"The Extra Point"

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Re: "The Extra Point"

I think highlight video's would be sweet.

Even though they would be randomly generated, it would still be cool.

Like is some teams RB ran for a 55 yard breakaway TD, show me a clip of him doing it against the opposing team.

I mean its all astetic, but would be cool yeah.

Right now honestly I dont use XP.

But I would if it were a little more polished up. (hint *cough* next year *cough*)
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Re: "The Extra Point"

bring back EA radio !!
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Re: "The Extra Point"

Originally Posted by Tick32
If they made it like ESPN 2K5. Then it would be good. but since its nxt gen. It should be a step from 2K5's
they should just sell everything to 2k, so they can make the perfect game. then, the forums could be flooded with people wanting nfl 2k11 to be madden. perfect.
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Re: "The Extra Point"

i have to admit that was pretty interesting to listen to better then some of the same ole music they always have

Originally Posted by Steroid-Steve-O
bring back EA radio !!
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Re: "The Extra Point"

I would love video highlights but first of all I would like to see a few little things fixed:

1- Commentary: it's like listening to that Malcolm in the Middle Character with the asthma who took 5 mins to get a sentence out. Also, give them a few different outfits to record different shows in, surely NFL Network can afford more than 1 set of clothes.

2- More segments: Early on in the season float trade rumours for players on the block & who they may go to, later on talk about pro bowl voting/MVP candidates & most important of all, Playoff scenarios. If a team can clinch a playoff berth/division/seeding, tell us about it.

3- Playoff time: have quotes from players in postgame interviews, even if it is generic & repetitive like in FIFA. Ask a pending free agent if he thinks he's played his last game for the team & depending on morale he could say anything from 'no' to 'we'll see' to 'definitely, I'm out of here'
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Re: "The Extra Point"

I totally agree. Whats the point without highlights? I remember 2k used to do this, so its definitely possible.

I loath the half time "show". I tend to right before halftime super sim to next quarter to avoid it. Works great.

**1,000** Yay.....
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Re: "The Extra Point"


This is a must for next year. Highlights from all games in franchise mode WITH exciting dynamic commentary. Bury 2K5.
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