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Newbie Slider Settings

First time I'm playing Madden in in years and got 11 so thought I'd share some of my sliders for beginners.

Default 11 All Pro is just too easy, especially the passing game is too powerful and easy to score. But running I couldn't do anything on default with auto run, could never hit holes or get to the corner. Tried All Madden and it was way to hard for me at the moment.

So did a few things the last week.

Running - set the player setting down to 7. much better. Seems more fair. Can find holes. Started at 5 but that was too easy, so 7 seems right.

Passing/Defense - I fooled around w/ passing player sliders but still was able to do well. So turned around my thinking and it must be the cpu defense. Eventually found the CPU just doesn't get enough drives strung along to score and the cpu defense is piss poor. So what I did is under CPU Skill - set everything at 70 , pass/run/defense/special teams/etc...

With these I am getting really good games now vs the cpu. My offense isn't unstoppable but really has to work in finding the open man passing, and working the running game. The cpu does a much better job defending both run and pass. And the cpu offense can be now lethal when it wants to be. Had a game vs the Packers where Rodgers got Jennings 1v1 against my DB and made a great catch battling the CB for the ball. Never say that animation or type of play by the CPU in this game since I've had it. Also in another game vs the Falcons, Ryan went deep man times vs my secondary which I hadn't seen previously either.

The only thing I sort of see missing w/ what I have is the cpu still doesn't run the ball enough. When it does it does pretty well, if I miss my blocks or holes, it'll get a big 20-30 yard run off me.

Well let me know what you guys think of this setup and please let me know if you suggest any tune ups to what I have.

added later - one ? - how do you make the settings for the kickoff meter like all madden where the bar is very fast instead of the all pro which is a bit easier?

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Re: Newbie Slider Settings

The only way the kicking meter goes fast is if you play on all-madden or use all-madden sliders with the custom sliders set at 15 and each category totaling at 75 or less. Any slider set under 15 or total categories over 75 the kicking meter will go slow because they become all-pro sliders. They make the meter go slow on all-pro to make it easier to kick just like the make the game play easy. They make it go fast on all-madden to make kicking harder and the game play.
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