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A Little Praise for the Madden Team

The game has been out over 24 hours and the bugs and glitches thread is at 3 pages and that includes a bug that has already been fixed. Pretty awesome considering that within 24 hours we (the community) had found DOZENS of issues, several serious with NCAA 12. The fact that the Madden team is even responding in the bugs and glitches thread so quickly is a HUGE improvement over the customer service received on NCAA 12.

Sure there may be some things that aren't apparent yet, but what has been found so far is pretty minor. The playbook problem in online play will hopefully be addressed.

I am quick to complain but also quick to give praise where praise is due. It looks like the Madden team has done an excellent job of shipping a game that is very well made and vastly more stable than NCAA12.
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Re: A Little Praise for the Madden Team

the NCAA glitch is a glitch in NCAA 12,not madden... for some reason you have to save the draft class the second time it asks you and not the first or it cant be transferred... thats just weird
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Re: A Little Praise for the Madden Team

Right.........The Custom Playbook feature was supposed to be huge addition to the game thats been requested for years and its been completely botched by the Madden team. EA gets no love from me simply because I'm amazed at how the NCAA team could have the Custom Playbook feature dialed in and then the Madden team comes along and can't even come close to making it very functional at all. The NCAA team built the costume playbook feature so that it allowed you to change your audibles and also rearrange the order of the plays so that you could display them in the order that you see fit without having to scroll through a bunch of plays.The Madden team butchered the effort so bad that you can't even change your audibles.

Very dissapointed at this point to say the least.
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Re: A Little Praise for the Madden Team

OP, I'm closing this up. This will become another back-n-forth between those who share your view and those who don't.

Use the Impressions thread.

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