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What can we expect from the next generation of Nascar and Tiger Woods? (Part 2 of 3) Stuck
Posted on April 24, 2013 at 02:20 PM.

In my initial blog post in my series, what will next-gen gaming mean to sports gamers, we took a look at what some of the possibilities of what next-gen might look like in the NCAA franchise. In our 2nd part of this three part series, I wanted to take a look at what next-gen might mean for a couple of other sports games, NASCAR and Tiger Woods.

When next-gen hits, I think depth is where next-gen sports titles are really going to shine. For instance if we looked at what might be possible in a next-gen NASCAR franchise, there are a lot of really interesting things that could be added with the power of next-gen.

Some of the obvious additions we might see in Eutechnyx’s NASCAR series would be the inclusion of the Nationwide and Camping World truck series. Including those two series are absolutely a no-brainer, and we should also see a much deeper career mode, and a full online co-op season with full stat tracking. We would like to think that on-line leagues that cover the entire NASCAR season with the ability to add AI drivers is a given, but I am not as sure on that being a direction Eutechnyx would take.

One would have to think that fully interactive pit-stops will finally make its way into the series, and contract renewals and bidding wars for you as you progress in your career will also find its way into the franchise. We might also see a true track editor/creator included in the game despite developers stating there is just no value in creating fantasy tacks for DLC release. True interactive weather, and dynamic crowd attendance are an afterthought on this gen, but it's likely both will be in next-gen NASCAR games.

Let’s be honest, if you had a rain out and had to race on a Monday with only 60% crowd attendance, that would be pretty immersive. We will hopefully see a skin shop where people can create and sell their creations for Xbox live points, for others to use in all modes. Obviously there is so much that could be done within a NASCAR title, and I just touched on a few of the things we might see early on.

Another title that we think will see some really cool upgrades will be the Tiger Woods PGA Tour series. While EA has done a very nice job with this year’s title in regards to difficulty, there is still so much more that can be added in regards to presentation, and I think it will be with the new systems coming.

Obviously EA needs to include an actual and authentic presentation for each major that replicates what we see on TV. The cut-scenes are OK this year, but they are nothing that draw you in and captures you as if they were from a real broadcast.

It is also about time that EA adds massive crowds following the final group on a Sunday as they are approaching the 17th and 18th hole. If you have the tournament won on the approach of the green on the 18th, we should see cut scenes/videos of the crowd standing up and cheering for you with a wide, drawn back shot that shows the crowd standing and you walking down the fairway.

We also believe we will see the next step in the Country Club mode. Members of each country club should be able to do a whole PGA Tour season together, with full stat tracking and Fed Ex scoring built into the game. This currently has to be done by the CC creator outside of the game, and there is just no reason for it. Once again there is so much more that should be possible, but I just wanted to cover just a few ideas which we could see as the next-generation arrives.

In the next, and last part of this series we will cover what MLB and NBA might look like on the next systems and what they could offer on top of this generation.
# 1 Kentucky_Wildcat23 @ Apr 23
As a life long NASCAR fan I am waiting for there to be Nationwide and Truck series put back into the games. EA made great NASCAR games and I loved the way they had you work your way from the low of the low up to the top all while being able to start your own teams. If they can add this in the Next Gen games I'll buy them again, but not until then.
# 2 radney @ Apr 24
Hopefully, we can see all 3 top series of NASCAR in the next title. I also hope to see a deeper career mode where you can race your own paint scheme as well as keeping your stats from the start of your career and to be able to build your team from the ground up. Better crash, physics, weather and lighting effects would be nice too.
# 3 F0rl3fclov3r @ Apr 24
They should make golf games more enjoyable in general. I bought the new Tiger after last owning Tiger 10, and in all honesty, it's roughly the same game. A few additions here, new courses there, better graphics here, but besides these obvious minor tweaks that happen in every game year to year, nothing new to grab my attention.

How about an idea like this. Real life golf.

That simple, things like walking from one hole to the next or walking to your next ball, trying to find your ball cause you don't have a caddy, losing it and having to grab another out of the bag and taking a drop. These are the things in real life golf I enjoy but can't be replicated in a video game...yet.

That's just one idea, how about adding in golf carts and allowing you to ride those, letting you drink imaginary beers and then your attributes go down slightly (or up in my case) after every beer you drink.

Bring the fun of real life golf to the video game golf. That's the key.
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