major sport, here's one of my favorite basketball unis....
Boston Celtics

Two or three colors and a team/city name is all it takes for me to dig a basketball uniform. Boston pulls this off perfectly. That being said GO BULLS!!!

to be continued.....
# 1 nyisles16 @ Nov 28
Agreed - those are some nice uni choices there... can't wait to see your worst uni's..
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