Realistic Draft Advice?

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Realistic Draft Advice?

Hi all! I'm controlling all 32 teams so that I can have a realistic draft on NCAA imports. I'm looking for your advice on what rules I should hold all 32 teams to.

I've set up the rosters so that every team desires the same things. For example, at QB, every team wants three QBs: 80 OVR, 70 OVR, and 60 OVR (at bare minimum). I've done this for each position, and tracked who is meeting those needs and who is not.

Once the draft begins, how far should teams be willing to grab an 80 OVR need? A 70 OVR need? A 60 OVR need? In other words, at what point should a team take best available rather than filling a needed position (1st, second, or 3rd string).

When should kickers and punters be taken? Any other positions that should be off limits for the first x number of rounds?

How old should, say, a star quarterback be before a team starts thinking about using a 1st rounder on his replacement?

Any thoughts on realistic draft guidelines will be appreciated!
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Re: Realistic Draft Advice?

One thing that is worth considering is the draft style of a team such as the Detroit Lions.

They select the best player available, regardless of position (ex: Nick Fairley)

Not sure how you would account for that though. You'd have to set up rules for disregarding positions of need depending on who is currently at those positions.
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Re: Realistic Draft Advice?

Ok, I could do that. I'm not familiar with all the strategies for each team though. Anyone know where I could find something like that?
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Re: Realistic Draft Advice?

Until it's known what the average QB retirement age is, it's hard to say when you should take a successor QB to groom. In M11 the average QB retirement age went up significantly. Brady at 41, P. Manning at 40 and a lot of others at 39 in my franchise.

You might want to sim a few seasons ahead, look at the retirements, and see if you can identify a trend in QB retirement age. I would try to plan for a successor to be groomed for 2-3 years. If QB retirements go like they did last year, draft a successor when the starter is 36-37.
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Re: Realistic Draft Advice?

Chicago: Draft to need once need is created, also trade picks for players.
Detroit: Take best on board. Not afraid to trade around.
Minnesota: Will reach to take a need position.
Green Bay: Needs first, then build depth. Doesn't trade a lot.
San Francisco: Moves a little, generally goes for needs.
Seattle: Will trade down, goes for need positions or medium need at skill over high need at non-skill.
St. Louis: Will only trade up for really good players, goes for skill needs first.
Arizona: Reaches for high risk players. Will trade picks for players at need positions.
Philadelphia: Will trade, goes for needs then depth.
New York G.: Doesn't trade a lot focus on defense.
Washington: Goes for boom or bust,
occasionally trades up.
Dallas: Goes for needs then playmaker at that position. Not worrying about injuries, etc.
Atlanta: Will trade up for big difference maker, goes for skill position, offense first.
New Orleans: Will trade down, no real preference, will trade players for picks.
Carolina: Takes best on board.
Tampa Bay: Takes best at any sort of need.
By the way gennerally a starter you'd aim for round 1 or 2 backup 3 or 4 3rd string 5-7. Top kicker round 4 most rd 6-7 punter 5-7 also no FB until rd 3. 1 TE in round 1. Replace QB at 36
Indianapolis: Will take undersized skilled players at need positions.
Tennessee: Aims for need unless a better playmaker on board.
Houston: Need, will trade down.
Jacksonville: Moderate need also best on board.
New England: Trades down and for future picks, picks for depth. Occasionally need.
New York J.: Will occasionally trade. Aims for need, then talent, then depth.
Miami: takes best on board that is at a low need or more.
Buffalo: Trades occasionally can't resist great talent even if not a need. Mostly picks needs will reach in later rounds.
Pittsburgh: Need then depth.
Baltimore: Will trade down defense first.
Cincinatti: Picks for needs
Cleveland: best @ need
Oakland: Best physical player speed then strength
Denver: Will trade. Goes for depth and need.
San Diego: Will trade down. Goes for skill postitions RBs first then defense
Kansas City: Will trade occasionally best on board @ any need will trade picks for players.

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Re: Realistic Draft Advice?

This is excellent information, thank you!
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Re: Realistic Draft Advice?

I'll be following along here too, I think you and I are on the same page with the 32 controlled teams during franchise. Anything is better then dumb Computer A.I.
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