A lockout looming

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A lockout looming

Despite madden football being the sure Day One purchase for the past 10 years, if a lockout is inevitable, I almost certainly will forgo purchasing Madden this year, as any rule changes, cbs changes, and potential 18 game regular season will inevitably be absent which would detract from the enjoyment of offline franchise.
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Re: A lockout looming

If a lockout does happen (which would be terrible) it could finally give them the time to fix IR and rosters, have accurate rosters, fix the NCAA imports (they should just let us edit them, at any time in our franchises like in NBA 2K series) and everything else that needs to be done for us to have even a semi realistic NFL experience.

Because while Madden 11 is playable, the route issues and player interactions take away from the experience.
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Re: A lockout looming

I am curious. If there is an Nfl lockout and Ea releases a version of madden 12 would'nt it basically be just as if they were releasing ncaa except with professional rules? They would only be able to use city names and player numbers. I am asking because I have no idea how it would work if a lockout were to happen!
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Re: A lockout looming

I think they would release an update patch as an 18 game schedule and rookie wage scale would have a huge impact on franchise mode. The out cry would be so great they would pretty much have to.
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Re: A lockout looming

We've talked about this before, and in fact there's an OS article on it...and what the implications would be, and how it would affect Madden. Use the search guys.
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