Am i the only one that thinks Madden 12 is going to decent?

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Re: Am i the only one that thinks Madden 12 is going to decent?

Originally Posted by RememberMe12
I love you how posted all the pros and not the cons, but I guess that would make your post fold faster than an over caffeinated origami artist.
What are the cons to pointing out features and options ?

I ain't debating madden/ap2k8 being perfect games or their problems. I am pointing out the feature sets of both games. Would pointing out either games negatives change any of the facts posted above ?

Now you read all that and all you saw was no negative comments about 2K. Not taking note that I made no negative comments about madden. I merely pointed out what it has and does not have compared to 2K8.

Did I tell a lie somewhere in that post ?

Let me be "fair and balanced"

Madden has a better practice mode.
I think the online communities thing will be a good feature .
Madden does have a online franchise. (2K8 did not)

If you can think of some other stuff Madden does that 2k didn't please feel free to post as I did ? Free air , free breathing, free to express your opinion. Do that.
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Re: Am i the only one that thinks Madden 12 is going to decent?

Originally Posted by MrMosinNagant
I think its going to be decent and I think its going to be the best madden to date but I don't think its going to be a great game.
I'd agree somewhat. Madden 12 should be the best football game ever, just by default. But I don't think it will be. We've already been hearing the excuses for what they didn't do this year (commentary, online franchise). Madden has the worst animations of any of the major sports titles (MLB2K11's baserunning animations are pretty bad). Defensive movement isn't even based off realistic movement; Madden defenders strafe just as fast as an offensive player moving full speed laterally. And offensive players zig-zag with ease. The game still doesn't have the ability to do on the fly double-team blocking; the OL/DL interaction overall is still pretty poor. Outside of the QB animations, there's no hint of individual signature style that's become commonplace in sports titles. To my knowledge there hasn't been a single significant gameplay innovation Madden's brought to the table this generation.

That said I do think Madden 12 will be good. DPP has a chance to be a significant addition if fostered properly. They've improved visual presentation significantly. But the game overall really isn't doing anything that we haven't seen already in other football games. Or worse, is still being done better in other football games. A lot of people have forgotten where games like NCAA 06 and NFL2K5 were last gen, or what games like APF and Backbreaker hinted to. Games that stand up relatively well - and shouldn't -today. It's just that expectations have been adjusted given how poorly Madden's performed overall this generation. No one really comes to Madden expecting a lot, and we should.
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Re: Am i the only one that thinks Madden 12 is going to decent?

Originally Posted by trufootball
i think the loss of sucktion has made the game to much more smoother and organic looking across the board and the player movement and animations are much improved as well as the new tackling system. I think this game is looking good so far hoping the technical issues can be addressed with patches. But it seems everyone on this forum is being so negative, am i the only one thinking positive? I'm talking in terms of gameplay everyone...that's what i most care about...
According to this thread I'm in the minority here, but that is ok . After playing the demo it is the gameplay itself that has turned me off to Madden 12.

The results when two players make contact has also turned me off. Madden in the demo feels more like a game Midway would do if they had a shot of making a NFL game, and could not let go of some of the over the top hitting from their NFL Blitz franchise.

I'm seeing RB's getting blasted with a slight should hit by the defenders. I like to point out that these defenders are standing straight up also, and just throwing one shoulder into the runner. Just looks way off. Too many big hits are displayed in the course of one drive. I'm not seeing realistic animations taken place when two players come into contact and battle for momentum. Everything is just BAM and your down.

Originally Posted by belucheez
Those people who complain about something on the game are one of those people who want the impossible "Perfect Football Game."

Madden 12 looks great, and from the demo, plays great for my needs. If people don't buy Madden then it is a loss for them, because I think Madden 12 is going to be a good game.
Stating because we do not like a game because it is not perfect is false. I has nothing to do with the game not being perfect. Nothing in this world is perfect, so why would anyone expect perfection from a video game.

We just have different standards. Your standards as to what would make you happy with this title is obviously meet, and for me my standards were not. Has nothing to do with the game not being perfect.

In time you will understand.

Originally Posted by King_James
It's only a demo and I think it's the best gameplay Madden has had in this gen yet.... Reminds a bit of the PS2 days.... IE a good game LOL
Glad your enjoying the demo. No one should try to steel your joy , but I have to ask. When was the last time you played the PS2 version?

I played the Madded 12 demo on the 360. Once I was done with it. Seconds later I jumped on to my PC and played Madden 08. Which is the same version used on the PS2, but with much bettrer graphics.

Madden 12 demo and Madden 08 on the PC is nothing alike. This is why I'm asking when was the last time you played the PS2 version?

I can't see how these 2 titles match up.

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Re: Am i the only one that thinks Madden 12 is going to decent?

I agree that Madden 12 is looking better than it's predecessors, but it's still not at the standard of other games like MLB the SHOW and NBA2k11. After 6 years on next-gen, they still having a problem getting the penalties correct and some are missing. Challenge system is a joke and other things that last-gen games did, they aren't doing or can't do with this current build. Players are still skating to high heaven and the OL/DL interaction is just not that realistic, compared too ALLPRO2k8 animations and interactions. The immersion factor is missing from this game as well, yes they have nice intros and camera angles, but the in-game stats and banner looks just like Madden11, just better looking.

The developers say that they "True to the Game". I have to question that, because a lot about Madden is not and arcade like in manner. The halftime show is terrible again, and I hope the commentary will be much approved next year like they promised. Pass interference call are non-existent, even at 100. The game is beautiful for sure, and there are some nice things about Madden12, but the developers need to stop saying that there "There true to the game of NFL football" they are not. They true to the game of arcade style football!!!!. I hope with Cam Weber at the helm, they realize that and make a truly immersive experience of NFL style football and not just NFL logos and players with real stadiums to play in. The last six years seems that's all Madden has on there resume, The NFL.
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Re: Am i the only one that thinks Madden 12 is going to decent?

I'm a huge fan so far - and this is coming from someone who hasn't bought the game in a few years because I was getting bored with it. It feels fresh again.
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Re: Am i the only one that thinks Madden 12 is going to decent?

That's half the issue when multi billion dollar companies need a pat on their back for being "decent". Thanks guys!

Sarcasm implied. EA is supposed to be the best company out there. They have the rights. If they want to throw football fans under teh bus, I think they kind of should be themselves. That's just my opinion.

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Re: Am i the only one that thinks Madden 12 is going to decent?

its a fun game but not so much a realistic one. one example being db's still just turning their backs and mirroring routes in man, that in and of itself is enough to kill the realism for me. but as a video game/arcade style game i think its really good with amazing visuals.
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Re: Am i the only one that thinks Madden 12 is going to decent?

Originally Posted by jpdavis82
I'd wait to play the game until you rush to judgment. I don't feel that way about it after playing the demo and the final build is going to be a polished tighter played game than the demo, based on what people I know who played it, even the ones who played the build at E3 have told me.

There is nothing that they could have done to the passing game, between the what ever build and retail, that will change my mind. I've been playing Madden since Madden 91 or 92 on Genesis. The passing game has changed so little that to say it hasn't changed at all, would not be that much of an exaggeration.

Unless the retail is a totally different game and designed by a totally different studio, I don't think that anything that I have said will change.
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