Multiple Ratings - Why?

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Multiple Ratings - Why?

Hey everyone, I've literally only joined this forum because I was stunned that I couldn't find an answer to this question with a bit of Google interrogation, so I hope someone here can help!

Anyhoo, simply put, why does Madden have multiple different attributes for ostensibly the same thing? QB's have Accuracy, but they also have the separate accuracies for different situations (which at least seem to bear some relation to their Throw Power...)

The one that's really confusing me is the blocking ratings, which seem to make no sense. For example, I'm seven years in on a Franchise game, looking for a young RT to replace my now slightly-too-grizzled veteran, and the best candidate's attributes seem almost mutally exclusive. He's a 91 Overall and has Run Strength 98, Run Footwork 88, Pass Strength 99 and Pass Footwork 89, but then his other stats are Run Block 54 and Pass Block 37!

So what gives?
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Re: Multiple Ratings - Why?

Some ratings only affect gameplay and some only affect simming.

In terms of QB accuracy these ratings are important during gameplay: Short Throw Accuracy, Medium Throw Accuracy, Deep Throw Accuracy, Throw on the Run and Play Action. However, when simming all of those ratings are replaced by the Throw Accuracy rating.

The same with blocking, pass block strength/footwork and run block strength/footwork are gameplay only, and are replaced by the pass blocking and run blocking ratings during sim.

So if you sim your games your prime candidate isn't worthwhile despite his other good ratings.
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Re: Multiple Ratings - Why?

guaps is correct. EA is tryign to phase out the old generic Madden ratings from last gen, which I agree with, but placing more in depth ratings. However, when simulating games, those deeper ratings do not appear to matter. If you are playing games, that lineman is a stud for you.
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