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Re: Who is behind this?

You know what, nevermind, I was thinking this was the Eagles commercial from '06, didn't realize it was just that Nike commercial.

EA had nothing to do with that commercial so far as I know... it's just a Nike commercial.
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Re: Who is behind this?

Originally Posted by ChampN252
I have been wanting this ask this ever since I've seen this commercial. Who is behind this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oVh0n03DnjQ
Did Nike make this? People thought this is what next gen madden was gonna to be like. Why have the games sucked to bad when somebody from EA probably had something to do with this? I never want to see another commercial like that unless is it actually reproducible.

Why are you complaining? The game is very much like that video. QB with high speed rating is manipulated by gamer to try and run up field, and when he cant , he chucks to open receiver with amped ratings- you see, its just like madden
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