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Re: Backbreaker In Madden '10? For Real?

Originally Posted by adembroski
I would say Ian has a professional interest in Backbreaker, both adversarial (as it's going to be his competitor) and professional (interested to know how another company will do it), but he's mentioned wanting to see natural motion in action in a sports game before he commits to doing something like that in Madden, so of course Backbreaker is going to pique his curiosity.

If Backbreaker can get real time physics to work well in a sports game (something I'm personally very skeptical about), it'll be real interesting to see where it takes sports in general. To this point, I haven't seen those physics used in a way that would work. Rag dolls don't belong in sports, it can stick with being corpses.

Another thing: I don't think Backbreaker is even going for sim. I think it'll be more blitzlike. Between it's name, graphics, and the one video, it looks really arcady to me.

As if ESPN could ever let us forget... It's the only reason they forgive him for being a Christian.

White and Christian usually means ESPN hates you... unless you used to be really poor, then it's okay.
Originally Posted by FadeEmAll
LOL ESPN doesn't hate them it's just the white guys who go over the top with their Christianity suck

What in the world does this have to do with anything. You both know this isn't the appropriate place for those types of comments.

With that, this thread is over.
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