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Icon1 Uniform Updates 4.0

I am going to go ahead and lead the cause for great uniforms in NCAA 13. Same set up as years past... I will post new unis, rumors, throwbacks, fixes, etc. With the game out and TeamBuilder being available, it should be pretty easy to figure things out. And yes, the art department for NCAA does use this thread for reference. Please keep your input organized.

Small related items:

The number "1" is way too thick for numerous teams - Mizzou, Nebraska, UNLV...
Adjustable Pro-Style socks
Additional sock length between "high" and "mid"
Secondary color for equipment & shoes
Nike Cleats with colored base/white tips.
Manufacturer logo on all equipment
Conference logo change on unis/helmets


Boise St. - blue/orange/white/grey combos
Bowling Green
Buffalo - white/blue tops, white/blue/black pants, no word on helmet
Fresno St. - Rumored blue alternate
Georgia Tech
Indiana - New TechFit design, more traditional look
Kansas - TechFit
Missouri (2012)
NC State - New TechFit design
New Mexico - Being unveiled soon
North Texas
Oklahoma St. - 3 helmets, black/white/grey/orange pants & tops
San Jose State
SMU - New TechFit cut from Adidas
Southern Miss - 3 helmets/new unis
TCU - New helmet as well
UL Lafayette - includes black helmet


Air Force - Grey alternate and helmet/bolt stripe on pants
Arizona St. - White helmet & Maroon helmet
Cal - White helmet
ECU - New striped pants (White stripe on purple pant/purple stripe on white pants), Jolly Roger helmet
Indiana - White Helmet
Iowa St. - White pants
Kent St. - Gold bowl game helmets
Maryland - State flag unis/helmets/sleeves/shoes
Michigan - White pants, white throwback
Mississippi St. - Matte helmet, Golden Egg game unis
NC State - Red helmets, black tops and bottoms
NIU - Black tops
Northwestern - Black tops
Ohio - blackout unis
Oregon - Throwback with Puddles
Rutgers - black matte helmet
SMU - Black tops
Temple- "T" logo helmets
USF - Green helmet & new white helmet with stripes, gold pants
Vanderbilt - Black helmets
Virginia Tech - Orange Pants, white throwback helmet
Washington St. - Grey "Ghost" helmet
Wyoming - Brown on Brown helmet, White "WYO" top, brown sock option


Boise St.
Michigan St.
Ohio St.


South Carolina
Texas Tech


Arizona - White helmets need white facemasks, Remove "A" from pants
Arizona St. - Missing Pac 12 logo from tops, Missing helmet decals on back
Auburn - SEC patch on uni needs added/slanted pant stripe
Boise St. - Regular blue helmets need a grey facemask
Cincinnati - Removed black stripe from pants
Clemson - Helmet logo is too small
Colorado - No Pac-12 patch on unis so far IRL
Colorado St. - Aggies on nameplate for orange uni, number font needs changed as well
Connecticut - Names on back
Hawaii - Helmet logo is too small
Houston - Red sock option, add helmet stickers
Kansas - new chest word mark/Jayhawk logo
Maryland - all white numbers on red uni
Miami (FL) - Number fonts are too thin
Miami (OH) - add two helmet stripes
Michigan St. - Green color needs to be darker
Missouri - Number font thickness needs adjusted
Mississippi State - Color stripe added
Nebraska - changed number font
North Carolina - Helmets too dark, uniform color needs adjusted
Notre Dame - New gold helmets, matches their golden dome/textured
Tennessee - Orange collar needs changed
Texas Tech - take stripes off white helmet
Tulsa - added white to helmet stripes
UCLA - Pride Stickers
Virginia Tech - Names on back of away unis
Washington - Missing piping from new tops
Washington St. - Missing Pac 12 logo from tops, shoulder stripes need improved, Grey facemasks with grey helmets, Helmet decals are missing from new helmets
Western Kentucky - Namplates on new unis
Western Michigan - added a W to helmet


Houston (2011)
Iowa (2010)
Kansas (2011)
Miami, OH (2010)
Michigan (2011)
Nebraska (2010)
Notre Dame (2011)
Tulsa (worn the last 3 seasons at least once)


Florida - White ProCombat helmets (hopefully we can finally get these), Scales orange ProCombat helmet
Georgia – Black helmets, black jerseys, black pants
Marshall - Green helmet
Mid Tennessee St. - Silver Pants
Oregon - Carbon helmets with white "O"
UCF - Gold tops
Vanderbilt - Gold pants


Cincinnati- Red helmet & all black helmet w/black logo
Geogia Tech - black or white helmets
Iowa St. - White helmet
Kentucky - Black alternate
Miami (FL) - Retro uniforms
North Carolina - New uniforms and white helmet
SMU - Black helmets
Washington St. - Black unis

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Re: Uniform Updates 4.0

Kentucky 1
Boise St. 1 2 3
Purdue 1
FIU 1 2
Indiana 1 2
NC State 1
SMU 1 2 3
TCU 1 2
Kansas 1 2
Kent St. 1
Florida 1
Cincinnati 1 2
Michigan St. 1 2
Arizona St. 1
West Virginia 1 2
Maryland 1
Northwestern 1
Rutgers 1
Washington St. 1
Temple 1
Wyoming 1
Baylor 1
Tulsa 1
Iowa 1
Colorado 1
Hawaii 1 2
Mid Tennessee St. 1
Vanderbilt 1
Georgia Tech 1
Clemson 1
Utah 1
Arizona St. 1
Memphis 1
Texas Tech 1 2
New Mexico 1
Tulsa 1 2
Fresno State 1
Georgia PC 1
Duke 1
Maryland 1
Oregon PC 1
Boise St PC 1 2
Southern Miss 1 2
USF 1 2 3
Nebraska 1
Miami (OH) 1
Vanderbilt 1 2
Washington 1 2
Georgia Tech 1
Rice 1
North Texas 1
Colorado St. 1
Ohio 1
Virginia Tech 1
Arkansas St. 1
South Carolina 1
UL Lafayette 1
Houston 1 2 3
Mississippi St. 1
New Mexico St. 1
Air Force 1

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Re: Uniform Updates 4.0

TCU and Boise State have showcased they're Pro Combats for this year. I believe Miami and Texas will also be unveiling new PC's soon.
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Re: Uniform Updates 4.0

We have no way of knowing whether the darker gray uniforms are real or not (it seems odd for them to create a jersey that doesn't exist, given they would have had to have known about the uniforms before they were unveiled, just because we haven't seen them yet doesn't mean they aren't available).

Temple - new T logo helmets
Virginia Tech - away uniforms are missing NOBs
Indiana - have gotten rid of the piping on the sides (just the UCLA stripes now)

I suggest adding a section; MISSING?
In the section will be stuff that was likely removed on purpose, or were excluded because they are not going to be worn again. This way they are shown as not included but not necessarily because they shouldn’t be (i.e. uga has said it will be awhile until they wear black again, SMU only wore the black jerseys once and were likely left out because they don’t plan on wearing them again etc.). It would look like this:

Georgia – Black helmets, black jerseys, black pants
SMU – Black Jerseys
Oregon- Carbon with white O
UCF – Gold uniforms in current design
UMD – missing dark helmets (the fact that they were once in the game but aren’t now seems to scream that they won’t be wearing them and they were asked to be removed, but the promos for the football team include a player holding a black helmet with a “Maryland” decal)

I feel it’s important to separate stuff we know should be in the game, from stuff that is rumored to be used (even with visual evidence i.e. Rutgers Black helmet, Cincinnati alt. helmets). We’ve got 9 months before the next game’s uniforms have to be confirmed let’s not add rumors in with the list of confirmed uniforms. That means leaving specifics about OK State’s uniforms combos out until we get actual confirmation and not just leaked pictures that may or may not be real. I think it’s smart to go ahead and list the rumors (so they don’t get forgotten down the line when they get confirmed (left off the list) or denied (stay on the list despite still not being worn/real)), but they should be listed separately from the real/confirmed stuff.

Basically question marks should not be listed along with stuff that is confirmed .
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Re: Uniform Updates 4.0

Louisville got new uniforms idk if they got updated or not.
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Re: Uniform Updates 4.0

A couple things on Notre Dame uni's. The sometimes wear a prostyle sock with their home uniforms with blue on top and white on the bottom. The wore them a bunch during the 90s and have brought them back a few times the past couple of years. Also, they will be wearing a sweet throwback uni this year against Michigan. They will have shamrocks on their helmets. Would love to see that as an option.

On a side note, I would love to be able to independently change each players sock color. So with white, some with black, and some with high white and mid black like many players do these days. Throwing an Adidas or Nike logo on them would not hurt either.
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Re: Uniform Updates 4.0

Originally Posted by UofL23
Louisville got new uniforms idk if they got updated or not.
Their new unis are in the game. They are on TeamBuilder.
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Re: Uniform Updates 4.0

Originally Posted by BORN4CORN
Their new unis are in the game. They are on TeamBuilder.
okay thanks for the update bro
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