Madden NFL 12 Ratings - Top 5 Running Backs

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Re: Madden NFL 12 Ratings - Top 5 Running Backs

People are shocked that Charles is rated that highly when the dude has run for like 2,400+ yards over the past two seasons, caught a ****-ton of passes, and averages like 6+ ypc? Seriously? ARIAN FOSTER?

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Re: Madden NFL 12 Ratings - Top 5 Running Backs

Originally Posted by Gravit
CJ is better and should be rated the same or higher than AP. He's faster, more elusiveness, and doesn't put the ball on the ground. He also doesn't share carries. And in a bad year where every defense focused only on him, he still racks up over 1300 yards.

AP is stronger but that's about the only thing he's got over CJ.
The fronts CJ faced last season were crazy. Plus the Titans OL is vastly overrated as a run blocking unit. I think some are sleeping on him this year providing Hasselback and Locker can form a more decent passing attack.

The problem with Madden though is to reflect a team's overall ability to rush the ball, the RB ratings have to suffer - it traditionally has done a pathetic job of representing proper run blocking abilities and scheme based advantages (like having a top passing attack to spread out the D, i.e. Foster).

Over the past two seasons, CJ has had more rushing yards, rushing touchdowns, YPC, basically the same receiving yardage and more receiving touchdowns than Peterson, while being the ultra obvious focus of defenses and without any backup to give him a rest worth a damn. I respect Peterson's ability at RB but I can't sensibly argue his is better than CJ. The ratings as they are are simply to reflect the team's rushing ability due to lacking game engine ability, and probably a touch of the typical assumptions because he failed to get two 2000y seasons in a row.
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Re: Madden NFL 12 Ratings - Top 5 Running Backs

Here is an interactive chart of all Madden 12 RB Ratings. You can sort by any rating (like OVR, SPD, etc) to see who is the best and worst rated. You can also search for players.
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