Scouting and Drafting to easy?

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Re: Scouting and Drafting to easy?

Originally Posted by kcarr
If they don't want to go to a more realistic rating system then they need to do something more like HC 09 minus being able to see potential ratings and player comparisons. Just showing the plusses, minuses, combine results, some skills if they are scouted at the senior bowl, and interview results if they are interviewed at the combine. Also maybe add some more skills if they are scouted in individual workouts.

I feel you really should only see their potential after about 3 seasons, but I also feel you should only know exact ratings after a season or two using the player or a few seasons at least when playing against him.

Any system that allows you to know how good a player will be before he is even drafted will always be too easy for anyone with even half a brain to put together wildly successful classes.
I like the idea of not seeing the ratings for a few years.

I know a lot of people would hate this idea, but I was even thinking the other day about having ratings (in franchise mode) completely invisible and just replacing it with a scouting report. Real teams don't know exactly how good a guy is, they go by stats and film. So instead of going to the free agent pool and just looking for the highest rated guys, you'd have to look at their report and their stats.

I think that would make it a lot cooler when they finally bring 80 man rosters and stuff because instead of just keeping your 53 top rated players when cutting down the roster, you would actually have to think about it and judge for yourself... I know it would never happen, but I think it would be a cool option to have.
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Re: Scouting and Drafting to easy?

I did my second draft and wanted to see if it was 'too easy.' I was going to just scout players for 4 weeks, and did that for the first 19 players I scouted, but on the next 19 I accidentally simmed the rest of the season. So I actually had a lot less reports than I could have.... Anyway, I did the draft pretty casually since I wasn't planning on saving the franchise, and even without doing a ton of scouting or thinking, I pretty much filled a ton of positions on the Rams in one season. I also traded down from my 2nd round, and again in the 3rd to wind up with 10 total picks. Here's the draft:

Round-overall pick: position-ovr rating-potential
1st round Pick 8: HB 81 B
3 68: RG 75 B
3 72: TE 84 A
3 83: CB 59 D (didn't scout)
4 101: WR 81 A
4 104: QB 69 B
5 129: LOLB 84 A
5 136: LG 78 B
6 161: DT 65 D (didn't scout)
7 200: LT 64 B

That draft looks like nothing to most of these I've seen on here, but I still have tons of potential on the team and the only 2 busts were guys that I didn't scout (I didn't scout any defensive guys except OLBs) and they were a 3rd rounder and a 6th rounder.

I think it is a mistake giving the estimated potential list. If I would have picked only guys I scouted, I guarantee every player would have been A or B potential. If they want to give you a clue to potential, it should be unlocked only after scouting the full 6 weeks, and even then it shouldn't be 100% accurate.

Out of this one draft that I didn't even really try on, I will have:

at least 2 (probably 3) starting O-linemen

a future starting HB (capable now, but Steven Jackson is still here)

a great blocking and receiving TE who could be the starter for 15 years

a #1 WR from day 1

a future franchise QB

a starter at OLB in the 5th round who will be a super star in a year or 2.

That's 7 (possibly 8) players who could be great starters within a year or 2 out of 1 draft. If it wasn't for Madden (stupidly) limiting the number of draft picks to 10, I bet I could have drafted all 11 starters for the offense in one season (especially since draft pick trade logic is still too easy to trade down with... moving back 10 spots in the second round shouldn't warrant an additional 3rd and 4th round pick). When I start my franchise for real when the new rosters come out before the first reg season game, I am going to have to use some serious house rules or else just not scout at all (but then I'd have all D potential guys).

The draft itself is a lot more fun, but it just seems like I am the only one scouting and the other teams are just going by projections.
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