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Who I'm Mad At.....

This is something that has bothered me for some time, but I have never really put it out there due to the climate of the industry...

What's been irking me? Non sports gamers dismissing our genre. I am talking about those guys who think "we're buying the same game every year!!!" lol. The gaming community looks down on us for a couple reasons...

1. They don't like sports so they hate sports games.

2. They don't like EA so they hate on sports games.

I am so tired of these guys trashing what we like. I went to gamefaqs to see what people thought of the demo in the 360 main board and the ignorance was unbelievable. Here's my theory, I think it REALLY bothers the general gaming community that sports games have such a huge draw of devoted fans that have buying power that keeps these games coming out. I can tell they just hate it that our games are even taken into consideration for their system wars and crap. I wish everyone here could read the crap I witnessed. Anytime a person posts on there with some legitamate concerns, you get, well it's Madden/EA. You're buying the same game every year *****.....

It's time something is said about it, screw these nerds.

here's the thread
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Re: Who I'm Mad At.....

I agree.

They really don't understand what a dedicated die hard is.
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Re: Who I'm Mad At.....

Wow, eerie. I'm just from a thread on a PC hardware website about EASports coming back to PC, mostly filled with "who cares", "f*ck EA" etc etc. It annoys me too, and trust me, it's MUCH worse amongst the PC gaming community. Funny thing is, Unreal Tournament and other shooters have changed less in their series than Madden and yet the "same game every year" thing is also a common card used.

I'm also half way through in said thread explaining to one poster why Madden 08 PC was perceived as a better game than the next gen offerings. Apparently he can't get past "no way, 08 360 had way better graphics". Sigh :P
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Re: Who I'm Mad At.....

It's ridiculous, I always go to kotaku.com for 90% of my gaming news, but anytime Madden or another sports game is mentioned the writers rip into it mercilessly, which is ridiculous because the same cookie cutter RPGs come out of Japan every other month, and get naught but praise from them. I go there often because they seem to get a lot of news before anyone else, but they're so opinionated and biased it's insane
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Re: Who I'm Mad At.....

Do yourself a favor and grow thicker skin. Who gives a damn what anyone else thinks? If you like the games, nothing else matters.

If we all thought exactly the same, the world would be a pretty boring place.
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