Postion Switch Resign Exploit!!!

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Postion Switch Resign Exploit!!!


So I was playing in my offline franchise last night, and I changed a guy into a punter. It was LenDale White, he was an 16 over all. It was the end of his contract, and I was able to resign him to four years for 500K!

So I started to experiment and found that this worked for EVERYONE!!!

I also found that if you go to the player managment section in franchise mode, it also lets you do this for players on other teams as well. Once they're at a lower level, you can trade dirt for them... You can even do this for the FAs as well...

Where this comes to bare... Yes, it can be an exploit, but it can also save your offline franchise. OR, in the event that you're playing as all teams, you can now simply release the rookies and sign them to normal contracts that make sence.

Since they didn't give us the a various amount of contract types, you basically have with bonus (ascending) or without bonus (even).

So I've come up with rules for myself:

-A guy over 90 can ask for what ever he wants.

-A who was top 5 in stat for that season can ask for anything.

-A guy who improoved will get a bonus (+500K for every 3 points) and a continuation of what ever he was paid last year)

-A rookie signed in the 1st/2nd gets the same contract as a rookie from the 1st season with the same overall rating.

With these rules, I find that I can keep things in order and an 80 overall 30 year old RB won't ask for Michael Turner money.

Thought you guys might want to know.

P.S. This worked even if you only control ONE team!
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Re: Postion Switch Resign Exploit!!!

Nothing new to tell you the truth.
This has been in Madden for years.
It 's basically the best way to make transaction that may occur in the off season or next season.
It's not fool proof though,when you ad in draft classes, & try to trade player to teams with need most of the teams with top ten picks usually deny the trade.
Beware with releasing & resigning player, you take a CAP hit @ the start of the new season.
Which means you can't sign you draft picks, & you lose them to other teams.
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