New attribute idea - Motor?

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Re: New attribute idea - Motor?

Further problems occur with the ratings system.

You asked for a release rating to determine a QBs release. A QB doesn't have a quick release because his arm moves faster. He as a quick release because of his mechanics. Romo doesn't bring his arm back very far where as Leftwich has a big sweeping arm motion. This calls for new animations. What would you do? Have a new animation once a player reached a certain rating? How would that be different from the player weapons system I have suggested? Well, I can answer that. It would be more confusing because you would have to know exactly what number the player has to hit to unlock the new animation. My system simply tells you how the player throws.

This system helps the AI as well. In the ratings system, players play a generic role. A high AWR QB simply plays as a better version of the Madden QB model than the low AWR QB (CPU controlled). In mine, Vick could be programmed to take off and run when under pressure where as Manning would throw the ball out of bounds or hit a check down WR.

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Re: New attribute idea - Motor?

Originally Posted by kcarr
If your corner is too slow and gets outran by the opposing wideout even one time it could cost you a game "through no fault of your own" as well but you don't see many people on here saying they should make all players move at the same speed do you?
That's kind of a silly thing to say. I wasn't claiming that all players should be equal, but this is supposed to be a video game, not a university lab simulation. Some things need to be sacrificed for fun, and IMO this is one of them. Losing a game because my WR chose that particular 3rd down to have his ratings induced goof off play would intensely frustrating. Besides, Speed is easy to measure, heart is not.

No, because it is expected that part of your job controlling a team is to put the players in position to succeed. This means if you are unsure about a guy you probably shouldn't be leaving him out to dry where it can make that much impact on the game.
Either A) you will be at the whims of a random number god when deciding whether this player is drifting or B) you'll have a personality guessing minigame where you try to boost them up. Neither sounds appealing. In Head Coach 09, they had a choice of whether to chew out a player after a bad play or console them. The choice you made (IME) seemed to be completely random. After Trent Edwards threw a ridiculous pick that ricocheted of the WR and a Defender, I chose to console him because, hey, it wasn't his fault. But he still took a penalty for it. There seemed to be no real relation to the situation or the players' actual personalities.

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Re: New attribute idea - Motor?

Woah, isn't this a new feature in this years Madden!?!?
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