Who's getting pumped?

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Re: Who's getting pumped?

I am loving NCAA. But in the past I have loved NCAA and hated Madden. I really haven't liked Madden in some time, and for the past several years have not really looked forward to Madden's release.

That being said, after looking at some of the vids, and reading a few things, and seeing NCAA 2007, I will say that I am optimisitc about Madden this year. Probably more cautiously optimisitic about Madden this year. Which actually is about 20 times more excited for it than I have been for the last 3 years or so.
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Re: Who's getting pumped?

I'm cautiously optimistic also; very curious to see how it turns out. The last 3-4 videos we've seen have looked great from a graphical standpoint; really smooth. A lot of the videos I saw of NCAA weren't all that flattering imo, but the game looks much better when playing it - that could be because of the 30fps thing. If Madden is really running at 60fps, should make for nice smooth visuals.

Biggest dislikes right now are:
- Player interaction (biggie)
- the skating
- the way they have the players strafe/do lateral movement
- QB mechanics still look goofy

QBs throwing pinpoint 65yd bombs while backpedalling looked odd to everybody I showed the videos to. And the occurring-with-frequency behind the back pitches to RBs could be annoying.

Biggest likes:
- Graphics/player proportions improved (although they still don't seem to get the body proportions of a Terrell Owens or Randy Moss correct)
- OL/DL Line play much improved
- players show more emotion post play
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Re: Who's getting pumped?

Ya I'm looking forward to Madden. I like the fact that EA has given the running game a healthy injection of freshness this year.
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