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Re: Passing Cone

Originally Posted by CapnKill
At the end of the day you do just have to step back and say, hey , its a video game. So having said that, to simulate the ultimate realism you'd put the camera inside the QBs helmet... but that isn't fun for everyone.

I thought the cone did a great job in serving its primary purpose, which was to keep people from running around with their QBs and throwing strikes off their back foot. With the extra button press you really had to set and throw, it was much harder to scramble around like a chicken with no head and fling perfect passes across the field.
Yea your right.
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Re: Passing Cone

Originally Posted by CapnKill
Its because the average guy didn't want to take the time (like.. what one week tops) to master it.

I mean seriously, once you got it down it was second nature... I mean it was weird to play WITHOUT it when I went to NG madden... I loved the cone, one of the greatest Madden innovations.
Yes I agree a 100 percent. When I 1st tried It I was struggling with it, but I was using the right anolog stick to move it around. Once I discovered holdong down the R trigger method it was a breeze and I loved it.

Originally Posted by shttymcgee
I just don't like the way it was implemented. I always found myself hitting the "adjust vc" or whatever you want to call it button before I made every throw. I really didn't notice a difference between qb's because it pretty much added an extra button press for every qb.

I would rather see some other sort of system. Maybe having receiver icons pop up at different intervals, simulating a qb going through a progression. The icons could come up in a faster rate for better qb's and a slower one for players not known for their decision making.

I really don't the right answer and I think the cone could work; its just a hard thing about football to try to simulate, especially since most players have a very limited understanding of what real "reads" are and what the difference between being open and covered is in the NFL.
I respect your thoughts on it, but if you gave it more time for it to become 2nd nature it was a breeze, and it was great using it to make certain throws u couldn't make without it.

Originally Posted by ram29jackson
the cone turned a football game into a video game with an extra button push.While some of you guys with online site surfing abilities may have liked it, the general public did not. and the general public is 99 percent of the sales made. people here are small faction
I don't know if it was 99 percent of people didn't like it. I can agree the majority didn't like it but enough players did that it can be made a option. I know for a fact that because of the vision cone I threw way less interceptions than my competition, and those that I played would ask me to teach them and once I did they loved it.

Originally Posted by Perfect Zero
I really didn't see what was so sim about it. You know what sim is? Actually scanning the field and not switching on a flashlight on your helmet.
It's deeper that that common homie lol. I can see you didn't like it and thats cool , but the feature was deeper than what your stating.

Originally Posted by TheSaint92
I didn't really like the passing cone because it was unrealistic. How could a QB see the whole field just because he has a revolution helmet? Come on now
Now I can see your argument from the photo you posted. The cone should be no bigger than half the field. The fact that some cones covered the whole field was not accurate, and simply defeated the purpose of the vision cone.
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Re: Passing Cone

I ove sim games and i liked to use the cone, but my friend hated it. The problem is there is a lag from when you read the d and when you tell your qb to move his eyes adn then move back to throw the ball. I normaly used the "snap" feature for Alex Smith instead of the thumbstick becasue poor player's cones are too small to effectively use the right thumb stick. Brady adn Manning users say "It's easy" yeah when your cone covers like 25% of the field! tilt the stick slightly in the other direction and you see the other 25% [you don't look in the backfield, so 1/2 the field isn't looked at.] I also hated how players would run backwards adn the cone would point behind their heads. they had eyes in the back of their heads!

P.A. is supposed to bring the realism back to the passing game. I'm glad it's gone as it took so much time to want to throw to a reciver, hold the right trigger, press his button, wait for the vision to move, then press his buton.

Also, good QBs don't stare down their recivers, they watch the defense.

Ron jaworksi talked about this many times. He said you come out of the huddle, ID the SS and Mike backer, make any pre-snap adjustments and you watch what the DEFENSE does on a play as you had better know your recivers routes and where they are going. This way you can figure out the coverage adn know where/when your reciver is goin to be open adn throw the ball to a spot. this is FAR different than the cone.

Commentators and ESPN analysts talk about BAD QBs who stare down a reciver like Rex Grossman. Defenders that key on a QBs eyes and pick off a pass while Manning and Brady move safties with their eyes alone altering the coverage and hiting their man.

This is what seperates the good from the bad adn why Manning and Brady had SUPER cones because they had field awareness and played the position well. While as a user, you are able to read the field as well and are able to overcome the weakensses of Rex Grossman and Alex Smith and Michael Vick and make GOOD reads with the ball and GOOD throws.

In the end I am glad the cone is gone.
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Re: Passing Cone

I thought it was in the game, i could of sworn last night i scrambled away and the cone came up.
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