Quoted Madden 12 impressions from you all.

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Quoted Madden 12 impressions from you all.

I have compiled impressions by the OS posters from multiple threads about Madden 12. I will add more quotes as I continue to read your comments throughout the threads. Most of these quotes represent the overall feelings towards Madden 12.

Originally Posted by wEEman33
Man, the graphics in this game are sick.

Kudos to the art team.

Originally Posted by SageInfinite
Love the camera angles. Replays and analysis is needed badly though. Finally starting to look like what we see on Sunday though.

Originally Posted by kbomb1upc
One thing I like about the presentation is that I've seen the Cowboy's intro several times but it all had different camera angles. Unlike college football last year that gave you the same exact intro with the same exact camera angles, this seems to change it ever so slightly. That’s a nice touch to give the intros a little bit more longevity. I LIKE IT. Can’t wait.

Originally Posted by rgiles36
As for small details, I'd like to reiterate how much flak jackets complete the look for the quarterbacks. I'm really glad they got these in. The player models look outstanding this year.

Originally Posted by GiantKingNy
Look I give them credit to finally getting around to a professional representation of how football is shown on Sunday, so it adds a "new" element to Madden, but come on guys there as been no address to the gameplay issues on a whole, none at all.

Originally Posted by roadman
Crowd thumbs up, commentary thumbs down.

Need to update commentary. Between plays, it's downright boring.

Originally Posted by PGaither84
...I think one of the larger problems is that the D-Line still appears rather weak. they have a difficult time applying pressure or stuffing the run. Also, the QB scrambling isn't as well represented as it could be. "That other game" has great animations and movement of scrambling around in the backfield.

Originally Posted by BlueNGold
I just love the entire look of the game. The broadcast cameras, the overlays, the lighting, the player models, the improved colors, even down to the pre-snap menus, it all looks nice. I hated on Madden 11's graphics, especially after seeing what NCAA 11 did, but they've most definitely improved big time...

Originally Posted by l_XaVo7o3_l
I am so impressed and hope they can continue to work on improving and staying "true to the game" in all the future Madden titles.
Originally Posted by therizing02
When will they ever eliminate that ridiculous spin move? Seriously....when?

Originally Posted by jaredlib
The graphics are freaking amazing. Presentation aspect is through the roof. Like others have said....the speed of the dropback is cartoonish, its like his feet are a unicycle that can pivot 360* and can motor around the field without sprinting.
Originally Posted by illwill10
Definitely playing This game and NCAA game with my earphones on.
Everything besides commentary, looks spot on

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Re: Quoted Madden 12 impressions from you all.

Hmm, neat idea. I'll keep my eye on this thread.
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Re: Quoted Madden 12 impressions from you all.

Hey I didn't sign a release to allow my quote in this thread!

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