Any guy who loves 08 and thinks 09 is trash...

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Any guy who loves 08 and thinks 09 is trash...

Doesnt really know football, This isnt blitz, and its a shame to see guys mad at the fact you cant use cheats to win. You have to use your head or understand the X's and O's of football.

Ive got a lot of emails from people who are pissed at the game. And its funny to me that the first thing they did (and I bet most people did) was to try to see if they can still use the cheats, the jet packs, and the rocket catchs and im sure they will try to use the blitz cheats to see if they work when they get the game.

If your really a football guy then you know that madden 08 was full of cheats. CB's getting caught up in animations. Jaming up a 3 man line to blitz in. If you really know football 101 you know you cant run back 40 yards and chuck the ball 70 the other way and hit the guy. You know that a 3 man line cant bust through a 5 man front, you know that one handed catches are never seen. Thats what makes it so bad azz when you see one on tv because it doesnt happen every game and every play. LB's cant jump 7 feet and pick off a pass

Ea has always said "ITS IN THE GAME" and any old school guy knows that in madden o8 its not. And to hear most of you guys get pissed over the fact that you cant cheat and you have to play real football it crazy lolol

Its about time they made guys play the game like it should be played. taking 3 5 and 7 step drops. Making reads and not just running back 30 yards or running to the sideline and chucking up the ball. Thats not football its more like NFL TOUR. But finally EA got rid of the baseball team who was making these bad games. and kinda got some guys who know alittle about football and they did an ok job (much better than 08) The game isnt perfect by no means but when you have Baseball guys making a football game Madden 08 is what you get. Im sure if you took those guys out there on a real football field and told them to all the BS things you did in 08 it couldnt be done. I dont know about you but ive never seen a qb run that far back and chuck the ball off the back of his foot and hit the wr on target.

09 isnt the best but It seems like its on its way. And only real football guys know this. But to get mad because its not like o8, it tells the guys in this forums all about your football skills

coach ruckus
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Re: Any guy who loves 08 and thinks 09 is trash...

Well thought out but I don't want to clutter up these forums with more arguments. Oh, and 09 isn't out yet so how could you possibly have e-mails from people saying it's trash?
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