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What can we expect from the next generation of NCAA Football? Stuck
Posted on April 22, 2013 at 03:10 PM.

With the next generation of consoles dropping over the next eight months, it brings to mind some very important questions for sports video games fans. If you are an avid sports gamer, then you surely remember the video that EA released of the Eagles and the Giants before Madden NFL 06 dropped that supposedly depicted what the current generation of systems were going to be capable of.

While there have been some impressive advances in the current iteration of sports games, obviously we have not come close to breaching that type of level of detail and graphical enhancement, and I am not sure if the new gen that is coming will get us much closer quite yet either.

Sure, itís a no-brainer with the specs that are being tossed around, and the in-game videos that were shown at the Sony PS4 announcement party, that there will be a rather nice advancement in the graphical department, but it does not approach the jump that took place on the Playstation 2 from its predecessor the original Playstation. I wanted to take a realistic look at what sports gamers can expect in terms of advances in their beloved titles, and how quickly they can expect them.

I think it is safe to say that initially we will see a decent graphical jump in regards to player likenesses, player movement and interaction, uniform depiction, stadium upgrades, and weather.

Where I really think that people will notice the differences though, will be the depth the developers will now be able to obtain for each title.

For instance, in EAís NCAA Football series: we expect to see a true pre-game, post game, and halftime show eventually in the series. We also expect a larger integration of campus likenesses and stadium interaction. We also believe that in-game dialog between the announcers will be much more refined and game specific, with the ability to talk about what truly is going on in the game, and how certain individuals are affecting the game, all while being much less repetitive.

We expect to see in-game updates like what was included this year, but with actual video. We are hoping that for all you online dynasty nuts out there, they will now be able to show cut-away video of other user games, during your game. They should now have the ability to have a BCS bowl show, and include presentation for the season kick-off games, and bowl, and BCS championship games that replicates what we see on TV. I feel that none of what we mentioned should be beyond the scope of what realistically should make it onto this generation of consoles, and even more.

In part 2, we will take a look at would should be possible in a couple of other games, and what next gen may have in store for online possibilities.
# 1 Sportzfan0290 @ Apr 22
I expect to eventually see the Rebirth of the FCS schools. We can only pray imagine the coaching carousel imagine the recruiting difficulty. That's what I expect eventually.
# 2 kunner @ Apr 22
I really think that the presentation part of NCAA has needed a complete overhaul for quite a few years. There is no reason why some other games have really good and realistic presentation, while NCAA always lags behind in this area. Im really hoping that there is a realistic pre-game, half-time and post-game show. Also definitely agree with a pre-season and bowl season show.
# 3 txprivates @ Apr 22
I think it will take a few years on next-gen, but I believe that we will eventually have an AD mode.

I agree with the pre game modes, hopefully we can get a second broadcast team as well. Heisman trophy presentation maybe. Will finally get a broadcast view.

I think teambuilder will go away and replaced with a generic create-a-school, the FCS schools will eventually be included...have a few added each year.

Play a season mode where the teams record is updated in real-time through the bowl games...ok that was just wishful thinking.

More recruiting options on dynasty mode that includes texting with preset messages.
# 4 eagskerfan @ Apr 22
If history is any indication, we'll have generic stadiums for about a third of the teams. No create-a-school, no change of sun position during a game, no refs on the field, less showing of the crowds. Pregame entrances will be gone. There will be no gang tackling, and not all penalties will be visible. And then within ten years later, some of those will come back but with different names (but will be listed as innovative features). There will still be no FCS teams, although they could on the ps2, xbox, and game cube. The one feature that will make the next jump will be mascot mashup.

Am I missing anything else?
# 5 BBallcoach @ Apr 22
we will never see FCS in a NCAA game as long as teambuilder is around.
# 6 Sandhu246 @ Apr 22
Division 2 schools and I'm hoping more Game Modes since they can add a ton more. Also need better D-Line and O-Line interaction. Would like to see a CREATE A SCHOOL also. Just build a school from the bottom pretty much.
# 7 BigBadTom @ Apr 22
We would see game updates but with videos"? I'm confused because that has nothing to do with Next Gen simply because NFL 2k5 did in on Xbox/PS2 years ago... High 5 EA!
# 8 carvis#15 @ Apr 23
I think it will actually go well. The beginning of this gen, we were stuck with some pretty bad game developers for the EA football franchise. These new guys like Cam Weber and Victor Lugo seem to have a pretty good sense of direction. I think everyone's expectations for this current gen was high and obviously not met. As for this next one, I am excited to how their foundation will be for future games. I just hope it isn't another "add a feature and take it out in a couple of years" type of thing. I want to see more of a build up of good, solid, innovative ideas.
# 9 malky @ Apr 23
Actually no more bcs stuff all playoff coverage
# 10 Sausage @ Apr 23
I think both Madden and NCAA are in a no identity limbo. It doesn't know who it wants to be and so its just stuck and confused in mediocrity. It will be more of the same on PS4/XBOX 360-2, a bunch of disappointed hardcore older guys shaking our head at there latest feature list.
# 11 NoSupport615 @ Apr 25
A new company to make football games lol
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