Player retirements in franchise mode

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Re: Player retirements in franchise mode

Originally Posted by RGmoney
Very true. Every player is not like a Jerry Rice...
I remember being pretty annoyed when he retired on me in Madden 03'.
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Re: Player retirements in franchise mode

Originally Posted by rac
This is off topic but in every franchise I have done, Trent Green has retired after the first season. I think this was predetermined.
He has hinted that this my be his last season

And there are some guys who seem to retire a specific year, but there are others who vary.
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Re: Player retirements in franchise mode

Why dont sports games base more things using probability? Is this possible? I know its impossible to create a true random numbers generator with a computer but how about making use of basic probability when determining things such as player retirements, fumbles, interceptions, break tackles etc both in actual gameplay and out. If everything is based solely on circumstances the AI will be exploited. Why not use an actual players FG % to determine whether or not he makes a shot? If hes wide open bump up his % etc.

This would truly make sports games more realistic and add variability and a sense of "luck" to the games.
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Re: Player retirements in franchise mode

The retirement model is pretty bad, actually. It's not that guys retire in their mid 30s it's that they retire when still playing at the top of their game. If you are an 87+ rated player....you should NOT retire at age 35. Or at least it should be rare.

The problem is part retire model and part player progression algorithm. They're both kind of screwy. In my franchise the aforementioned Trent Green had a Pro Bowl year, had like 33 TDs and 9 INTs, was still rated a 90, and retired. That's a tad loopy.

Yes not every player should be Jerry Rice and play at 42 but a lot of these guys are like Jim Brown, retiring even though they can still kick ***. Both cases are rare in real life. The VAST majority of NFL players are going to play until someone tells them it's time to quit.

What should happen in the game is that these older guys who are 36 and up should drop off, ratings wise, rapidly more often than they do. If Green came off that Pro Bowl year but saw his ratings drop, say, 6 points in the off season, and then he retires, then I think that's totally acceptable. His body says it's time to go. But at a 90 OVR? No way. He'd be back out there looking for another Pro Bowl year.
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Re: Player retirements in franchise mode

I know it has nothing to do with high rated players just retiring. But I simed a year and Donovan McNabb retire due to some kind of an injury during the superbowl which the eagles won over the ravens.
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